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December 16, 2013

Gary’s EFT (20 yrs Knee pain)

Still Love EFT

I have spoken much of Donna Eden’s “Energy Medicine”  and have not said anything about Gary Craig’s EFT in rather a long time.    I use them both, not necessarily interchangeably, but both, often.  Gary and Donna and her husband have frequently worked together and even penned books together. They are friends and colleagues and each stands alone at the top of their respected field.  I deeply respect and honor both (actually, love them).  They are both “Energy Medicine”  serving  the suffering masses in their own special way.  Noble callings,  and I have personally benefited greatly from both Gary and Donna.  I have spent quite a few dollars on the CD collections from both of them and regard them as treasures.  

I remember the distress I felt when Gary retired due to his heart trouble and medical diagnosis.  It was unclear what I would do as I had relied too heavily on Gary’s loving input and generosity for several years.  His complete openness and delivery were irresistible and had become part of my life. The letters were now gone.  I missed them and him so much.  In the months following, there was quite a bit of a power play going on which appeared as pigs at the trough.  Gary had literally given his techniques away and had taught millions for years.  Everybody loved him. How could they not?  Guess many felt there had to be a leader and all wanted to be the top guy, I dunno.  I couldn’t buy into any of it.  It was so not the way Gary had functioned.  As I am known to say, “stuff changes.” 

I have stayed in touch and have received the newsletters which Gary has started up with again. And this letter  goes into Knee pain and how one woman handled it.  He explains it well, so I am not going to comment on that – you’re getting it from the horse’s mouth and that’s as good as it gets. But I will say, for those who have used EFT and have been less than satisfied with their results, it is often due to the use of being too global in one’s description to self, in dealing with what is troubling and/or causing the pain.  Sometimes, this is just not an easy thing because we can’t see the whole situation objectively enough to see what is really going on.  As a consequence, we don’t get to gut level, but only dabbling around the edges of a problem.  

This lady’s abandonment issues kinda undid me for a bit there.   It isn’t just little kids that suffer that stuff.  It can be a life-time pattern,  or at least one of long standing.  If we think we are too cool or sophisticated for such stuff,  we can really be in trouble, because it is quite easy to become out-of-touch with so much that matters.  If this stuff happens early in life,  kids can’t  cope as they aren’t privy to options and perhaps insufferable suffering or pain continues one way or another til we finally become inured to it which of course creates that fertile soil for all future seeds of pain. So just sayin’ that pain can be hard to nail down.  Dr Sarno covers this extremely well in his book on Back pain that I recently spoke of and love so much and can’t praise too highly.  So now from Gary Craig @ EFT. . . .              . Jan

Getting to the Core – Another Knee Pain Case

(Carol Stoyanoff gains relief via a Specific Event)

In the last newsletter, I highlighted Art and his unsuccessful efforts at ridding himself of knee pain with EFT. As you may recall, he aimed EFT at the symptoms and not at the underlying causes (Specific Events). While some people can achieve some relief with this surface approach, it tends to be temporary. It is much more efficient to go for the causes rather than the symptoms. See Intro to Being Specific & the Triad.

Carol Stoyanoff, from The Netherlands, adds emphasis to this important message through her own experience. Over 20 years ago she had a serious knee injury that required hospitalization, surgery and a cast. She has lived with pain ever since.

3 or 4 years ago she discovered EFT and, like Art from the previous newsletter, tapped for the symptoms. Little or no relief … temporary at best. Then she discovered a Specific Event that could contain emotional contributors to this pain. Here’s how she said it…

“Skip ahead 20 years and I have had ongoing pain in my knee that tapping just would not budge. I was recently on a long hiking trip again and had to tap as I walked for the pain. I got really fed up with this and, as I tapped, I asked my body to tell me why I was unable to get rid of it.

That night I had a dream about my old boyfriend, and the next day while tapping and walking I considered this and the fact that he was my boyfriend when it all happened. I had a sudden memory of being in the hospital with a lot of pain and realizing that I was all alone in a strange country and that my boyfriend wasn’t actually coming to visit at all (he later said he was afraid of hospitals). When I tapped on ‘even though he left me alone in hospital’ the pain immediately left! It was stunning to me, such that I stopped tapping and walking and literally said to myself ” Could it really be that that was all it was?

No matter, anyway, it occasionally comes back and I tap on being alone in the hospital again and it is gone.

Love Carol”

I know this is difficult for some people to digest. After all, how could an emotional issue affect an ailment that, seemingly, has a purely physical cause (such as an injury)?

Actually, it is quite logical. It is well known that negative emotions produce a cascade of “negative chemistry” into the body AND these same emotions also cause tension in the muscles that, in turn, put stress on the joints. Both of these point to pain and so it should be no surprise that reducing them produces a corresponding reduction in pain.

With that in mind, let me make another suggestion that may eliminate even the occasional knee pain that Carol experiences. Recall that her language aimed at…

“Even though he left me alone in the hospital….”

While that one incident may be isolated, it brings up another possibility. Could the emotion have been overly intense because it was bouncing off of previous abandonment issues? I asked this of Carol and she agreed.

So now we can go deeper still by getting to some earlier Specific Events that are abandonment related. No guarantees, of course, but this deeper EFT work may bring complete knee pain relief as well as more freedom in Carol’s everyday life. This idea and much, much more await you with a proper study of The EFT Gold Standard Tutorial.

Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

e-hugs, Gary

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