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December 7, 2013

Deter aging w/minerals

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Dr. Mercola on 2  “top” Minerals

Okay, I’m back up with my new computer getting used to it – all different 4 me.) 

Below, two separate minerals being discussed by Dr. Mercola which are very important in my own regime.  Using MSM for over 20 years (off and on) and 7 or 8 years with Magnesium which is so darned vital especially to heart patients but is the one I’ve had most trouble with.  Have used most of the different types but this newest one is superior as can finally take enough for heart needs without disturbing the intestinal track with diarrhea.

Certainly, I have written about both of these – often, with 2K posts here, wouldn’t blame you if you’ve missed them.  Make no mistake, this doesn’t just refer to older folk like me, some of this starts dwindling in your earlier years and we need it, big time.  Jan

Aged Beyond Your Years? This Mineral Deficiency Could Be the Culprit Magnesium
It’s one of the most overlooked minerals in your body, yet you probably haven’t heard much about it. And it can help you slow the aging process…

The Mineral That Your Skin, Joints, and Muscles Depend Upon*

As you age, your body’s flexible tissues start to lose their elasticity, which can lead to sagging and wrinkling skin, as well as less flexible muscles and less comfortable joints. Sulfur works like glue to help proteins bond together to help maintain their 3-D shape and flexibility.* Are you running low?

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