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December 7, 2013

Clear infct’n Hi dose C

Great Teeth for 8 decades

But, since then — it’s been a series of problems.  One lives and learns.  For those of you whose teeth are in great shape, you may just want to skip this post.  I have talked about a couple of dentists who offer great information on learning to help yourself to a healthy mouth rather than go into hock for a fairly large percentage of your annual income.  What is it with health care providers?  I remember describing that the last dentist I saw was able to “fix” my mouth up fine for $28,000  and telling you that I had not recovered from the shock of that.   Proof that I have lived too long. 

It’s not like I was born with bad genetics or crooked teeth — on the contrary,  My teeth were great and healthy and attractive.  Have spoken about learning via Kevin Gianni at Renegade Health’s site that juicing can rob you of your teeth. (it is difficult to even imagine that such a thing could be possible), but it does happen to fit with my experience.  There are smart ways to do things for those who can learn from their experiences. 

So I have posted on healthy tooth powders, haven’t bought a dental cleanser for a number of years now.   Also have written about the “diatomaceous earth”  as an instant pain reliever when you can’t get to the dentist in a timely manner.  It is food grade, bought from Perma Guard and is called Fossil Shell Flour.  It’s dabbed onto a painful tooth or gums and takes pain down very well.  

Well, I’ve had another discovery that you may be interested in.  I’ve had too many of my molars removed as I haven’t been able to bear the financial burden of  dental restoration.  (have been on Social Security and Medicare for more than 20 years which offers no help with cost factors.  Unfortunately, my teeth don’t yield their ground easily and I must see a surgeon (around $300 for each tooth), but even that can be a burden when one uses as many ‘supplements’ as I do.  It is often pain which forces me to go.  And the pain usually has to do with some kind of infection which is causing the swelling and misery.  My terrific dental surgeon is fantastic, and he won’t touch the tooth when he sees it’s infected — need to take antibiotics for about 7 days in order to proceed. 

My solution the the Antibiotic Problem

I don’t take kindly to antibiotics as it is a death knell to our immune system and at my age, I don’t like to risk that, especially during winter-time. 

I am a big user of Vitamin C and use the Crystal form which is easier for me than taking pills.  1/4 teaspoon in a bit of water is equal to 1000 mg of C. I am well aware of the really high dosage that doctors have used on their patients  from time to time up to 100,000 units (or more) intravenously to cure Cancer and so on.  Intriguing! So why not try a teaspoonful – would be 4000 units.  It did start working on the infection, but my bowels couldn’t take it;  developed diarrhea.  One should only take it to the level of bowel tolerance, so I had gone too far.   Next day I took 2K (1/2 tsp) morning and nite.  3 days, totally out of the woods.  Swelling and pain both gone.   Because of this germy time of year,  I like to take plenty of C — good for everything including heart and all systems.

So this is what I was driving at;  doesn’t have to be a dental need — if one has an infection that needs care, try dosing yourself with C crystals to bowel tolerance.  No harm whatsoever can come of this usage – 0nly diarrhea if taking too much, and that won’t kill you.  So, be aware.  It can help you keep your immune system in tact.   Jan


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