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November 26, 2013

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Crime & the courts

Pediatric doctor pleads guilty to viewing child-porn    at home, job


Christopher Pelloski

Dr. Christopher E. Pelloski rocketed into the rarefied air of top-notch oncology programs as soon as he became a doctor in 2001.   He found his niche treating children whose lives were threatened — and often taken — by brain cancer and eventually was recruited to a top position in the pediatric radiation-oncology program at Ohio State University’s Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital.

Yesterday, he crashed to the ground.   “I plead guilty, your honor,” Pelloski told U.S. District Judge Algenon L. Marbley as he admitted viewing child pornography on his home computer and his work laptop.

Pelloski, 39, was arrested in July and charged with one count of accessing child pornography after a yearlong investigation by the Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.   “It’s tragic for everybody,” R. William Meeks, Pelloski’s attorney, said after the hearing. “He had extraordinary medical talents.”

Grove City police detective Rick Stiller testified that the Pelloski investigation began in October 2012 when investigators linked his computer address to a pornographic movie featuring a 7-year-old girl performing oral sex on an adult male.   Pelloski’s Roxbury Road home in Upper Arlington was searched in July, and 85 child-porn files were found on the doctor’s computer. Pelloski reached an agreement with U.S. attorneys that led to the guilty plea in federal court yesterday.

Marbley allowed Pelloski to remain free on bond. He is on electronic monitoring at home and must have another adult in the room when he has contact with his 6-year-old twins.

Meeks said his client has accepted full responsibility for his actions.   “It’s almost impossible to explain the circumstances, but clearly it’s a mental-health issue,” Meeks said. “It’s a real struggle to balance the good he’s done for 95 percent of his life with this crime.”

Meeks said his client is under mental-health care.

A conviction carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years and a $250,000 fine. A sentencing date has not been set.

(My Comment:  

The parents among us will no doubt have a tendency to recoil from this post. I think it might be a natural reaction.  We start imagining what we might do if such an awful thing happened with our child — that we learn  our pediatrician pled guilty to such a charge.  Anger,  indignation, disgust. . . sickened?   Careful. . . how healthy are we?   More than anything, I am confused, how could this be? 

Read it again — it’s a short  piece.  This is a brilliant man with everything going for him.  People openly admire him in his professional life, he was exemplary.    I agree with his attorney, its a struggle to balance this  excellent good which he has lived and done with the evident sexual interest.  The word “crime” is used in connection with all this which took place in federal court.  This is a really big deal. 

To me or you, his interest in pornographic movies may seem prurient, but thousands of people enjoy that sort of thing. Its allowed and legal.  What makes this different is the fact that it is children who are performing.  He isn’t making the movies, he watching what others have made.  I’m just hard pressed to see a possible 10 year sentence being discussed and a possible $250,000 fine – – how does it come to this? Don’t think he will ever practice again.  

I personally feel like taking a whip in each hand and beating anyone to death who subjects children to this disgusting activity.  They’ll have mostly , too much to overcome, if they survive their childhood.  But that’s me,  I’ve had some difficult moments as a child and some things don’t leave, if you’re lucky, you separate from them, eventually.  

Apparently, Dr Pelloski has not injured anyone, nor was he described as having any offensive behavior.  There would be no issue whatsoever, had not people been spying on him and invading his personal space.  What’s next, . .  the thought police?  And yet, a murderer like George Zimmerman walks free after killing unarmed, innocent Trayvon Martin.  Our justice system sucks.  

So I’m sad and angry at the same time.  This is a pathetic case. This doctor is a vital man, contributing to society, but he has a weird pastime which is incongruent with his livelihood.  One wonders if this mental disparity will maybe cause him to snap one day and hurt a child.  So does he get labeled a predator even tho he has never hurt anyone and probably never would.  I have no answers on any of it.  But I do have a gnawing discontent that it ain’t right.  Hate it.  And the world should not rush to judgement because what is needed is understanding. . . . .  just sayin’. . . .Jan)


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