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November 26, 2013

Bulletproof Coffee, clarity -pep

So Much More to Coffee than we ever knew

Thought I did this post a few weeks ago, but I can’t find it.  So I’m doing it again because I’d like you all to get this (if you don’t already).  I knew that my son Jeff makes “Bulletproof” coffee and swears by it. .  . that its so good and he feels so much better — you can’t buy anything which comes close to it in any of the upscale coffee shops, he says.   Well, he gave me a link and I went the whole nine yards, did it! 

Looking at the recipe and how it’s done (sounded awful to me), but Jeff is seldom wrong which made me willing to try it.  But what got me serious about it is the coconut oil.  I need any way I can find to get it INTO my body.  Used to put it in my oatmeal and still do once in a while if I make it,  and also use it in morning shakes, but not up for those cold things during these winter months.  So need a new way.   Am giving two links here for  I want to add —  be sure  follow the links where they are offered as one of them gives an interview with an Israeli man Ori something or other who speaks with quite an accent, but has such good tips  and valuable advice.  It seems to be in 3 parts.

Can’t remember the price per pound of his coffee but I’m thinking $16 to $20.  It easier for me to go to Whole Foods — their organic is cheaper and excellent and what I use.  

I’ve known about the pesticides and the mold issue for quite a while which is why I use organic in the first place.    It is good  to know regular commercial coffee is a highly sprayed crop and the manufacturing process debases many of the valuable constituents in the coffee bean.which are highly prized as a health booster.

My habit has been to imbibe a few cups in the morning and have been using the non-dairy creamer (with all the chemicals).  If one goes the BP coffee route — 1 cup is all you need and no creamer (or indulge and use the real thing, organic cream with no chemicals and a little is all you need).  You feel “Up” all day, greatly energized and mentally, more clear.  Not hard to take!      Jan


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