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November 18, 2013

Positive resistance we need

The state of Medicine today

Like many people today, I used to be in the middle class, but after leaving the work force, I no longer qualify.  I am indeed grateful that social security and Medicare has been there for me.   As a nit-picky rebel however, I am among those not well served since I don’t use pharmaceuticals nor do I use most of the highly recommended preventive measures.  Wouldn’t dream of taking ANY vaccinations of any type,  don’t use mammograms.   The coverage available doesn’t include the herbal, natural and/organic supplementation I prefer and use. Its all on me.   

The Affordable care act is no better than what I’ve had for all these years, and will probably become even leaner.  There is only one way to handle medicine in our country – – do what all other industrialized nations do – cover everyone  with the single payer system (which we already have in Medicare), so all we would have to do is expand what already is and is working just fine.  Of course, other countries accept ALL the forms of healing labelled “alternative” here as if they were some inferior choice.  But that is our power structure in U.S. with a dominant BIG PhRMA at work and in control.  Forget insurance plans, insurance companies.  Gets real simple.  Everybody gets to go to a doctor when they need or want to.   

How do we pay for it?   Just raise the tax rate on everybody, proportionally.  Our ‘free’ medical care is covered automatically – no worries.   

An additional point I need to make here is one of need.  People need their doctors.  Doctors need to step up and become more relevant than just being pill pushers.  Hundreds if not thousands of doctors are realizing that they have been short-changed in their training and seeing their limitations have gone deeper and become worthy of the name “physician”. When one realizes that nature has provided the perfect sustenance for all the life forms on earth, it gets a lot easier.  All the worst, chronic diseases are stemming entirely from a dietary cause — never a deficiency of pharmaceuticals-  these are toxic to the body.  All of it.   But most are not like me.  Perhaps, don’t even want to be.Too hard,. . .where to start. . . .what to do?  So, we NEED Medical Care that works for everybody.  

In the video below coming from Bill Moyers (and Co), there are two fantastic lady doctors who are making waves, stirring things up and getting people engaged to these very ends,  They personify courage, purpose and commitment.  Jan

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