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November 10, 2013

Depression 2nd 4 ‘disability’

Clinical depression a top cause of disability


Clinical depression is now the second-leading cause of global disability, according to new research, with the highest rates of incidence affecting working-age adults and women more than men.

In a paper published last week in the journal

Plos Medicine, researchers found that depressive disorders were second only to lower respiratory infections when it came to inflicting the most years of disability on people throughout the world.

Rates of depression were highest in Afghanistan and lowest in Japan, and ranked as the top cause of disability in Central America and Central and Southeast Asia.

Authors reviewed a variety of published studies before calculating that the global prevalence of depression was 4.4 percent. For women, it was 5.5 percent, and for men, 3.2 percent.

“These findings reinforce the importance of treating depressive disorders as a public-health priority and of implementing cost-effective interventions to reduce their ubiquitous burden,” wrote lead author Alize Ferrari, a researcher at Australia’s University of Queensland, and colleagues .

In cases where poor or developing nations lacked data on depression, authors attempted to estimate rates.

Clinical depression, or major depressive disorder, involves at least one major episode in which the sufferer experiences overwhelming feelings of sadness and hopelessness nearly all day, every day, for two weeks.

Researchers found that the disorder was associated with increased risk of suicide as well as ischemic heart disease.

Researchers also examined rates for dysthymia, a milder, chronic form of depression that lasts for at least two years.

The so-called global burden of depressive disorders has been increasing steadily because of population growth and longer life expectancy, according to study authors . Between 1990 and 2010, the global burden for depressive disorders increased by almost 38 percent, authors wrote.

“This has important implications for global health, especially in developing countries where … better reproductive health, nutrition, and control of childhood infectious diseases means more . . . are living to the age where depressive disorders are prevalent,” authors said.

(My Comment”   

Often demonstrated by so many modern, alternative, rather prominent and famous  doctors of our day — its found in the simple concept — “You are what you eat” (and of course, remembering what Hippocrates, the founder of medicine often stated “Let food be thy medicine”). .  .   by these words of wisdom, upgrading to nutritious,natural  and organic eating habits . . . so-called “lifestyle” change, swiftly resolves this problem, starting in days or weeks. 

One might ask “Why should that have anything to do with the problem at hand?  The answer is simplistic indeed, because it isn’t mysterious in any way as it has long been known and practiced by many enlightened physicians, whose job it was, among other things, to educate his patients to proper food dynamics. Now,  doctors are being educated by medical schools financed by the  pharmaceutical industry and the nutritional needs of the body are not in the equation (other than a few token classes).  To be sure, what they learn is the way to correction of physical maladies is the optimal prescription medicine.   However, prescription medicines is chemical in base, not organic food-stuff the body recognizes.  Instead of help and resolve, the body is given chemicals which further burden it with  onus of using it’s vital energies to eliminate this new intruder.  Body is not helped. 

Once the body has become debilitated due to S.A.D. (standard American diet), long enough — it breaks down because it is being starved of nutrition.  Our body speaks to us clearly enough, we just don’t have the ears to hear what it is saying, so in our ignorance — we go off in all directions.  Competent, fully educated  doctors have been frequently showcased here relating how they have helped people with all kinds of chronic problems including gross obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and of course clinical depression to the point of helplessness. Quite a list, really,  there has been Drs.Jonathan Wright,Joel Fuhrman, Mark Hyman,  plus so many other specialists with their unique offerings on the latest, greatest new lines of thinking,  usually imported over from Dr Joseph Mercola.  

Most of these fine minds have written marvelous books, so many of which I have (because, as I have admitted previously. I am a Virgo and like other such, am prone to the disease known as biblio-mania).  All this aside, I ran over to the internet anc returned with some short snippets of Dr. Andrew Saul, a naturopathic doctor, head of Orthomolecular Medicine in a very easy, simple manner what this stuff is all about.  He too, has some books out there, one comes to mind –  “Doctor yourself” which also happens to be his website 

He points out that the first mention of the connection between diet and behaviour was way back in 1910.  All very interesting, hope you enjoy it.  Jan)

If you are sick of sickness, it may be time to try the Doctor Yourself approach. This introductory video with Andrew W. Saul offers education, not medication., the largest non-commercial natural healing website on the Internet, is peer-reviewed and free access. There you will find that you have an alternative to just taking more and more drugs. That alternative is therapeutic nutrition, also known as orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular treatment may include the use of high doses of vitamins and other nutrients, as well as beneficial diet and lifestyle changes.


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