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October 28, 2013

Alzheimer’s, story continues

This is important, You simply must consider this fully

Smokinchoices readers understand the ongoing battle I have gone through and how important the Alzheimers disease is to me.  I kept Mother with me 18 years til her death and witnessed her personal loss of self to this horror.  Within two years, I went on to care for my two granddaughters, just shy of 2 and 3.  Their own Mommy’s health broke down and she couldn’t be with them.   Prior to getting them into middle school, I became aware of frailties and lapses and my once fine memory began to struggle. Eventually, I realized the onset and it nearly destroyed me.   I loved my girls so much;  I couldn’t be ‘done’ — there was still so much to do.  Grieved a lot privately, but in time was able to force self to the task of finding solutions. 

Tried most everything which had even a hint of sounding potential.  One could say, I was motivated. . .  .  there surely wasn’t anything on the medical horizon and still isn’t..  Finnish studies determined the importance of B vitamins — did that.   Tried phosphotydalserine for months and nothing noticeable for me.  My personal favorite which became my solution was Coco nut oil that I learned of from Dr Mary Newport when her husband sank into that downward spiral.  She opened her story to the public,  gave interviews and has written a book.  I have several of her interviews up here at “smokinchoices”  So because of her, I use MCT oil and Coconut Oil  (approximately 50-50) daily.  One must become creative to find ways to use it.  Saute with it (takes heat better than olive oil), tho, it pays to be cautious with heat – hi heat is just not good for our food – right?  Cooking (hi temp) destroys nutrients.  Drizzle on salads,  mixes well in your oatmeal and one my easiest ways is in a morning shake with fruits,  a protein powder and other  supplements and of course, some pure water. Need 3 or 4 T-spoons daily

It has brought me back to normalcy.  My memory is still not what it used to be, but at 84, I’m not complaining.  Single-handedly, that’s the answer!  I’m not a purist, but I eat pretty clean.  Have given up  gluten (bread was one of my fav’s in life), won’t go near GMO’s and buy as much organic as I am able to (which is not 100 % sorry to say).   I scream so much about ROUNDUP and pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that even I get tired of hearing me.  But now after this brilliant piece from Dr Mercola which this post is about, I am realizing that my healing from the death-grip of Alzheimers is not just about what good thing I did, but it’s about the other things which I have  managed to stop doing.    So, please absorb the message in this post and do yourself or someone you love a favor It’s life-saving.    Jan

Story at-a-glance

  • Alzheimer’s disease currently afflicts about 5.4 million Americans, including one in eight people aged 65 and over
  • Research suggests zinc deficiency can contribute to Alzheimer’s by promoting accumulation of clumps of defective proteins in your brain, which is one of the hallmarks of the disease
  • The rise in Alzheimer’s prevalence may be related to genetically engineered foods, as herbicides like Roundup are mineral chelators, which means they bind specific nutrients, especially zinc
  • Research suggests the best hope is in prevention focusing on diet, exercise and staying mentally active
  • Avoiding gluten appears to be of critical importance, as is making sure you’re getting plenty of healthful fats (including demonized saturated fats). Fasting also has a remarkably beneficial influence on your brain health

alzheimers zinc deficiencyThis Mineral Deficiency Can Trigger Clumping of Proteins in Your Brain… Then Alzheimer’s
It’s a major hallmark of Alzheimer’s, so fixing this deficiency may be protective… especially avoiding these foods that can rob your body of this important mineral. And don’t forget these “top 3” prevention strategies


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