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October 25, 2013

Surgery best fix 4 obesity (?)


Surgery found best to curb obesity

By Makiko Kitamura BLOOMBERG NEWS

LONDON — Weight-loss surgery is more effective than diet and exercise as a treatment for obesity, according to a review of health studies involving almost 800 people.

Surgery such as gastric banding, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy led to, on average, 57 pounds more weight loss after two years than nonsurgical treatments, which included diet, exercise, behavioral therapy and medicines, according to an analysis of 11 studies of 796 obese people.

The research was published yesterday in the  British Medical Journal.

While the results are limited to two years’ follow-up after surgery, the analysis provides further evidence supporting medical procedures to address the obesity epidemic. Obesity raises the risks of diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, and at least 2.8 million people die each year from being overweight.

“This meta-analysis provides comprehensive evidence that, compared with nonsurgical treatment of obesity, bariatric surgery leads to greater body weight loss,” according to the authors, led by Viktoria Gloy at the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland.

  • Surgery also led to higher remission rates of Type 2 diabetes, according to the review. The most-common side effects were iron-deficiency anemia and the need to re-operate. Another complication might be frequent diarrhea.

While diet and exercise are more cost-effective options, studies show that for most people, they are not sustainable for weight loss. As many as two-thirds of those on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years, according to an analysis of 31 longterm studies on dieting by researchers at the University of California-Los Angeles.

(My Comment:

It must be fairly evident by now that such a post as this couldn’t find it’s way to my site without being accompanied by  some type of rebuttal by yours truly.  I find so many things wrong with it that I hardly know where to begin.

We’ve been deeply betrayed

First off,  our nation is not suffering  primarily from obesity;  but instead, from the type and form of government we have and the way that it is administered.  We all — even the most ill-informed of us understand the way it is supposed to be  —  i.e. of the people,  for the the people and by the people.  The founders of our nation didn’t go through all that hardship and deprivation and great personal risk to build a glorious future for the corporate structure for millionaires  in which the common folk had no voice!  To be sure,  almost all had a greater vision — in fact were fleeing tyranny and taxation without representation. Does anyone think that is what we have now?  Hold on, I’ve got a gorgeous bridge. . . . .      

What in fact we do have is corruption of the worst kind in which people are routinely sold out to the highest bidder and their water is carried by most of the elected representatives we send to Washington to “SPEAK FOR US,” and best serve our needs.  Protect us.  It ain’t happening.  The world, and America in particular has refused to accept Genetically modified “frankenfood” of almost any kind.  We have Said NO in millions of signatures on petitions to remove them from our lives.  We have demanded labeling laws to which any one is entitled.   Most educated, enlightened people “in the rest of the world” heeded their people and complied.  But not here in good ole U.S.A.  Washington and the the corporate complex will not yield the power they have all become accustomed to. 

The  Feckless Agencies of our Government

So what are we talking about here?   BIG PhRMA,  BIG AG,  the FDA most especially  because they have exercised maximum power and control over the way things are run and what is approved — — yet they claim to have no control over what is approved because, ultimately,  they do no testing of any kind.  They take the word of the corporation who says what they are doing is safe.  And it isn’t of course.  There is no court to arbitrate, no forum to be able to prove anything.  And so it goes.     

The same for Agriculture:  Hold on.  I’m not willing to say the FDA is worse that the Dept of Agriculture.    Our mono-farming is a disaster which is compromising the health of our world. (and the inhabitants thereof).  Nature in her wisdom would never -ever have done mono-farming  (the repetitive sowing of corn or soy or wheat as an example).  It depletes the soil and vibrancy of mother-nature’s well-established overall plan.   Ask anyone with a memory of how it was once done – successfully for multi millions of years and without pesticides or  any synthetic chemicals.  There was a harmony in nature, and it worked.   But currently,  we are all being poisoned by these corporations,  shortening our lives and destroying the quality of the life we are able to squeeze out for ourselves against great odds.  And this ain’t workin either!  Bugs and vermin are evolving faster and larger and more threatening than any chemical company can cope with. 

  • Monsanto is single-handedly destroying the earth with “ROUNDUP” 

So much for what’s wrong with our country today.  But this is just the the prologue.  Against this background,  people are eating like they always have, but guess what, they are simultaneously being starved because there is no nutritive value in what they are ingesting.  You can’t fool mother nature – – its a fact!  You can’t grow full-bodied nutrient-rich  food-stuff in depleted soil, loaded with chemicals and synthetic fertilizers and all those poisonous insecticides etc.,. and expect otherwise.  Giving the body calorie-laden so-called food is only a joke and the body isn’t laughing.  It’s starving and remains hungry.  That’s why people continue to eat.  The body seeks its minerals without which it can’t survive and be healthy.  More to it, but you get the idea.  Same with the corn fed cattle and chickens.  Cattle seeks the greens of the field and chickens need to scratch for their own grubs.  Our animal-protein is coming at a vile, horrific price.    Thank God for the vegetarians among us. 

Got a problem?  See a doctor

So as we slowly starve, our innards start breaking down with all kinds of ills,  then run to see a doctor who then gives prescription meds to fix the problem.  But the body only needs a healthy diet – that’s all it needs.  Giving it a handful more  chemicals is just a further insult – more burden to try to cope with.  It’s all downhill from there.  By continuing to do what we’re doing, we’ll get more of the same.  So we’re an obese nation — yeah, sure.  But first, we are a sick nation with exceedingly poor care.  If only Hippocrates could have stuck around  longer – – “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be food”.  

I like to say “You are what you eat”   Perhaps as important is to “Ask more questions”   We must demand better care or take up the task and do it yourself.    I’ve had JJ Virgin here and Brenda Watson showcased as well – both nutritionists.  It’s true one can’t find a Mark Hyman or Joel Fuhrman  around every corner.  But these doctors simply tired of seeing their patients sicken and die needlessly which is often why brilliant men such as these study further and become the benefactors which they are.  They write books, see patients, do live broadcasts and TV specials – just in order to reach more people – – let others know.   It is magnanimous what they do.  All of these professionals have helped people to change their lives and become free from dieting.  One needs information and to learn how to do sensible but effective care of the body.  And it can be tasty.  These patients loose hundreds of pounds and have such a good time with it — they never look back.  It is just a matter of learning how.  Pick any of these 4 names and look em up on the internet — get their books or make an appointment and go see any of them.    

But guess what?   When one drops excess body poundage by cleaning up his dietary habits through learning what the body needs and how to do it,  sure, you loose weight – down to where you need  to be;  but the surprising thing is – all the other afflictions disappear as well, like diabetes, high blood pressure, skin conditions, allergies and so much more.   All from a little effort and info.  That’s a pretty nice side benefit — wouldn’t you say?  And one certainly can’t say any of that to someone who has had these dire surgeries  which permanently alter the body.    There are consequences to these procedures, some of which are not so nice.  Jan)


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