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October 11, 2013

Single Payer H/C (only way)

A single-payer system, like Medicare, is the cure for America’s ailing healthcare

By: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

The Guardian

Monday, October 7, 2013

I start my approach to healthcare from two very basic premises. First, healthcare must be recognized as a right, not a privilege. Every man, woman and child in our country should be able to access the healthcare they need regardless of their income. Second, we must create a national healthcare system that provides quality healthcare for all in the most cost-effective way possible.

Tragically, the United States is failing in both areas.

It is unconscionable that in one of the most advanced nations in the world, there are nearly 50 million people who lack health insurance and millions more who have burdensome co-payments and deductibles. In fact, some 45,000 Americans die each year because they do not get to a doctor when they should. In terms of life expectancy, infant mortality and other health outcomes, the United States lags behind almost every other advanced country.

Despite this unimpressive record, the US spends almost twice as much per person on healthcare as any other nation.  As a result of an incredibly wasteful, bureaucratic, profit-making and complicated system, the US spends 17% of its gross domestic product – approximately $2.7tn annually– on healthcare.     While insurance companies, drug companies, private hospitals and medical equipment suppliers make huge profits, Americans spend more and get less for their healthcare dollars.

What should the US be doing to improve this abysmal situation?

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is a start. It prevents insurance companies from denying patients coverage for pre-existing conditions, allows people up to age 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance, sets minimum standards for what insurance must cover and helps lower-income Americans afford health insurance. When the marketplace exchanges open for enrollment on Tuesday, many Americans will find the premiums will be lower than the ones they’re paying now.   Others will find the coverage is much more comprehensive than their current plans.

  • Most importantly, another 20 million Americans will receive health insurance. This is a modest step forward. But if we are serious about providing quality care for all, much more needs to be done.

The only long-term solution to America’s healthcare crisis is a single-payer national healthcare program.

  • The good news is that, in fact, a large-scale single-payer system already exists in the United States and its enrollees love it. It is called Medicare. Open to all Americans over 65 years of age, the program has been a resounding success since its introduction 48 years ago. Medicare should be expanded to cover all Americans.

Such a single-payer system would address one of the major deficiencies in the current system: the huge amount of money wasted on billing and administration. Hospitals and independent medical practices routinely employ more billing specialists than doctors – and that’s not the end of it. Patients and their families spend an enormous amount of time and effort arguing with insurance companies and bill collectors over what is covered and what they owe. Drug companies and hospitals spend billions advertising their products and services.

  • Creating a simple system with one payer, covering all Americans, would result in an enormous reduction in administrative expenses. We would be spending our money on healthcare and disease prevention, not on paper-pushing and debt collection.

Further, a single-payer system will expand employment opportunities and lift a financial weight off of businesses encumbered by employee health expenses. Many Americans remain at their current jobs because of the decent health insurance provided by their employer. Without the worry of losing benefits, those Americans will be free to explore other, more productive opportunities as they desire. For business owners, lifting the burden of employee healthcare expenditures will free them to invest in growing their businesses.

  • Congressman Jim McDermott and I have introduced the American Health Security Act. Our bill will provide every American with healthcare coverage and services through a state-administered, single-payer program, including dental and mental health coverage and low-cost prescription drugs. It would require the government to develop national policies and guidelines, as well as minimum national criteria, while giving each state the flexibility to adapt the program as needed. It would also completely overhaul the health coverage system, creating a single federal payer of state-administered health plans.

The American people understand that our current healthcare system is not working. But the time is long overdue for them to understand that there is something fundamentally wrong when the US remains the only country in the industrialized world that does not guarantee healthcare to all its people.

Healthcare is a right and we must ensure provision of that right for Americans. A single-payer system will be good for the average American, good for businesses, good for workers and good for our overall economy.


(My Comment:

This of course, is what our President ran on when he started his first  Presidential campaign.  With that — he totally captured my vote and my heart.  Almost any thinking person was aware that it is and remains the only possible thing which can work in this country if we are in fact of a mind that citizens have rights at all.   

But with the fairly swift and yet, unexplained segue into  what we have now – Obamacare,  which has possibly been the most fumbled, idiotic  display of ineptness imaginable — from concept, into it’s ongoing ’emergence’. . .it is simply pathetic!    So completely without leadership and doesn’t even come close to universal care that ALL OTHER COUNTRIES have given to their countrymen. 

This ‘bastard’ “Affordable Care Act”  is anything but affordable.   Or explainable.  Nor can it be turned into “universal.”  The cost of administering the different levels and classes will remain  complicated, duplicitous and costly.  Surely all can realize the uber-wealthy folk  will forever be able to acquire and choose whatever they want  — it’s a given! (nor would any honest person want it any other way).  The complications come about when we endeavor to “decide” what the other 90% of our people are entitled to.  But it shouldn’t be complicated!   It is rather simple.  Humans are in fact subject to occasional illness and/or breakdown.  When this happens — they deserve care because they are people.  It should have nothing whatever to do with how much “money” they can come up with.  They ARE — therefore, they are entitled to care. 

The rub comes in when statisticians start working with their numbers,  and theoretic advisers enter in with their political background.  And we can’t overlook the corporate complex with the innate greed matrix.  None of which has anything to do with – the sick person who needs care NOW.  What kind of care?   Appropriate care, whatever it might be.   A bandage, a med of some sort,  a cast for a broken limb or an ER or OR — or maybe a counselor.   

Those who administer care should be trained to first — do no harm;  and to see the whole person.  What does this person need?   Never – what can I sell him?  And lets remember, it not usually the newest, bigger, more expensive medicine, instrument or appliance which serves the sick person,  but often — the tried and true, simple herb of the field rendered with a hands-on approach of interest, care, sincerity   and  intelligence.  Old fashioned kindness and courtesy with enough “time” given to make it real.  Medicine the way we see it now has become much like factory farming;  fast, impersonal and profitable.  And cruel.

Take the Money out and it’s easy

There are so many things which could be done;

  • Support and train up a whole new fleet of doctors willing and able to go into the GENERAL PRACTICE  of service.  That has always been where the best care came from – not all the unimaginable specialties which are off-putting to people who need care.    
  • Make sure that all forms of the so-called “healing arts” are acceptable and available to people.  We are not all the same, not do we want the same things.  Many choose natural and organic over synthetic and chemical which is safer and of course, less costly.  There would be dynamic, immediately seen economic advantage. Most prefer “alternative care”.

Restructure the Power Base

The Medical complex is too powerful  along with several other of the Governmental agencies like the FDA and Big AG.  These combined influences are the main reasons for our debilitated health picture in America.  FDA is too much influenced by the greed and corruption and the revolving door syndrome so prevalent in Washington.  This is where all that money is made and it ain’t ever gonna change until someone has the guts to step up and do it by re-shaping these agencies from the ground up with all new focus of serving the “good of the people” instead of the corporate complex.  The weird science of GMO’s and all the chemical destruction is not only impinging the health of everyone, but our planet as well.  Needs to be done.  

Without a major refocus to the well-being of our people in this once-great land, — nothing will change, and we’ll see another great society crash and burn.   (or should I restate – history will).    Jan


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