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October 10, 2013

Tuff ‘family’ stuff

 I’m nothing if not a “Family person”

Bri & DanielSince my Granddaughter Brianna went off to college, down at Winthrop,  I can’t help but worry about her.  Are they working her to death?  Is she Okay,. . .eating enuff?  Does she even remember what “having a little fun is like”?  After all – – all work and no play, well, let’s face it, we all know what that can do!

Well,  you know, one simply has to trust that “God is a Father” and everything is going to be OKAY. 

After all,  we can’t forget that Breezy wasn’t ‘born yesterday,  she  is 18 now and as capable as they come.  Can’t remember which belt she earned while in Karate, but she knew her stuff.   In truth,  that’s just part of her M.O. — as was seen with her years in soccer and then in Lacrosse, nor can be forgotten the almost tortuous grueling living with a stern task-master like her doting father who drives all athletes to distraction, because he wants them to be the best they can be.

  Still, she’s accustomed  since birth to being surrounded by family.  So this has to be a very difficult transition.  Must be a whole different cross-section of people — one can never tell what others are truly like until you get to know them, right?  Take this Daniel in the picture with Bri.     She’s trying to look like she is having a good time — says he is a really great guy,   but take a look at him,  carefully,  

   do do you notice anything funny about his face? .

.Brianna, Brianna. . . let me count the ways


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