SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

October 4, 2013

Me again, just sharing

What was,  What is and What’s shaping up

Sometimes I’ve thought of myself as unfettered and free — kinda like a gypsy, able and willing to go at will anyplace, any time.   And that has indeed, been a part of my life rather a lot.  I’ve traveled the country by car for visits or relocating.   Could be a bit of wanderlust inside and the pleasure of going.  But I haven’t been a gypsy.    Had a 25 year marriage;  lived in our home 31 years and now alone, living here 17 years in my lovely apartment in a state I would not have chosen for my personal tastes.  Funny how we think of ourselves, isn’t it?    I’m clearly not a gypsy, so why do I think of myself as one?  Perhaps its something else, a type of freedom I’ve always enjoyed – felt.  But there has also been  pleasure in a centered life, stable, organized — anticipated, but open ended.

Another concept I still harbor that doesn’t seem to fit anymore is that I am an Amazon,  capable, can do almost anything, but never able to kill my own snakes.  Lucky for me, I haven’ seen too many outside of a cage.

I remember at well past 30, I was sometimes carded at a liquor store when I bought alcohol, which amused me greatly.    As the decades passed, my blessed genes would engender rather surprising responses from those I’d meet who didn’t realize my advancing years.  As I mentioned back in January 14th,  “STUFF CHANGES”.


Have just renewed my apartment lease for another year. I deliberated about renewing, because I probably could give up most of my stuff and never miss it.  This place may be too big for me now. as my activity level is greatly lessened.  I don’t seem to have the poop I used to have.   Don’t know if I’d make it without my juicing, but sometimes, it is a burden I’m not up to.

One of the pleasures which matter greatly to me is this blog.  I completely love “smokinchoices.”  If I still had my prior energy level, I had wanted to assemble much of the interesting health related issues which are relevant and helpful into a book.  .  .  this seems unlikely now..   When I’m no longer able to attend the blog, I’m hoping my son will  see to it that it remains up for a few months so that people can  avail themselves of whatever they would like to take.   That’s why I have done all this.   To share it with others who would use it.

Taking my pain down

Now I want to mention  that my son has been trying to get me to try something that he felt would help me feel better and add a bit more zing to my energy level and brightness and clarity to the mind and reduce the pain level.  Of course, I resisted, I take so much in the way of supplements I certainly wasn’t seeking more.  I literally hate to take pills of any kind.  But I have to take all this stuff because of the heart,  and so on, plus the geriatric  — thing we all need help with HCI (stomach acid)  and I’m a big believer in enzymes, Ubiquinol and Nattokinase and on and on.  I’m sure Jeff thinks of me as a ‘hard case’,  He explained how it had helped him and still I was reluctant.

He knew I was going through a bit of rough patch, so he popped in with a box of several packets,  had me put one in a glass of water and stir.  It tasted pleasant and was no problem.  Just needed one a day.   By next day, I noticed less pain in my hands.  When they were gone, I asked him to bring me a supply.  He also brought me a pretty shaker which makes it easier to do instead of stirring.

This is a powder mixture blend  from the most highly nutritious plant known called MORINGA OLEIFERA  and its made by Zija.  I wouldn’t buy it until I understood its nutritional information.  Claims to have over 90 nutrients in each serving;  loaded with minerals and enzymes, proteins, anti-oxidants and omega oils.  It is not a newly discovered plant, rather in use in folk lore and by various cultures for centuries.  Highly prized.   I’ve heard the name bandied about – – just thought it was some new fad which had taken over everybody’s interest.   Jeff told me that this product was put together by a brilliant doctor who spent quite a bit of time studying and evaluating exactly how he wanted this made.  With Jeff’s background and history in the sports world with athletics, gives him certain advantages over someone like me.  

For me with my aversion to taking pharmaceuticals and demanding only natural, herbal , body recognizable nutrients, this is kinda a Godsend — won’t hurt my liver or kidneys.  I’m impressed, it’s a good thing.  Can’t tell you more than what I’ve said, but one is free to contact my son Jeff Turner  for information              Jan


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