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October 1, 2013

WOW Melon-berry Kefir

David shares a really great formula  so you can D-I-Y


Dear Longevity Enthusiast,

How do you transform a probiotic supplement with millions of beneficial, living organisms to BILLIONS of organisms in a delicious, easyto-make drink?

Check out this video about how to make your own Coconut-Watermelon-Berry Kefir from the comfort of your own kitchen. Making this delicious, nutritious beverage is not only easy… but provides an incredible elixir for detoxing and cleaning out your liver. Check it out:

Click Here to Watch Now!

This is great.  It looks yummy and the ideas he  put together for detoxing the liver is something all of us could use due to the toxic world we keep dumping on our liver and kidneys.    Hadn’t thought of repopulating the gut with all those probiotics at the same time.  Some of the ingredients are beyond my budget comfort-zone, but for those who can – go for it.    

Since this is a 2-step process, I would personally alter one  thing — regarding the coconut water and watermelon mixture.  We are wanting to enrich and ferment these two together and even adding the acidophilus pills for maximum benefit and potency. It is fine to  whir up the watermelon in the blender– needs to be liquified. The coconut water is liquid already.  High speed action with juicing or blending will diminish enzymes and we would be better served to observe that.    So in my thinking, in the final stage of assembly before drinking, I would seek to incorporate all ingredients and stir to accomplish that;  then maybe put in a shaker for a moment or two,  just the amount wanted to drink.  Just sayin’.  .  .  Jan


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