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October 1, 2013

Pumpkin Seeds

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SUPER-SNACK and so Much More

Timing couldn’t be better on this from Dr Mercola.   This is the companion piece I mentioned I was going to do with regard to the post I did for the Guys about “It” not being just a number.  The Prostate problems could use more help than just a pill a day.  Sometimes, a little change in diet or snacking habits.  We all do it and we all “SIN” as well. so enuff of that.    The link below will take you to his site and it is packed with good info.   

But when you get near the end, we are shown the best way to handle turning pumpkin seeds into a virtual powerhouse of nutrition.  Most all seeds  and nuts are or have within them an anti-nutrient component which can be removed  and taken right out of the equation and in so doing,  turn the darling little ‘nut’ into something we never dreamed it could be.   All the innate parts  (minerals, etc) are magnified greatly.  Only takes an extra amount of time, but it is so worth it.  If we tried to buy the nuts fully treated as described herein, one would have to pay small fortunes for them.  We can do it for nothing but the time and hugely enrich our nutrient-load.   It’s  always about FEEDING OUR BODY, because — let’ say it together  “You Are What You Eat”  Jan

Pumpkin SeedsOutsmart Cancer and Diabetes – Eat This ‘Supersnack’
People who eat diets boosted by this phytosterol and antioxidant-rich food have lower risks of gastric, breast, lung and colorectal cancers. And research suggests this nutritional powerhouse could also help fight diabetes by decreasing oxidative stress.


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