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October 1, 2013

Guys, not just a number

Its Prostate, Peeing like a stallion — and all the rest of it

You didn’t think “Smokinchoices”  was just for women, did you?

My interest in Health issues has been going on for longer than most of my readers have been alive.  There is a physician who caught my eye around 50 years ago by the name of Dr. William Campbell Douglas.  The man is creative, off the wall sometimes — but I like him.  Seems to be a straight shooter.  He made hydrogen peroxide  a strange new tool for me.  Because of him, a number of decades ago, I bought my way into the Sea Salt culture.    Quite sure he isn’t one of the AMA’s favorite members because he is iconoclastic and will always think for himself what is right.

Have been a subscriber to Dr Jonathan Wright’s newsletter — Nutrition and Healing for some years and Dr Douglass will often contribute a weighty article of his own in these letters.  Maybe one has to be a bit individualistic to be included  in this group.  This piece is about the male problems surrounding “Prostate” issues which can routinely start surfacing along about 50, and  for so many reasons;  one’s health, comfort and the simple joy of one’s sex life can hang in the balance.  It shouldn’t be ignored, for generally, this doesn’t give us anything good as a result.    Nor do you want to become one dependent on toxic prescription meds — especially, when there are  real and effective natural, herbal paths to pursue.

This  report was entitled “The world’s most OUTDATED SUPPLEMENT”  in which he spoke about Saw-Palmetto, cost factors and alternatives through allopathic medicine such as surgery and life-time use of prescription meds (which often are a death knell for a great sex life).  The link between my arthritic hands and brain aren’t willing to cooperate for inputting an 8-page epistle, so I went online to research any info.   Found much.  Others are espousing similar language;  but I didn’t find anyone else who convinced me that what Dr Bill was describing wasn’t the best possibility for both covering the bases of what the body needs and always building on that and for me, simplicity of one pill a day whereas some dosage runs up to 6 pills daily (and the hassle of that). The different Saw Palmetto pills can run around $50.00 monthly, where as Dr Bill’s “Ultimate PRO Support” is under $20 and even down to $12, depending on the quantity, etc.  The phone number on this piece is 1-800-817-2575  This appears to be a line to Real Advantage Nutrients, the people Dr Bill had make the product for him per his requirements. 

The central ingredient around which Saw Palmetto is based is Beta Sitosterol.  This is one of many phyto sterols, and is found in a number of plants.  Spent a few hours on all this – was very interesting!  Among those plants it would be wise to deliberately include in one’s diet or snacking habits are:    Pecans,  Avocados,  Cashew fruit,   and Pumpkin seeds.  (going to include a great idea regarding pumpkin seeds in a touching post).  There is also Rice bran, wheat germ, corn oils,  soybeans  — but I’m asking you to look away from these as they aren’t going to serve your overall health needs (HMO’s, etc.)  Oddly, Dandelion coffee was in this list I got from Wikipedia and I can’t even imagine what that is.

One last thing,  I went online to see if Dr Douglass didn’t have a site as well — he does.   I am giving you a link that you can use, if it fails. copy and paste into your browser.  I had asked for his “Prostate Report” article and got a page full, so this link is to all that.   Hope this helps someone out there   Jan


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