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September 15, 2013

Lil Bits (9-15-13)

Need to get rid of “Skin Tags”?

Few people get these buggers, but I’m one who has had a few.   Used to have a  California doctor  who had removed a bunch of moles, numbering in the teens — he said I didn’t need ’em so he took ’em away.  Easy and quick.

I’ve had two skin tags on my face.  The last one was removed just as easily by  an Ohio doc 5or 6 years ago.  Lately, another one grew on my nose where the bridge of my glasses goes over the nose.    The tag was very annoying to me.     Hated it.

When I began reading Elaine Hollingworth’s book I told you about “Take control of Your Health” and escape the sickness industry, I became fascinated with her method of losing the tag.  She advised to add a drop of Iodine or Lugol’s solution to it every day and it should fall off in a few days.  What could be easier?   I have Lugol’s solution from when I was trying to solve my thyroid problems on my own. So off I went.

After almost 2 months, I thought, well, what have I done wrong – its not working.  Its still there.   Satisfied the Logol’s was Okay, I  felt I must go on, maybe it’s gone down a little and besides, this was a rather large ‘tag’.  Another week or so has gone by now and the bugger is really going down.  It is much smaller now and expect that it will go away soon.  Anyway, it beats surgery and seems to be working.   Jan.


Gas-mileage, emissions data for used cars available online

The U.S. government has come up with window labels that show the gas mileage and pollution of used cars.

The Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency said the labels can be downloaded or viewed at   

Labels are available for all vehicles sold since 1984. They show mileage and estimates of carbon-dioxide emissions.


Wal-Mart orders suppliers to phase out toxic chemicals

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said yesterday that it will require its suppliers to phase out 10 hazardous chemicals from personal-care products, cosmetics and cleaning products in its stores.

It also will require the suppliers to disclose chemicals in those products.

Wal-Mart said that beginning in January, it will monitor progress on the high-priority chemical reduction, restriction and elimination and will begin to publicly report on the progress in January 2016. Wal-Mart did not immediately identify the chemicals.

(Even so, one can get a bit pleased — and perhaps regard this as ‘progress’  Jan)


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