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August 29, 2013

Lil Bits (8-29-13)

(I don’t do a lot of these — you know how long winded I can be.   These are small tidbits of information which I find relevant and have the need to share with you for one reason or another.  Sometimes, just humor– or something really odd, or maybe something that has my hair on fire.   

Serious stuff comes from Colin Powell, a man everyone in the world knows and admires.  A respected Icon.  He’s #1

— From wire reports


Powell says Obama should address racial injustice


Colin Powell questions the result of the Zimmerman trial.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell called the jury verdict that cleared the killer of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin “questionable” during an interview that aired yesterday and urged President Barack Obama to speak more on issues of race.

The first black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said the Martin verdict would be forgotten     but Obama — and all presidents — have a responsibility to discuss the nation’s history of racial injustice.   A Florida jury found George Zimmerman acted in self-defense and acquitted   him after a criminal trial.

Powell questioned the Martin killing’s impact on the civil-rights discourse.

“I think that it will be seen as a questionable judgment on the part of the judicial system down there, but I don’t know if it will have staying power,” he said on CBS’ Face the Nation. “These cases come along and they blaze across the midnight sky and then after a period of time, they’re forgotten.”

That doesn’t mean Obama should keep silent, though, Powell said.

“I’d like to see him be more passionate about race questions,” Powell said.

(Me too, decidedly!   Jan)


Trump’s school accused of misleading students


        Donald Trump dismissed the lawsuit as extortion in a post on Twitter.

New York state’s attorney general said yesterday he has filed a $40 million lawsuit against Donald Trump and his

for-profit investment school, accusing them of engaging in illegal business practices.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman alleged that the real-estate mogul, a former executive and the online Trump Entrepreneur Institute — called Trump University until 2010 — made false claims about classes at the school, including that Trump hand-picked instructors.

“No one, no matter how rich or popular they are, has a right to scam hard-working New Yorkers,” Schneiderman said in a statement.

The attorney general said that from 2005 to 2011, the Trump school operated without an educational license while misleading consumers into paying for courses promising to teach Trump’s real-estate investment techniques.    More than 5,000 people nationally took the courses, paying $40 million, Schneiderman said.

  • The lawsuit is seeking restitution of at least $40 million, as well as a disgorgement of profits and penalties and an injunction, Schneiderman’s office said.

A copy of the lawsuit, which was filed in New York state court, was not available yesterday.

But Schneiderman said in the statement that his office found Trump did not himself pick a single instructor at the seminars and had minimal to no involvement in developing the courses’ content.    Many students believed they were attending an actual university, Schneiderman said, but the Trump school was unlicensed.

An attorney for Trump did not quickly respond to requests for comment. But after the lawsuit was first reported in The New York Times late Saturday, Trump said in a post on Twitter: “Lightweight NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is trying to extort me with a civil lawsuit.”

The tweet also linked to a website, which claims “Trump University has a 98 percent approval rating.”

glyph Oddity

Man’s heart stops for 45 minutes

WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (AP) — A man who was declared dead when his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes suddenly revived, said his stunned doctors, who can’t find an explanation. The man, though, credits his faith.

The presumed-dead diesel mechanic, Tony Yahle, was being prepared by nurses to be seen by his family on Aug. 5 when he began to show signs of life, the doctors said. He fully awoke at the hospital five days later, they said.

Yahle, a 37-year-old West Carrollton resident, has been a topic of conversation since, said his cardiologist, Dr. Raja Nazir.

“In the last 20 years, I’ve never seen anybody who we have pronounced dead … and then for him to come back. I’ve never seen it,” Nazir told the  Dayton Daily News for a story published Tuesday. “Actually, I’ve never heard of it.”

Yahle said a “miracle happened” when he revived. He said doctors couldn’t find any defects in his heart. He said his doctors’ last guess was that it was all the result of a possible viral infection.

Yahle’s son, Lawrence Yahle, said he spoke to him shortly before he revived, the newspaper reported.

“I pointed at him and said, ‘Dad, you’re not going to die today,’” the 18-year-old said. “I stood there for a few more seconds. I was about to walk back to comfort the family, and that’s when he started showing signs of a heartbeat.”

The son said he “went from hopeless to hope in an instant.”


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