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August 20, 2013

Why Women in Power?

They’re as Smart and Capable, but more nurturing

This isn’t an appeal directed toward women alone, trying to garner that old “sisterhood” camaraderie, or proclaiming in any way that women, after all,  are the superior between the two sexes.   That could perhaps be more intelligently discussed by more abstract minds than this one I work through.

But some distinctions  are readily self-evident;  the capacity to nurture (which, used or not, may project from the subtle umbilical cord), because we have all witnessed on a more consistent basis —  the unremitting giving of self, even, beyond all reason and less often witnessed from the masculine form.

The passion for growth, expression, ambition and breadth of vision does not seem to be related in any way to gender.  For in fact,  off-the-charts IQ’s  frequent both sexes.    Creativity is in direct proportion to the inner connectedness the individual has allowed him/her self to experience.. . . and I’m kinda referring to one’s  source,  life-force,  God,  infinite wisdom or whatever other name one can come up with.  One either sees it,  allows it,  feels it — or one doesn’t.  This is often seen in the drive for the greater good,  making things happen,  uniting and bringing together,  so in a sense, a drive for accomplishment, but seemingly, not just from an ego need or glory, but the larger than life issues known by many names.

Tho it’s not a gender thing,  it does seem that the male side has dominated all higher authority positions.  We’ve never has a female president.  Only men are priests — women can be nuns.    There is the ‘glass ceiling’ that here and there, women have broken and much is made of this.   It shouldn’t be this way.  All of us should be allowed to perform by broader, fairer, sexless measures.

One side of the spectrum [male-female] should not now or at any time exert dominion over the other.   Self-determination is and should be all-but-untouchable.  No one should be able to tell me or anyone else what he or she must be injected with e.g. vaccinations – that should be a personal choice based on what I believe is right for me.  Not your business.  No one has the right to determine for another whether or not to become a parent.  This is a choice more rightly understood by the individual (s) involved who will have to provide all the bells and whistles for the decision to fully flower. . . or be, perhaps determined by another who has no responsibility to enter in at all or be a part of the life going forward, which could as well be a life of poverty and deprivation.   But the full spectrum of parts of the whole are not on the table for discussion.  And why not?

Good question.  Many feel this being a life, that it should be the domain of GOD.  Which God?  Yours or mine or somebody else’s?  America does not have a universal ‘religion’.  We are a diverse people and getting more diverse each day it seems. Life is being created and destroyed every day by people like Monsanto,  the executioners — or should we just say the State, our government?  How about those magnificent horses being rounded up and hauled off to Canada or Mexico to slaughter?

Abortion is not a word under discussion in our western “Bible”.   God has not spoken on this – there!   Our Bible speaks of much, indeed, but politicians don’t heed those admonitions.    Nor is it the concern of the politicians what happens with all those children  once they are here.  Our current Congress has been cutting and slashing anything they might need from pre-school $, the right to health care, money for food-stamps. education costs, civil protections like police, firemen,   libraries, and any other form of enrichment.  So lets just take God out of this picture,  after all, that’s what our founding fathers had in mind when they were adamant about separation of church and state.

I say, its about time to consider what the women could do if they had a chance to run things.  And I guess we’ll never know if we don’t give it a go and try it.  I hear there are whole books-full of them around.   I can think of three right now.   They are fabulous women  each with her own claim to fame.   Small article to follow here about Senator  Wendy Davis of Texas who  amazed everyone as she spoke literally ALL DAY on the floor trying to preserve a woman’s right to choose  – – without being given so much as a potty-break.  They forced her to continue on endlessly or yield the floor.  She wants to run for TX Governor.  Go girl!

Unless you’ve been under a rock for a decade or so,  we all  know Hillary R Clinton.  This is one smart lady who always rises to any task.  She has proved her mettle – – been there and done everything.  There is everything to admire about this lady who has lived in the White house for eight years already.  Hard to believe she could actually want more.  If she becomes the candidate, she has my vote.


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