SMOKINCHOICES (and other musings)

August 10, 2013

Labeling obesity disease. .c’mon

Venting  against calling lifestyle habits a “Disease”

It’s a ruse to maximize PhRMA’s Revenue stream

WHY ?  Is there no end to this greed?

HUMANS;  Our strange Mixed-up Species

Our race is certainly diverse, unique and definitely motivated toward self-determination.  Frank Sinatra wasn’t the only one who wanted to do things his own way!  We all have a need for that.  No one wants to be told what to do or how it must be done.  Unless we ask.   By the time we reach two, the tendency emerges and becomes evident.   Right?

So  people just kinda blossom one way or the other.  Many  things help create the outcome;   family structure, whether there was love and encouragement or extreme lack of the little things which most of us think “feel good.”  The neighborhood and surrounding  reflected culture and whether or not one ‘fits in’.  The educational  spectrum so highly discussed  for so many decades.  One’s opportunity to be exposed to broader relevances; other peoples, other shores and cultures,  other thinking and how it might all fit in or possibly together.  Takes quite a bit of stumbling thru to wind up in a big body.

Some of us have dreams both big and/or little ‘what-ifs’.  Some of us seem blessed while others of us haven’t a clue and just flop around like a fish out of water.  No matter who we are or where we came from or who loved us or who didn’t,  we all have had pains and frustrations and losses- – perhaps abandonment (one way or the other).    Many  of the wiser or luckier of us found a way to plan and do and thrive.  Great variables with each of us.   And we know, everything costs something.

Life-Style Choices

No matter what that background was –  is, along the way we acquire little mechanisms in order to get thru ‘stuff,’  nothing major, sometimes it’s  smoking,  so we smoke a bit more.  Or maybe – – something sweet to take the edge off some development or lack of it. . . ya know, some cookies or ice cream.   Still others might erupt in emotional outbursts or tirades, causing them to loose more ground.   Still others with a type of disciplinarian overtones just might exercise a little or a lot more.  Somehow, there is a need to COPE with whatever is working for us and it just could be alcohol to ease the tension or perhaps pharmaceuticals of one ilk or another.  I have seen or witnessed all those and done some of them too.

But that is what it is.  COPING mechanism.  And we think it works or we wouldn’t be doing it!  After all, we’re not STUPID!  Indeed.

A little ice cream now and then won’t ruin our health.   Neither would a cigarette.  No one smokes one cigaret!  We either smoke or we don’t.  So if we are smokers, it is something we have learned, accepted and decided to do.  It is a LIFE-STYLE CHOICE.  And all that means is that is how we react under certain conditions or circumstances.  Until one day  we must face that this is no longer a choice, but now an ingrained habit.  It’s the way we handle stuff,. . .what we do.  They call it a life-style behavior.


Smoking is a HABIT!   Hard to break.  A smoker loves the cigs.  There is an emotional, mental and physical component to it.  But it is  NOT A disease.   It can lead to or contribute to a disease  such as impaired circulation,  hamper lung function, and hurt  the heart and cardio system,  and damage every other system our body has thus shortening and ruining our lives.  But “smoking” is NOT A DISEASE.  Just like we originally accepted smoking into our lives and we learned how to do it, only  WE can make the choice to quit nicotine and set about to learn  how to effectively get it our of our lives.  No one can do that for us – – it is our decision and no label will change that.  No pill can do it.  It is a heavy process and all who have done it deserve a medal because it is a major battle since we are up against an ingrained habit which will not yield it’s grip on it’s domain.  We literally have to wrench it back – the power and the freedom from it.  But when we do. . . .nothing else is as sweet.


Most of what is said above applies to obesity too.  It is not a disease.  It is just another life-style behavior.  I regard it as more serious and even pathetic in that I lay it at the doorstep of the Medical Complex which includes the AMA and BIG PhRMA as well as our government and their arms of government such as the FDA and BIG AG, who is as complicit in all this as any individual who actually doesn’t know any better and has gotten himself into this pickle – – quite innocently.   On top of which the government gives us this Pyramid thing on which Americans are supposed to be basing their health decisions for having a healthful diet which any would assume addresses the most necessary component of a healthy body. The experts who designed this useless tool apparently don’t understand much about nutritional needs or in any way what the body needs to be healthy.  Everybody involved should be ashamed!

The strong “need” for dairy, grains and total overabundance of carbs is  the major cause of our diabetic epidemic which is triggering not only the insulin problems, but also a major dynamic for our cancer epidemic as well.  Our government is the only advanced, educated, supposedly enlightened country in the world which refuses to listen to its people by allowing food labels because we do not want GMO CROPS fed to ourselves or to the animals which we ingest.   Feeding GMO corn to  fowl and other livestock is injuring them and us.  WE DON’T WANT IT.  It isn’t allowed in so many other intelligent communities of the world.  We know why it’s allowed here – BIG BUSINESS AND THE CORPORATE STRUCTURE  is calling all the shots.  And this is so wrong.    It appears that Government no longer cares about what the people want – WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES, This has become corruption to the most unimaginable level.

The under-privileged sinking middle-class of the nation can’t afford to buy organic and the food in the markets is killing us.  You have stacked the deck and expect us to accept it.  We do not!   There is nothing fair or reasonable about any of this.  We want wholesome, untainted food.   We do not want to ingest pesticides, hormones in any fashion, anti-biotics in any fashion nor genetically modified anything.   This is not some health-nut’s fantasy. . . do some research.  The evidence is out there.  We have been lied to and sold out by our own government whose job it is to protect us.

It can’t happen with the garbage we are given out of Washington and we are bombarded with every hour of everyday 24-7 on television and all media in fact,  from lying, greedy Capitalists whose only concern is the almighty dollar –  – their profits and to hell with the consumer or the fact that they are robbing us of vital living natural nutrient and instead giving us chemicals,  pesticides,  hormones and antibiotics with every biteful.   How can anyone find any modicum of health in that?  We are being starved and poisoned all at the same time.

It is true that humans didn’t evolve to be drinking dairy;  this is a fairly recent development.  Mammalian nourishment (milk) was designed for the newborn, that’s how the mammal class of animals survived.  Funny that calves no longer have that privilege, for if they drink the milk of modern cows (their mothers – they die within a short time.) All this processing has ruined the original intention of this otherwise perfect setup.  But for RAW -milk farmers – no problem.  Raw milk doesn’t make anyone sick.  But the pasteurization does.  And that’s partially why milk is hurting us all.  If we could access RAW MILK, we’d be fine .  .  .  .  you know, the law has pretty well prevented that.   They call Raw milk dangerous, yet millions upon millions have been injured by drinking dairy pasteurized.  The way it is now, dairy can’t help your bones.  It is causing problems, Many problems.   But it’s high on that Pyramid.

Back to the Obesity thing.   The medical profession has had forever to do something about obesity and has been inept or incapable of doing anything at all up to now.    They dreamed up unnatural surgeries to tie up the stomachs so they can’t hold as much.  The large majority of doctors haven’t a clue about obesity; why people get that way or what to do about it.   So what would labeling this condition a disease do for us?   Well, it’s something new to treat and get insurance to pay for.  This would aid everybody’s bottom line including BIG PhRMA.  I guarantee they’d dream up some new drugs.  Right?  If I were a gambling woman, I wouldn’t even put a nickle on PhRMA’s ability to arrive at an equitable solution for people – only an increase in their income stream.

Money is at the root of this entire problem

All the above, plus those FARM SUBSIDIES.   These go to the huge corporations which are growing all the cheap, starchy and devitalized carb crops  like corn, soy and  grains – – – all of which become even more nutrient deficient through processing. Corn and soy of course are all GMO’s now which is reason enough for many not to eat them any longer.  But  financially less-fortunate people have no choice do they?    These are calorie-laden, nutrient deficient crops, not actually worthy to be called “FOODS”  in the same breath with naturally gown fruits and vegetables and wholesome ‘RAW’ dairy all of which cost more to grow.

Americans are a starving population on an unusually sparse income which has fallen over the decades quite dramatically, while the haves have about quadrupled their cash flow.  Social inequality is rampant.  But it shouldn’t be allowed to dictate who get to eat wholesome food and who does not.  It seems evil to even put the words out there. But there it is.

This is a big problem.    I’ve touched on many issues.  Almost anyone could fix these things which are so glaringly wrong. But who will?  We vote.  We sign petitions.  We beg and demand.  And it seems to get worse.  Most of the world looks to people like Bill Gates and think he is the second coming and I see a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He is trying to vaccinate all the people in the world.   All this while feeding them GMO’s of which he is a major part for it having got off the ground as successfully as it did.    Sometimes I get the feeling that it just might be too late.   The bigger a ship is, the harder it is to turn it around.  I think I need a hug.   Sorry to dump on all “again”. . .but “stuff” gets to me, ya know?     Jan


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