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July 24, 2013

Can we talk . . collagen?

French snail slime oozing into cosmetics

By Claude Canellas REUTERS

(Fascinating as this is, I do have a comment at the end  J.T.)
CHAMPAGNOLLES, France — The French have long appreciated snails on a plate with butter and garlic. (anything with butter and garlic works for me)

Yet one snail farmer thinks the humble mollusks have more to offer alive than dead.

The mucus secreted by snails, Louis-Marie Guedon said, is full of collagen, glycolic acid, antibiotics and other compounds that regenerate skin cells and heal cuts.   Guedon, 47, of Champagnolles in the west-central region of Charente-Maritime, thinks the idea could presage a cosmetic revolution, as he has developed a secret technique to harvest the slime.

He is busy turning the innovation into France’s first industrial-scale snail mucus-extraction operation, with a target to harvest 15 tons of it next year.   “I’ve already been producing the slime for three years, but manually,” said Guedon, who has raised snails for a quarter-century.

He has secured three supply contracts with cosmetics labs and a Paris company that mixes cosmetics for some of the biggest names in consumer beauty products.

“This client has already ordered 3 tons of slime,” Guedon said.   He sells 25 million baby snails a year to snail farmers from a breeding stock of 650,000 garden snails known by their scientific names —  Helix Aspersa Minima and  Helix Aspersa Maxima.

Guedon declined to give all the details of his industrial slime-extraction process. The system, developed by an independent engineer, involves placing the snails in two large containers, he said.   After the mucus is extracted, sensitive filters purify the product, which is then refrigerated. Salt is used, but the snails aren’t killed.

Guedon’s $170,200 investment in the project was partially financed by small-business subsidies from the French government and the European Union.

Snail mucus has already cropped up in beauty products sold in Asia and South America but has yet to catch on in Europe.

For the truly adventurous, a spa in Tokyo offers facials using live snails.

My Experience rustling up some “Collagen”

(And I truly wish Guedon extremely well.  I sincerely do.  It is so much nicer to witness beautiful, collagen-plumped skin any day over the shriveled, crinkly, paper-thin stuff we are accustomed to seeing on skin which has struggled for  say, 5, 6 or more decades.   Try 8 decades and you get the picture.

Just wanted to add that I have recently stumbled onto some very interesting websites while I was searching for something quite different (in the cosmetic line).  But there it was!   A vitamin C serum reputed to be useful in plumping up skin and making it sing with joy as collagen began it’s chore of refilling all those loose places.       You know, I’ve heard of that.  Somewhere in my history, I think I actually bought some  even though it was costly.  Until recently, I really didn’t have much of a problem, but you know. . . . .stuff changes, doesn’t it?  

Well, anyway, this pretty lady of an indeterminate age  had her hair secured back out of the way and going on about Vitamin C serum.  Was claiming that C- serum triggers the body to make more collagen.  Said she uses it morning and nite and everybody raved about how great she was looking.  She looked great to me, but what do I know, or how old she was. 

She spent much time explaining  her procedure.  Had to use distilled water (not a problem for me, that’s all I use);  start with vitamin C crystals or powder (I always have the crystals – that’s what I use) one teaspoon in 4 oz water.  Stir til dissolved and clear.  She said can add 1 teaspoon of Camu (which I don’t have presently).  Can add a little vegetable glycerin – up to 2 tsp, and also Vitamin E oil, both of which I happened to have. Shake all this vigorously and every time you use it as it will separate – there are no chemicals or agents to  do stuff to make it “nice” and stay put.  It MUST BE KEPT IN REFRIGERATOR.  Again, this is not preserved!  This turned out to be way too much for me quantity- wise.  She said it should be used up within a week.  I’m in my second week with it now.  I’m not unhappy with what it seems to be doing for my skin.  

Wish I had taken better notes or knew how I found her in the first place.  She was big on explaining and full of advice.  She said the C-Serum prevents free-radical damage (mixed with Vit-E liquid) and can add Vitamin A as well.  The combination is supposed to help the skin make it’s collagen which it seems to stop doing as we age.   If it starts to tinge with a hint of color, she says it has oxidized and should be tossed out – definitely not what you want to put in your body or onto your skin.  She also advised using a dark amber or blue bottle and kept chilled at all times – will keep it fresh longer.  That’s what I have done and it still seems fine.  She used a gauzy pad to apply it with to face and neck.  I frankly just drizzle it into fingertips and try to splash it all over face and neck.  It drips and gets me wet, so I rub it into my arms which are more crinkly anyway than my face. 

As you can see, it is only pennies to make and just a few minutes in the mixing. Not a big deal or risk. Nothing there that you can’t swallow.  When my fiftyish son stopped by the other day, I took off my glasses and leaned in across the table and asked him to look at my skin.  

You look fine!
Seriously, for almost 84, don’t you think it’s a tad better than fine? Doing something new.
Like What? . so I explained, then, Want some?
yeah, okay. .

After using the Serum, I wrap up my ablutions and by then everything seems to have sunk in and no wetness remains, so then I apply my face lotion which would be what I make myself and have shared with you or Mayumi Squalane oil  (which I buy online) or both.   Can’t use most commercial products and wouldn’t want to use the rest of it because of all the unnatural and or chemical fillers and stuff being used.    But the Shark oil is all that’s in Mayumi’s Squalane. It works well for my sensitive skin.     Guess that’ll do it,     Jan)

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