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July 14, 2013

Chemical suicide 1st in OH

Public safety  *

Suicide by chemicals might be first in area


CLEVELAND — A northeastern Ohio man is thought to be the first case of “chemical suicide” in the Cleveland area.

The 26-year-old from Westlake died on Thursday (4th) by the unusual method. The Plain Dealer chose not to use his name.

He killed himself by mixing common household chemicals in a bucket inside his enclosed car. He asphyxiated himself on lethal hydrogen sulfide gas.

The deadly gas produced in such cases poses a threat to police officers, rescue workers and passing bystanders trying to help.

The newspaper reported that the first known use of chemical suicide was in 2008 in Japan after the stock market crash there. It has since claimed more than 2,000 lives in Japan.

The Cleveland area had no cases employing such a method to commit suicide before.

* (My Comment: 

Along with most other people,  I find “Suicide” repugnant. . .  because it is so wasteful and tragic. And it should never have to be.  But we all know that it happens and always has.

Our species used to crawl off into solitude in a cave or the jungle way back before there were tools  to record history or the ability to communicate reasons well.  It was an instinctual thing.    Certain Asian people had an almost religious  nobility surrounding the personal taking of one’s life (under certain specific conditions).  Western religious doctrinaire feels suicide is a huge sin.  And then of course, there s the “law”. . . seems to take a dim view. 

It is so easy to lay judgements out onto others;  to criticize,  find fault, to rationalize “others lives” – – to feel superior to,  i.e.  “I know, and you don’t”.  .   but until one has walked in the others shoes. . ! !  !  My beautiful, artistic, loving brother-in-law ended his life in a park with a shot gun leaving behind a son in New York from a first marriage and finally 4 daughters with the 2nd wife who was divorcing him.  He just couldn’t go on anymore.  He knew pain both physical and emotional and I suppose, finally, there was nothing but pain left.  Who wouldn’t want to leave that?   But the torment those left behind feel is hard to handle.   

You never hear about anyone killing themselves because everything in their life is so darned great and positive and they are so happy that they can’t take it anymore.   Seriously.  Pain comes in many colors and shapes.  Modern life tends to contribute to the fragmenting of family structure and lead to isolation which is not natural for our species.  Man is a social animal.  We need each other.   But look around, we wall ourselves off for all sorts of reasons; fears,  privacy, independence needs, more  ‘space’ and so on. 

I looked into this Japanese chemical suicide thing rather earnestly a couple of years ago because it sounded like a winner if that was the only seeming option to the predicament I faced.  I have been completely open with my readers about the Alzheimer’s thing I’ve had to deal with.  Tho I had put my all behind this threat, I wasn’t winning, just  holding my own.  Still taking care of my granddaughters 7 and 8 years ago, lessening as they grew and entered middle school.   Everything changed with learning about coconut oil from Dr Mary Newport and her experience with her husband.  It was most effective and results came swiftly. Had tried phosphotydalserine for quite a time and hadn’t noticed much if anything.  Learned about the importance of B vitamins  and the distinction  of “methylcobalamine rather than Cyanocobalomine. Upped fatty acids for brain and of course, D-3. But this is all old news unless you are new here. 

Now, the irony is that my brain is doing better than most other parts of my total organism.  While I’m definitely not the sharpest tack in the drawer, believe me, I’m so grateful for this turn- around.

Anyway, while I was trying to acquire the recipe, I kept reading that it was all over the internet.  True, many references, but not laid out anywhere that I could find.  My prior search taught me one thing which this above notice isn’t bothering with.    It is the element of safety and courtesy.  If one wants or needs to off himself using this technique, one must be kind enough to make a notice and secure it to the window of the car or door to the bathroom or closet or where ever, advising those who see what appears to be a person maybe in trouble and trying to help.  So you open the door, get a whiff and bam, you’re gone – – just like that.  That is patently cruel!  And inconsiderate. 

But if this is contemplated by someone miserable enough that he or she just wants out, don’t make it murder AND suicide, leave appropriate notice at the entry to the site.  It must state what has    happened and that one must call police and notify them to have properly clad officers open the scene safely.  (think it’s called ‘hasmet’ officers?) This is the point I wanted to make. 

I’m not a miserable person.  Don’t hate life, not anxious to  leave this gorgeous planet.  I like my life tho I’ve outlived my friends of yesteryear.  Had I not been able to overcome my hurdle, I would have  considered this chemical suicide over say a gun (which I don’t own  nor want), or a knife which doesn’t appeal to me at all.   I hear the combination of the two common  chemicals used in a home smell wretched like rotten eggs.  But one whiff is all that’s needed and one is gone. This is quick, easy, cheap and the last thing in the world I’d want to do, but I will not consent to a nursing home. .  .  did that to my beloved mother and haven’t gotten over it yet.  There is just no way. It’s  a disgraceful way to end life. I saw Mother daily and tended her needs over what they offered. Even if I had a daughter like I was to her, I still wouldn’t have any part of it.  Judge it if you like, but its a line I won’t cross.  (willingly). 

Believe it or not,  I am quite aware how pompous that sounds.  But that is not to say that we aren’t allowed to carve out the best that we know how to do for ourselves, right?  I too, have heard that if one wants to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

Its time to get up and I haven’t gone to bed yet.  Good mornin’



  1. Jan, I love your ‘down to earth’ writings. I also consume a fair amount of coconut oil during the day. I cook with it and dribble it over yoghurt. Delicious!!

    My mother had dementia and died in a nursing home. I haven’t recovered from this either, she was so unhappy there. I have since had a fear of dementia or Alzheimer’s plus nursing homes.

    Like you I’m taking all the precautions I can however, one thing worries me is my mouth full of amalgams. Stringent care needs to be taken to remove them and I haven’t taken the plunge yet but feel I must.

    Dr Mercola said in one of his articles that he had his amalgams removed years ago by a dentist who didn’t know the safe removal procedure so he was left with permanent kidney damage.

    Because I have osteoporosis I was put on Fosamax for approx 6 years. One of the serious side effects of this drug is Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) which means dead bone in the jaw has to be removed.

    Apparently this becomes a problem if there needs to be invasive treatment to the teeth and gums. I haven’t been on this drug for about 6 years now but I’m still fearful of the fact that the drug stays in the system for many years.

    Comment by Mary — July 14, 2013 @ 9:40 pm | Reply

    • Hello Mary,it is so good to hear from a friend, Let me say, that I will have to respond tomorrow as I am kinda beat tonite having stayed up all last night. Just don’t have good sense sometimes. But honestly, I didn’t know it was so late til I saw the Sun coming up. I guess, I’m pretty lucky to be able to be occupied to such a degree that sense of time disappears.

      I want to relate a couple of things to you, but I’m presently foggy. Teeth, bone, gums can all be rejuvenated Please don’t despair. The amalgam must come out, of course, but today, there are decent dentists around that perhaps Mercola wasn’t able to avail at the time. I’ll try for Monday. G’nite and rest easy. Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — July 14, 2013 @ 10:58 pm | Reply

      • 7-20-13 Sorry Mary, been a strange week. Didn’t mean to delay this response so long. But each item I wanted to discuss, I had problems. Feeling stymied. We are still living with a retrograde Mercury (I was once an astrologer) til I think around the 26th if I remember correctly, can’t find my current ephemeris – – it is not where I need it to be when I want to use it. Gone!

        Teeth thing – wanted to find a reference for you, but didn’t work that out. There is some kind of national dental association which offers listings of more natural dentistry. Dr. Mercola may have an answer on that and he has a lot of staffing to handle questions. You might try that. I don’t have any amalgams, but like so many raw foodists, I’ve really hurt my teeth. Had no idea I was killing them off with juicing. Kinda learned the low down on that from Kevin Gianni’s Renegade Health blog. So I have a few problems and many lost teeth. Medicare is really no help with dentistry.

        The last dentist I saw was a few years back and he said he could restore my dental health for $28,000. I have yet to recovered from that shock. Still can’t believe it. So that is one more thing I have given up along with corn, beets and now zucchini (all some of my favorites) because they are all GMO now.

        I want to give you a site to go to:email at These people have acquired Dr Nara’s records, books and files etc and are making them available to the public. Dr Nara was prominent in his day. He practiced XLNT dentistry and was not a robber. His philosophy was to help people understand how to take care of their own teeth so that they wouldn’t be captive to this greedy profession. At the site, you can hear an int4erview which is good. There are free downloads as well. I believe he sad the e-book was available free, called “Money By the Mouthful” and another one called “How to become Dentally Self Sufficient.” The man is terrific, a blessing and you can learn something. The ADA was able to strip him of his license; definitely didn’t approve of him

        He teaches that your teeth, bone and gums can all be restored and he explains how and what to do. Avail yourself of that. This is all quite apart from your need to have extractions (I would assume). But in case it comes to this, want to encourage you to buy Donna Eden’s book “ENERGY MEDICINE” and give yourself this enormous benefit. I have been making progress lately and remain deeply impressed. The book has such depth and wide parameters, it is not easy to touch lightly on it. But you can work especially with certain meridians(not hard to learn) tracing, strengthening and so on so that you shouldn’t worry about losing your liver or kidneys. Just go to Amazon and get yourself her book, the 10th edition,. . you’ll not regret it. I’m so excited over this, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I’m lovin’ it.My lungs are improving, my heart as well. Of course I DO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS which I have openly discussed.

        My memory is not what it used to be, but it isn’t that great a loss. And maybe it can still improve. Did you read that Alzheimer’s post I did (12-7-12) Alzheimer’s on the rise – know why?. It was from ANH-USA and I had left all the comments in the post from them because it was loaded with such great information with caring people sharing with one another. It was there that I learned about the MCT oil to Mix with Coconut oil 50% – 50% The combination seems to be more effective. I put in a small pump bottle to add to salads, fry pan or whatever. Mary, sorry I took so long getting back to you. Take care dear girl. Jan

        Comment by Jan Turner — July 20, 2013 @ 2:45 am

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