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July 11, 2013

Pain, CoQ10, mamg’m

To Your Good Health

Pain syndrome needs prompt treatment

Keith Roach

Q: #1)  Could you please give any insight into CRPS, formerly known as RSD? My 17-year-old daughter has the condition three months after an arm injury.

My daughter might look well, but she is in extreme pain.

A: Complex regional pain syndrome is the new name for reflex sympathetic dystrophy. It is a syndrome characterized by pain after an injury — not just the regular pain after an injury, but a burning, throbbing pain, often with intense sensitivity to touch or cold.

The injury that starts the process often is minor, sometimes surgical and sometimes can’t even be identified. It is worth noting that the pain doesn’t follow the usual path of a nerve.

Physicians who don’t know about CRPS sometimes think the patient is making it up, but treatment (including physical therapy) in this early stage is important and might prevent or reduce the symptoms in later stages.

Later stages of CRPS include thickening of the skin and development of muscle atrophy. In the worst cases, movement can be limited, muscles can shrink further and bone loss can occur.

CRPS is best treated by an expert, often an anesthesiologist or pain-medicine specialist. There are several types of treatment, including oral medication (many different types), topical medications and physical therapy.

Injections to block the nerve are sometimes helpful. Trigger-point injections are also often helpful.

Q: #2)  I read that if one is taking a statin drug (such as Simvastatin) for cholesterol management, one also should take the supplement CoQ10. If so, why, and in what daily dosage?

A: The body uses the vitaminlike coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to metabolize statin drugs. In some people, the levels in the body can become depleted, and this is thought to be one reason that people can develop muscle aches during treatment.

I have had some success in treating muscle aches with CoQ10. Because the risk of developing muscle aches is low, however, I wouldn’t recommend using it unless you develop problems. If you decide to try it, the dose would be 150 to 200 milligrams daily. Taking half the dose twice daily is OK, but so is taking the full dose at the time of the statin. Both pravastatin and fluvastatin have a lower risk of muscle aches than the others.

Q:#3)  My doctor of the past 11 years had to close his practice. He had told me that women older than 70 should have a mammogram only every five years.

My new doctor suggests a mammogram annually. What is the current recommendation?

A: The guidelines aren’t clear for women older than 70. Most data show benefit up to age 75; for patients older than that, the data are mixed.

I recommend continuing to screen with mammography for healthy older women annually until age 80, or until she doesn’t want to screen anymore.

Dr. Roach answers letters only in his North America Syndicate column but provides an order form of available health newsletters. Write him at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or ToYourGoodHealth  .


(My Comment:  

Q#1)  It appears that ‘Medicine’ has come up with a new name for this affliction, to which the querant’s daughter suffers, but the  understanding of which still remains illusive.  The description seems broad, but mysterious.  To put it simply, a guessing game.  In truth, much of life is like that! The suggestion to treat this by a specialist sounds logical until we realize that this would be an anesthesiologist or pain medicine specialist.   This would be attempting to treat an unknown cause with some sort of chemical.  In my mind, not quite what is needed.  Need to find the cause, then set it right, if possible. Since traditional methods seem unavailable,  perhaps it might be advisable to seek  alternative possibilities.   Eden Energy Medicine comes to mind. 

While it is true that any of us “can” learn to do do this, for certainly Donna has pretty well laid out all the parameters in her books;  her classes are available all over the world and one can view many of her routines on YouTube and elsewhere – – when the need is present and help is available, why not just call on one of her many available certified practitioners for immediate resolution?  They are able to either see or ascertain the site or path of the problem and are almost amazing at relieving pain and teaching the sufferers to arm themselves with immediate technology to help themselves. (a number of case histories to be found up in “FIND IT”) 

Q #2) Now with regard to Statin Drugs, it is difficult to want to speak of this for it has been such a huge and powerfully destructive force in our world for years now.  Many well informed physicians  have become  more enlightened  – – at least it appeared so.  Most any of the doctors who have spoken from the pages of my blog are indeed aware of the inadequacy of statin drugs with particular regard for the dire side effects..  Blaylock, McDougall, well the list goes on.  Just popped over to the internet and brought you one, a prominent cardiologist by the name of Steven Sinatra.   Also watched another very good but brief one with Raymond Francis of “Beyond Health” who has frequently graced these pages and   I’ll suggest you just copy this into your browser and it should take you to it: Dr Raymond Francis of Beyond Health on “Statin Drugs are Poison”  dated May 8, 2012.  Also, let me say, I have covered some of these areas in two recent posts:  One “Alternate care – Cardio, HBP”  on (6-23-13)    and the second one Was Dr Roach again last week “Dr Roach, glandular options (7-2-13).

Before passing this off to the two docs, I’d like to make a further suggestion;  which has to do with why anyone might want to take the Statin Drug in the first place.  One is to thin the blood and I want to once again stipulate that Nattokinase does a perfectly fine job of doing just that and with no side effects whatsoever. Since it is not a pharmaceutical, but rather a natural supplement, your insurance probably won’t pay for it.  I must confess, that being on Social Security and Medicare doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room for us geriatrics, but it is a choice I have to make.   I  take one 2K FU  capsule (correction, sorry) Am and p.m. and try to remember to take one at bedtime too, but don’t always do it  Then another good thing to do is to give blood at the blood bank quarterly.  I have Rh neg, type O blo0d which  the Red Cross is always desperate to have.  This is not only a life saving thing to do for others, it absolutely helps us  in thinning our blood, it becomes less viscous.  A good thing.

Many people wonder if they should take statin drugs for cholesterol. Dr. Stephen Sinatra explains that statin therapy for cholesterol is only appropriate when you .

Q #3:)  Finally to the question of mammograms.  I had one when I was in my early 30’s perhaps.  It was such an ordeal and distasteful to me that I vowed, never again.  I had developed a smallish lump in the upper outside quadrant of my left breast.  It remained an annoying “threat” to me for many decades.  A very close friend who had a similar lump, in fact did have it become a cancer and she died about the same time I first noticed mine.  So I checked with my doctors over my lump at times of heightened pain or worry.  I had nursed my baby;  was fairly clean in dietary habits (tho not a purist); but had no familial predisposition.  I do not criticize women who avail themselves of this measure.  It is a very real concern – the numbers, I mean.  

But I personally do not think it is is wise to get them.  We receive radiation exposure with every mammogram. I happen to think that one’s chance of over-exposure is a threat and  there are other safeguards which are far more beneficial.  Diet, the main one of course.  Genetically modified foods are a recent phenomenon; we must be diligent against GMO’s and all other toxins with which we are bombarded.    It is best NOT TO DWELL UNDER OVERHEAD POWERLINES.  It is best NOT  to use Microwaves.  The ovens change not only the molecular structure of our food, but our own cellular structure as well.  We don’t need it.    And the biggie – – don’t use birth control pills which fool the body into thinking lies about our body.   Don’t allow toxins into your body in any way at all. . . flu shots, especially our children, guard against what doctors put into your babes.  Our bodies are not meant to handle this load of toxin spelled P O I S O N  !    

Be as organic as you can afford.  Try not to ingest anything from cans or boxes.  We all need our minerals and the hands down easiest way to get them into us is by juicing or smoothies.  Learn to drink water, get some kind of filter for yourself in the kitchen to purify your own water if you can. The Hippocrates soup plus juicing has me as healthy as I have ever been.  I could probably still kick up my heels if I weren’t so damned old.  But hey, the alternative  will have to wait it’s turn.   Forgive me, I just don’t know when to zip it, do I?  So the mammograms,  do it if you feel you must to have peace of mind, just not often.   Beyond 60, I don’t know why anyone would even want to get them. If one’s genetics haven’t kicked in with a threat why court it with poisonous radiation?.  G’nite,  Jan)


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