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July 2, 2013

Dr Glen Aukerman, an update

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Regarding Dr Aukerman

This probably isn’t a message anyone who really is missing this fine doctor is wanting to hear.  But I am posting what I do have anyway.  It isn’t much, nor what I wanted or expected.   I do not feel this “end game” was handled well at all,  and I no longer go to OSU.    Guess, it was just ‘time’.  .  .

I was told that Dr Aukerman has joined the St Rita Family Medical Clinic in the town of Lima Ohio..    Am told this is about 70 minutes away from Columbus and is either his home town or where he lives.  Didn’t get too much information there.   Asked for the phone number in order to reach him and the number given is 419-227-3361

Quite certain the distance won’t be a deterrent to many, but for someone without a car and the ‘freedom’ that confers,  it is insurmountable.   I regret this loss of choice so much.  He is one of the kindest, smartest and most caring doctors I have ever met, and meeting him was an honor.

Believe it or not, quite a number of you are still popping by on an almost daily basis to see if anything has changed or there was more information,  so this is why I am putting this post up – – out of deference to those who needed to know.

On a more positive note,  this very good man is doing what he love to do – working with people and helping them.  He is entitled to that, and you know what,  those patients are too.

I keep being reminded. . . . .    .  stuff changes.  .          Jan



  1. I was a patient of Dr. Aukerman’s for several years. I am very grateful and thankful for his work, as I am alive and well today! I attended all of his classes, and went on to get my certification with Gluten Free Society. I am located in the greater Columbus area, and available for personal coaching (how to transition to and maintain a gluten free and Dr. Aukerman-prescribed lifestyle). I offered these services to his former office, but they are no longer interested in pursuing Nutrigenomics.
    Seems strange to me, when he had 32,000 patient visits, cured a lot of people (including those in stage 4 cancer), and had his nutritional methods integrated with the James Cancer hospital. Leaves a lot of questions that nobody is answering.
    You can read more of my story or reach me at my website, ggfgourmet. com

    Comment by Jen — November 5, 2013 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

    • Jen, I am so pleased to have heard from you. Your recounting of your experience in knowing and benefiting from Dr Aukerman is so welcome to my ears. He is not only a great doctor, but an exceptional man. The entire subject of Dr Aukerman remains one of life’s mysteries to me.

      I had seen a different physician at this center for a few years and liked her very much. I had felt blessed to have a prominent center like this (OSU) providing a place for “Alternative care” which one must admit, America wants and craves. I had never liked the way the center was run – – the management of many things, but, since I liked my doctor so much, I put up with it. Dr Aukerman, the head of this department was simply who they gave to me when I needed to come in and my lady doc wasn’t available to me. As I explained in the first post on him, ‘He blew me away’. His brilliance, clarity, kindness and caring all rolled into one entity- – it was an overwhelm to me. I only saw him twice and the next time I called, he was no longer available and with no information forthcoming. Was simply told he was retiring.

      This wasn’t true of course. The interest in Dr A remains high. Other of his patients have complained of this manner of handling the situation. Some were quite bitter. I was nonplussed

      Went to your site which is well done and beautiful. You are someone I can heartily endorse and would recommend with what I just read. Very much enjoyed your blog, articles and some recipes. Will have to return. Can’t wait to try your idea on maximizing “Cilantro”, one of my favorite flavors in the world.

      As I read your personal history, I knew where it was going – it was so clear to me it was grains. And I truly believe that most people ARE impacted adversely whether they know it or not. They may be pain free, but as the world of science is now showing us, grains destroy our gut, degrading the intestinal walls — and anything which breaks down our gut, degrades our health on an overall level. Now we also know that, along with sugars (carbs) grains are also a trigger for Alzheimer’s.

      People are not realizing the anti-nutrient thing going on with all seeds, nuts and grains, some of which can be neutralized with simply soaking them 6 to 8 hours or overnight, if they desire to keep some of these items in their lives without this great injury.

      So, welcome Jen, I am glad to have you as a resource for my great readers here at “smokinchoices’ — they deserve the best. And who better than someone who learned from the best? I’ll be adding you to my blogroll, but not tonite — its late. G’nite, Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — November 6, 2013 @ 1:34 am | Reply

  2. Hello Jan! Thank you so much for your kind comments and for visiting my website! I’m glad that we connected and would love to speak further about this topic. Let me know if you’d like to visit over coffee (well, tea…I don’t drink coffee!).
    I hope you have continued to find valuable information through my blog. I recently attended a conference that discussed the sugars and carbs contributing to Alzheimer’s and a host of other mental disorders.
    So blessed to have this knowledge to help my own life, and now the lives of others. I listed my active Facebook page below this time so you could visit me there as well! Thank you for connecting!

    Comment by Jennifer Cuevas — December 7, 2013 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

    • Jennifer, good to hear from you again. Oh, to be young again — something I rarely say, but you do lead an exciting sounding life. This has jogged my memory to put you in my own blogroll for my readers, which I will do as soon as I close this reply.

      Have you contacted Dr A? It would be lovely to hear anything about how well he must be doing now.

      Jen, I no longer have a car nor one at my disposal, so traveling to meet with or go visiting hasn’t existed for me for a couple of years now. It was thoughtful of you to suggest it tho, thank you dear lady. Bye for now. Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — December 8, 2013 @ 4:59 pm | Reply

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