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June 29, 2013

Uninformed or Diseased?

(My comment to follow on this “Major Sellout” by our leaders to the insatiable, greedy Medical Establishment.  Jan)

  Is Obesity Really aDisease?

“As the American Medical Association (AMA) declares obesity a disease, leading nutritional experts reveal practical solutions with proven results that do not require expensive medical intervention.”

By James Colquhoun, Laurentine ten Bosch and Jill Mangino

Santa Monica, CA (June 20, 2013) – The American Medical Association (AMA) has just yesterday adopted a new policy that declares obesity a disease. The group says that now obesity is a disease it will require a range of medical interventions to advance treatment and prevention. Over 35 percent of U.S. adults and 17 percent of children and teens are now categorized as having the “disease” of obesity.

A new documentary film and book, Hungry for Change reveals that obesity is curable and preventable without medical intervention and enlists the world’s leading nutritional experts and physicians to support this claim.

“The AMA’s move to label obesity a disease is a step forward in awareness but we’re still way off the mark when it comes to treatment”, states Hungry for Change filmmaker and co-author James Colquhoun.

“This new AMA policy could lead people to seek traditional means of addressing the symptoms of obesity via lap band surgery, prescription medications and radical fad diets. However, we need to address all the underlying causes of obesity including nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, stress and emotional trauma; education not medication is critical in providing a lasting solution, ” added Colquhoun.

Andrew Pollack of The New York Times reported that “medicalizing” obesity would define one-third of Americans as being ill and could lead to more reliance on costly drugs and surgery rather than lifestyle changes.

According to research in Hungry For Change, obesity can be treated easily but the  shocking truth remains that current mainstream approaches are proving inefficient. 

In the US, $60 billion dollars is spent annually on diet and weight loss related products yet UCLA research shows that up to two-thirds of people who go on a diet fail and regain more weight then when they started.

Leading expert contributors in the film including Dr. Christiane Northurp MD, Dr. Alejandro Junger MD, Dr. Joseph Mercola and others postulate that the answer is simple. These experts reveal practical solutions with proven results including: stress reduction techniques, adding in whole foods, moving our bodies daily and green vegetable juices to detoxify the body.

They further add that obesity is very often the result of childhood trauma drawing on research from the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study by Vincent J. Felitti, MD at Kaiser Permanente. Their suggestions are that we look into mind body solutions including visualization and affirmations to shift peoples approach to their body and the foods they gravitate towards.

Hungry for Change  experts reveals that our health is in our hands and that we can escape the diet trap forever. Experts from the field of medicine and nutrition plus transformational, real life. success stories from those who know what’s it like to be sick and overweight offer substantive proof to empower consumers take control of their health and win the war on obesity once and for all;  naturally, effectively and affordably.


(My comment:  

This is but one more giant leap forward by the ‘stranglehold’ which the Medical Establishment has on our way of life as the world in general and our country in particular is functioning – much to the detriment of those who people the planet.   Between the mandatory immunizations, the  periodic vaccinations scheduled throughout our lives,  compounded by the unwieldy costs we are subjected to (mostly against our better judgement and our very will)   –  – we are being hybridized (just like the genetically engineered plants)  even as we occupy our bodies and think of them as our own.  But are they?  When did we cede control over to “big brother” and the medical complex? 

Well the answer is there to see.  This kind of thing  happens when  we choose the easier path,   give up our own responsibility, find it easier to pass life’s ‘heavy lifting’ to others.  .  .  .   by not using the gray matter between our ears to serve what should be important to us – – OUR OWN NEEDS!  That is the truth of it.   But it isn’t as simple as one, two three.   Indeed, you and I have inherited this  situation that we find ourselves living in today.

Medicine was not always what we see today – a maniacally driven structure there to serve it’s own ravenous appetite of power and greed rather than the call to ease pain and heal the sick.   Healing predates recorded history and the beginnings of so-called ‘medicine’.  As long as the earth has been populated, there have been ‘healers’ who tended the sick and disabled.  Today’s medicine started with noble intentions;  ‘first, do no harm’  and ‘let food be thy medicine’.  But it has declined by what the world has come to know as  “Progress thru Industrialization”  wherein all living forms are being trivialized, hybridized, brutalized and otherwise destroyed.   

There seemingly is no stone left unturned whereby the medical complex with all it’s clever acumen can’t make another fortune off it.  The Human Genome sequencing is such a heartbreak to me.  How quickly they were able to turn this into one more financial avenue of a cash-cow.  It took the Supreme Court to yank the thing back to sanity declaring that they could not patent that which (God) nature had fashioned, [or words to that effect].  Indeed, the way it was going, it was almost unavailable to science to do useful stuff with the Genome since one company or another had patented important parts of it.  Yeah.  Meanwhile, some of the most prominent, leading personalities known today had surgically altered their bodies due to the information being used and or perhaps, the way it was being used.  Fear is a powerful thing.  

Fear is a powerful thing.

Which brings me to the thrust of this article.  By declaring Obesity a Disease,  the medical complex is being handed one more hammer to use over people for the purpose of enhancing their own coffers – not the public interest!   

Medicine has already shown us that they are totally inept in combating obesity.  Doctors know little of nutrition and all it’s ramifications.  Obesity is nothing more than a matter of improper care of the human body.  Barring organic mal-function, it is quite simply diet and movement, in other words – – what nutritive stuff goes into the body,  plus (the elimination of empty calories and toxic stuff,)  and then using the body so that functional, useful and pleasurable activities are being experienced.   It is fairly simple, but people don’t know, apparently.  Their doctors can’t tell or advise them – many of them are also rotund – (has anyone noticed?)   Let’s not forget, their years in med school do not teach health and nutrition – – they teach disease and pharmaceuticals, and you know what they say – – “what goes around, comes around”. . .yeah!  

Then with our kids  this last few years with all the austerities in the governmental financial circles;  you know the cut-backs on everything?  ?  ?. .  .  they have cut sports and all the good things kids need to let off steam and use those bodies!  just sayin’.  .  .   .   

So at a bare minimum, at least 1/3 of our population is overweight or obese. – – that could equate to a whole lot of lap-bands and surgeries,  and just think of all those dietary counseling sessions, where they have pretty much learned what the doctors know since they were trained by the same people.   Sad really.   Most people aren’t running to the internet trying to find a blog like “smokinchoices’  to find out how to get well or lose weight. We all need to get those thinking caps on because this is a real problem begging for a solution.  I AM OPPOSED TO THIS NEW CLASSIFICATION OF “DISEASE” FOR OBESITY.     It is not going to help our people.   Grassroots and community participation is probably going to be needed.

What people need as we have seen so often is good counseling, for sure, from either a nutritionist or a wonderful physician such as the many great people who have graced this blog (see FIND IT). It truly isn’t hard to do, just pick someone, or buy a book written by any of them and give it an honest go.  Don’t read five authors at once, stick to one and give it a shot.  Check stuff out at the library – – don’t have to spend a lot of money.  If one wants to do this, one can.  Just take personal responsibility for that precious body of yours.  Love it and treat it right, it’ll serve you so well.     

Just do it!   You’re worth it    Jan)


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