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June 23, 2013

Alternate care – Cardio, HBP

Cardiovascular Disease Kills

Who of us doesn’t know this?

In this post, lets look a bit at the mystery of heart disease, the condition which claims the lives of more people each year than the next 8 leading causes of death combined!  This annual number exceeds the total of losses we experienced in World Wars One and Two combined.  These figures continue to grow –  they aren’t getting better.

Science and Medicine keeps working on all this.  While much has undoubtedly been gained, it has not translated into benefits which better the experience of the population, beyond the pharmaceutical manipulation of our symptoms.  People trust their doctors and follow their advice.  We continue to weaken and die, so what really has changed?   Doctors knows their medications, but what about the health of the people and what it takes to help the heart?  Having spent a few years under cardiac care with a wonderful cardiologist with whom I was pleased,  I do know how  unsettling, somewhat frightening and  expensive it can be.  Have been grateful for Medicare and what it was able to provide for me.  Stuff  changes. (insurance, doctor, care – quit meds etc.)

A-Fib returned with all it’s attending disruptions and worries. When the meds stopped, all the symptomology was back with a vengeance.  It was  clear to me that the meds had cured nothing;   had  only been forcing the body’s compliance  with regard to the symptoms.  My thinking may seem  radical and perhaps considered unstable.    I still have Medicare.  The government hasn’t broken completely and, would cover all again.   But I had already concluded – – no more.   No more procedures, no more exorbitantly priced meds and God willing – – never, never to be in the hospital again for anything.

Because I am somewhat aged,  it might seem logical to accept  – – this is just the way stuff has to be.  Its what happens when one grows old.  But so  long as I remain,  I’ll continue to learn and grow and give it my best shot.  Why on earth not?  Been re-looking into everything I could find.   There really are a lot of wonderful doctors out there, quite a few of which have graced the pages here at “smokinchoices”  As many of you know,  I have helped myself enormously with the “organic, mostly raw” thing.   It’s labor intensive, but I’m worth it!   Grew “wheat-grass” again, so I’ll do a tray or so of that.  Have already learned it is best on occasion – not an  ongoing daily thing – – too much. . . but so good for the heart.  I’ve dropped about 30 pounds over the last couple of years- all helps.   I indulge grass fed beef and free range chicken as  I can  (and enjoy it).

My blood pressure has not been controlled  or corrected in the 12 – 15 years while  doctors have treated me.   Some have wanted me  to take multiple meds which I won’t do.

Since my problems started in 1995,  no doctor has thought to discuss  with me what I eat or you know, come at this from a more natural perspective.  Apparently, this part of the equation is not even in the running.  Isn’t that strange?  I mean considering what Hippocrates, the father of Medicine is so often quoted as saying ” Let food be thy medicine.”    Boy have things gone wrong.

My Point – –  and I DO have one!

Going over papers which Ron Pelligrini of Vital Nutrients  sent me over the years (pack-rat that I am),     I came across what sounded like just what I needed.  This was a report from Dr Blaylock dated June-July of 2009.  I’m not sure I would have got the point  then.  But I was ready for it now.  So finally, I have arrived at the point of the post.  I want to share what I perceive to be valid information which can be helpful to those who like me, could be doing everything you know how to do while dealing with blood pressure and or heart/cardiac issues and sadly, realizing that not enough is changing.  Feel the downward slide and truly need help that works.

Dr Russell Blaylock has a newsletter called the Blaylock Wellness Report and what I want to reference is his 2 – part  report of New Heart Revelations.  It is very large with many pages.  If this interests any of you , you may want to try to access it yourself online or subscribe if you choose.  It is too large for me to try to input it and I don’t think it would even be ethical.  What I wanted to touch on are a couple of his recommendations which I am finding to be helpful.

This is the first time that anything I have ingested has had a beneficial influence on my blood pressure.  It is not dramatic to be sure, but for me – it  is headed in the correct direction – South!.  My A-Fib has stopped bothering me.  You can imagine how complex it is to express my gratitude for this result.  I am purely delighted.  This alone has brought my stress levels down.    I am interested to take my blood pressure reading now because if arrhythmia is present the indicator so advises me – – since I started these supplements, it has not appeared.    Of course,  that doesn’t mean that I am out of the woods.  This is however, very encouraging.

Dr Blaylock lays out the case on this disease process;  how the heart and related systems are working and why and what the stressors are which bring about these complications.   Lays it out pretty well and understandably.   He goes on to show the natural elements which are lacking;  speaks of dosages and body needs.   Describes numerous studies which have been done here and abroad.   I had not heard of much of it but it sounded right to me – so I called Ron in Chicago  (I have spoken of him before and he should be in my blog-roll),  and spent hours in dialogue.

Got comfortable, then ordered.  Ron, unlike  most vitamin and supplement online sources, is a walking encyclopedia of the stuff I need to know and have over the years, trusted him.  He like anyone, can get anything, but prefers  the higher end, pristinely  formulated end product without the fillers, excipients or cheaper renditions over the purer, body recognizable elements.  Also, he offers a 25% discount to seniors like me.

What I am taking

New to me are a couple of Enzymes   which  I thought  were just products that athletes used to strengthen their muscles and so on.    The first one is :

L-Carnitine.  The heart uses fatty acids for energy production primarily (and secondarily – carbs).   With heart frailty or failure, fatty acids can’t get into the mitochondria where they get turned into energy and as a result, they become toxic.  L-carnitine’s main function is moving fatty acids  into the mitochondria of the heart’s cells.  It also improves the  heart’s use of carbohydrates and prevents oxidation of the heart muscle proteins and the resultant damage.

L-carnitine also improves arterial blood flow,  lowers elevated blood pressure and prevents arrhythmia.  The particular type of of L-carnitine Dr Blaylock spoke of is the form of “propionyl” and this helps  in long term treatment  to even improve maximum exercise duration in heart-failure patients.  Even patients undergoing dialysis were found to have L-carnitine depletion and that supplementation could actually restore normal heart function.

When my order arrived, I started with one capsule in morning and one with my evening supplements.  I noticed the benefits kicking in immediately.   But for 2 or 3 nights, I wasn’t  sleeping well even though I had been very tired.  Further reading showed me that I should take 2 in morning and 1 or 2 mid-day.  But not to take later as could interfere with sleeping.    When I took the three capsules, it was too much for me or my organism to tolerate.  I felt everything was over-working.  So the positive results are from the 2 capsule first thing in morning. One can increase as necessary as body becomes acclimated. I am using “Doctor’s Best,”  strength is  855 mg.

When one is plagued with a condition over an extended period of time, it is easy to  become a bit jaded, less trusting while simultaneously, wanting to believe and accept.   So here I am with a “natural enzyme” bringing relief to my heart and actually beginning to lower my HBP.  It takes a little getting used to.  I am oh so grateful.   But this wasn’t even the first thing which Dr Blaylock began with.   There are a number of other necessary ingredients that as we pile on the years, gradually go into deficit areas and they must be corrected But let me finish with the  enzymes.

Taurine: is a sulfur containing Amino acid which protects the heart against damage; acting as an anti-oxidant, modulating heart muscle calcium, lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of atherosclerosis, improves heart muscle strength and prevents arrhythmias . Using  “Jarrow” 1000mg, 1 capsule in am.

Dr Blaylock discussed nutrient depletion as a main factor which can be corrected.  Also, inflammation as one of the most serious contributors.  Among a few other suggestions, he started off with the importance of CoQ10 and stressing that Ubiquinol is the preferred form as it is more easily and quickly bioavailable to the body.  I had been taking One  100 mg softgel, whereas  2 is necessary if one wants to actually improve.  So I now take one twice a day.  Really serious cases can ingest quite a bit more.  (really should try to access this great letter. )

Aside from the improving symptomology, I must confess that for whatever reason,  I am doing much better, getting through my days better with more energy.  I’m a happy camper.  Any one who might want to reach Ron Pelligrini at Vital Nutrients, the number is (877) 747-9139.


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