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June 14, 2013

House keeps Guantanamo “open”

War on terrorism

House bill would keep Guantanamo open

By Richard Lardner and Donna Cassata ASSOCIATED PRESS

WASHINGTON — Rebuffing President Barack Obama’s latest plea, House Republicans yesterday proposed keeping open the military-run prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by barring the administration from transferring its terror suspects to the U.S. or a foreign country such as Yemen.

The provisions dealing with the fate of the remaining 166 prisoners are part of a defense-policy bill drafted by Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif. The chairman released the bill yesterday, two days before Republicans and Democrats on the committee will vote on it.

Overall, the bill would authorize $638 billion for the military in the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, including $86 billion for war costs. It added nearly $5 billion beyond the president’s budget request for training programs, equipment maintenance, spare parts and more.

In addition, the bill would block the U.S. from spending $2.6 billion to train and equip Afghan security forces until a security agreement is reached that governs the presence of U.S. forces there.

Less than two weeks ago, Obama renewed his 2008 campaign promise to close the Guantanamo prison. He argued that the indefinite detentions with little prospect of charges or a trial flout the rule of law and said terrorists have used the naval detention center as a recruiting tool.

(Jan’s Comment: 

The word from the White-House is that we are no longer  concentrating on “The War on Terrorism, ” but rather finding more civilized solutions to world problems.  If the Columbus Dispatch prefers the Tea Party ways, guess that is the editor’s  choice. 

Likewise,  the White House and perhaps 98% of Americans want Guantanamo shut down and the atrocities ended, but this new breed of Republicans who feel they know better than everybody else choose to keep the status quo.  

It is foolish to enter into horrendous turmoils around the world which are actually not war, but civil unrest due primarily to the radical extremes of certain countries who have seemingly never known peaceful relations in in their own land or with their neighbors.   We have no business trying to manage the affairs of the world- –  we can’t even solve our own problems.  Our President is right!. 

It is difficult to uncover the logic which is calling for boots-on-the-ground involvement in what could turn into all-out war effort and all the financial burden that would bring to our budgetary miseries.  Interesting how the welfare of the people who are being slaughtered and poisoned with (I hear) germ warfare  by the reigning maniacs in charge have triggered great sympathy with certain of our Republican leaders, but are able to turn blind eye and deaf ears to the welfare of our own needy families who are losing their food stamps and have no options with which to care for their families.   Actually, it isn’t interesting at all.  It is strange and alarming.  Hang tuff, Mr. President.  This “renegade congress”  will be facing the voting public soon enough.)


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