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May 14, 2013

Vaccine-Risk Denial is insane


Why do Doctors, AMA and Big PhRMA feel their  INTERESTS (profit potential) are so Far Superior to Ours – Yours and Mine?

Well, actually,  it isn’t too difficult to figure out is it?   It is all allowed by our Government!  And       ALL  the people in our government.  We put them there and allow them to stay and operate to our grievous harm.    Sure we squawk,   and like wolves.  .   .   bay at the MOON, but where is it getting us?  Clearly,  much stronger action is needed.   

The Medical Complex is attempting to tighten the constraints around us forcing us to do that which we choose NOT TO DO,  both for ourselves and more importantly, for our children.  More and more, people ARE catching on and we are capable of simple arithmetic.  Only one child in 2,000 back 40 – 50 years ago was afflicted with Autism.  Each decade, as the quantity and volume of vaccines climbed for our small ones, that number has jumped to 1 in 50 children.   

There has “Never”  been any science behind the deceitful statement that these shots are safe. There never has been any adequate testing  done.   But the evidence of what is speaks for us. All anyone needs do is look at what is – – what is happening before our own eyes. 

Please watch and  hear the latest message from Barbara Lowe Fisher who heads NVIC.  This brave woman has been showing up and trying to expose this fiasco for somewhere around 30 years so that others do not have to go through what she and her family endured.  We all owe her and those like her a badge of honor and courage.  Stay vigilant, my friends.    Jan

Desperate Times for Vaccine Risk Denialism

by Barbara Loe Fisher

These are desperate times for those denying vaccine risks. We know it because we are witnessing so many acts of desperation being committed by doctors determined to shut down the public conversation about vaccination and health. Vaccine risk deniers are working overtime to restrict public access to information, cover up vaccine injuries and deaths and violate the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking.

No flu shots? No employment… Proposed state legislation to force vaccine use… IOM reports but where is the good vaccine science?… New autism prevalence statistic is 1 child in 50…


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