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May 13, 2013

Little is Clean (sacred) anyore

(When you shop for your food, it doesn’t pay to let your guard down.  Friends, it is getting more serious every day. It is easy to say “forget about it” and throw your hands up and want to walk away. . .  but where is there to walk to; how would that help?    We sign petitions, call our congress people and senators – – only to learn that they are cutting staff, reducing inspections by 75% and washing the food stuff in stronger, even more toxic solutions trying to offset the offending bacteria which is making everyone sick.    You’ve already learned you’re on your own.  Hyper-vigilance is in order.  

I’ve heard it said that maybe we should just forsake the cities and migrate back to the land and do our own farming.  Great idea for many.   My head and heart would agree, but this old body is not going to be able to cut it any more.  . . so I’ll continue on with my juicing and Hippocrates Soup.  Jan)

How to Find the Healthiest Fare in Meat and Produce Aisles

Story at-a-glance

  • Research has shown that pesticides and other agricultural chemicals can cause disruptions to your neurological system and your brain. Your best bet is to buy only organic fruits and vegetables, as synthetic agricultural chemicals are not permissible under the USDA organic rules
  • For conventional produce, the Environmental Working Group has released its updated annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, detailing the foods that have the highest and lowest amounts of pesticide residues
  • Recently published data from tests conducted on supermarket meat samples reveals the presence of several disease-causing bacteria, including the super-hardy antibiotic-resistant versions of salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli on virtually all types of store bought meats
  • In a recent analysis of reported food violations spanning 73 countries, China was identified as having the most violations. Excessive pesticide levels were the number one complaint. Chinese seafood was also found to be high in antibiotics and other drugs
  • The USDA is expected to reduce the number of inspectors in poultry facilities by 75 percent, instead allowing the companies to put all the poultry through an antimicrobial wash, using chlorine and other chemicals. The agency plans to implement the new rules by September 2014

(Link to Dr Mercola’s site:)

EWG Pesticide Guide Avoid These 15 Fruits and Vegetables That Can Harm Your Brain (and More)
If you follow this newly revised list, you’ll help reduce your exposure to some of the nastiest neurotoxins (and often carcinogens), as once you eat these chemicals, they’re extremely hard to get out of your body. Plus, here’s the new list of the 15 least toxic non-organic foods, especially handy if your budget is limited…


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