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May 2, 2013

P.S. 4 Herpes and RLS

This is an After-thought or Mopping-up

As many know,  I have done quite a few posts on RLS.    I have tried to explain a simple way to find relief by means of EFT.  I have even explained to readers how easy it is and  that it does work.   .  .  .  and the mish-mosh of words I have used to do just that for myself.    Don’t mean to imply that  this is a cure, tho it can be for some.   But one can find relief for the moment when one is really needing to get to sleep and the legs bug you.   Relief at a  moment like that is  more than dollars,  it is a blessing.

I no doubt have a  bottle of Advil up in the kitchen cupboard for emergencies.  It is probably more than a decade that it is hiding on a shelf.  I don’t use OTC or prescription meds willingly  because I value my liver and internal organs too much.   I experience pain of arthritis, especially in my hands – both of them.  .  .  .  and one hip.  Considering how my parents both suffered, I think I’m pretty fortunate since both were incapacitated with arthritis and pain and wheel-chair bound.  They both came from rural farming communities in Canada, so you understand how they ate.  It was wholesome and organic. But plenty of animal protein and dairy and enjoying very active lives.  Still they suffered.

I live alone and whatever is done in my abode, is done by me.   Shopping, cooking, . . what suffers is the quantity of house-keeping.   I’m not a clutterer, am neat and have always preferred attractive surroundings.  My pooch and plants both in the house and in the yard give me great pleasure.   It’s a simple life, but I could not accommodate much  more.   This is an attempt to reveal that something in my life is apparently agreeable  and allowing me to function like a woman much younger than my 83 years on the planet would suggest. I suspect it’s my passion for and interest in what it takes to be healthy.   Also, it just seems to be a logical and practical way to live.  . . . an alternative end in a nursing home is not an agreeable solution in my mind.  Give me pleasant thoughts, happy, productive outlets, laughter and a contented heart with good work to do  and always gratitude for the beauty in each day.

While I don’t mean to come across as thinking I have “all the answers” – – still, I honestly believe that the food which I eat (primarily that of the plant kingdom), with very little animal protein has been a big help to me.  Truly.    I have vacillated a number of times (because I really do like fowl and lamb and beef and seafood); going vegetarian, then accepting back a little beef and chicken and once again going vegan.  Primarily live on juices now with the addition of my crazy Hippocrates soup I learned about from Charlotte Gerson.   It simplifies my life, I feel better and my pain is less (I can cope pretty well), . . the kitchen chores are still kinda labor intensive doing all that juicing.  Most of my gorgeous pots and pans rarely get any use now.

Returning now to the RLS, my after-thought has to do with something I am remembering from Dr Jonathan Wright and this won’t be verbatim because I can’t locate it.    He was discussing the many patients he had seen over the years who were troubled with this.  Says it usually happens with those over age 40 or so and by 60  even more common.  With age, the problems compound and that doctors quite often don’t realize the seriousness of these problems or try to treat the underlying cause and instead, give medications to limit the production of stomach acid which only compounds the pain and problems.

His experience showed that upon checking out their stomach digestive juices, He often found them to be deficient and could profit from including a little hydrochloric acid and pepsin to improve digestion.  Left untreated, the intestinal flora becomes even more disrupted leading to further serious complications  and inability to absorb the nutrients from food which is vital to all sorts of body functions.

I wrote myself a note to get Betaine hydrochloride tablets,  5 grain and take one or two before meals on an empty stomach for a week and see how feel;  if digestion seems better, you have your proof that your stomach wasn’t producing enough stomach acid.


The second item is Herpes of the genitals, not shingles or cold sores.  I covered this several years ago.  But I believe I did so in a comment following an article I had posted.  Genital Herpes is a terrible scourge and there seems to be no cure for it.  The medication is pathetic and very costly.    Immediate relief can be had with the simple use of COLLOIDAL SILVER.   Not a permanent cure, but takes the inflammation down quickly and the pain goes as well.  Simply wash the infected area and dry.  Then spray on or apply the silver directly to the infection.   Comfort is swift.  Can use several times daily or as needed.  There is no toxic amount, even ingested.

I have sung the praises of Colloidal Silver for so many things.  It is superior to many, many  other products including anti-biotics.  This is non-toxic and super effective.   I’m a true believer of the stuff.  Have done a number of posts on it.  Dr Clark’s article was so good.

Up in PAGES, in the EFT section, there is an article by a special lady who works with Dr Clark’s methods and uses her chart at the back of the Clark book – – “The Cure for All Diseases”  She writes about how she treats Herpes Shingles  using some of the Clark equipment. Diseases have  a corresponding numerical equivalent one inserts into this little machine and then using the machine – generates the vibration into  one’s body to disable the disease energy pattern.   In a sense it’s something like that  which happens with the zapper which I have.  Apparently, people have had good success with that and in fact with all the equipment which Dr Clark developed and shared the “how-to’s” on..  Check it out.     So, that’ll do it.    g’nite all, . . . .  Jan


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