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April 29, 2013

7 Days – 7 Docs with JJ Virgin

This Spring, I enjoyed the Wellness Revolution with Adoley Odunton who puts on a medical-oriented seminar each year.   It was very good.  Here and there, I catch some of my favorites and it helps me stay up with current thinking and sometimes new ideas. 

In this announcement below, she is speaking of JJ Virgin whom I have seen on PBS and enjoyed very much.  She is doing this as well.  In that it is a free seminar and has some interesting and worthwhile doctors speaking.  I am  sharing with you folks.  If you want to give it a go, nothing to loose and may find it profitable.  I seem to have some kind of bug up my bonnet since I am popping out two kinda related posts simultaneously.  Feast or famine, what are you gonna do?    Hope you enjoy it.  Jan

I frequently get emails from listeners of the Wellness Revolution asking me to recommend the doctors and healers who have helped me on my healing journey.

I’ve discovered that the auto immune conditions I’ve been dealing with and many other chronic diseases can be caused by negative feelings, emotions and beliefs.


And in these cases, healing happens when we are willing to address the spiritual disconnect – the ways in which we are disconnected from our true feelings and emotions.


Frequently, however, we still have physical symptoms and conditions that need the help of a skilled doctor. I’ve found the best doctors are the ones who have an understanding of how the whole body works including the body, mind and spirit rather than just addressing the body “parts” affected by the condition.

That is why I’m excited to share a once-a-year event that my friend, JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert is hosting next week. JJ is my go to gal for fitness advice. She is at the top of her field and the seven doctors she has lined up are no exception.


Three of these amazing doctors personally have helped me make huge steps on my healing path and ALL of them are exceptional.


7 Days with 7 Celebrity Docs


Insider Info and Strategies to help you Shed Body Fat, Crank Up Your Energy, Make Your Mind Razor-Sharp and Have You Looking and Feeling Amazing


Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert JJ Virgin, has gathered 7 of her coolest friends – all top celebrity doctors and YOU have VIP access to the event. Best of all, while the information you will receive from these amazing experts is invaluable, the event is offered at no cost! Click here to learn more from JJ and to register.


The minute you register you’ll receive bonuses from two of our favorite speakers from last year’s event, NY Times bestselling authors Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Daniel Amen.



Mark will be sharing his top tips for eating out deliciously while easily staying on your program. Daniel is giving away his Sugar on the Brain report, where he shares what sugar does to you and how to ditch it so you don’t get “psycho diabetes”.



The event itself runs from May 8 through May 15 (we take Sunday off) and each day JJ will feature a webinar with one of the 7 celebrity docs. Don’t worry if you can’t tune in for the broadcast, she will offer 48 hour replays for each webinar as well.Click below to learn more from JJ and to register.


Who are the Docs?


Dr. Sara Gottfried is the author of The NY Times bestseller, “The Hormone Cure.” She’s quite possibly the only Harvard trained gynecologist & hormone specialist teaching yoga and using it in her hormone balancing program! She’s been in Cosmo, Glamour, O Magazine and on The Ricki Lake Show and 20/20!


Dr. Hyla Cass has appeared on The View & Dr. Oz. She’s the author of 8 books including “Natural Highs: The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free.” She reveals how to deal with addiction naturally, including things we may not have realized were addicted to – like food & shopping!


Dr. Frank Lipman has been seen on Access Hollywood and Extra and is the go-to doc of top models and fashionistas in NYC. He’s known for his powerful detox programs (which get raves from celebs like Kyra Sedgwick!).


Dr. Anna Cabeca is an international speaker & leader on regenerative medicine who’s helping thousands of women with her Sexual CPR course. She specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and natural alternatives and sexual and reproductive health.


Dr. Alan Christianson is the author of “The Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease,” and has appeared on The Today Show, The Doctors, CNN and Shape Magazine. He specializes in turning around the toughest thyroid cases including celebrity patients like Gena Lee Nolin from Baywatch. He is an avid mountain unicyclist. (Yes you read that right!)


Dr. William Davis is the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of “Wheat Belly.” He’s appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Live with Kelly, CBS News and others. He has helped hundreds of thousands lose the wheat and lose the weight!


Dr. Michael Finkelstein has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and ABC News. He teaches us that simply asking the right questions can create powerful health transformations!


Who’s JJ Virgin? JJ is a celebrity nutritionist & fitness expert and NY Times Bestselling Author of “The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” and the creator of the Virgin Diet Challenge. She has become a worldwide phenomenon on PBS and has been seen on The Doctors, Rachael Ray and the Today Show, and served for two years as the Dr. Phil show’s nutrition expert.


Each webinar will include a valuable bonus form the doctor and will be offered as a replay for 48 hours so don’t worry if you can’t make the actual telecast – you can learn and transform on your schedule! I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you.

To Your Health,

Adoley and JJ


PS. Immediately when you register at

receive two amazing bonuses from two of last year’s favorites, NY Times Bestsellers, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman.

Healthier Living 242 S. Washington Blvd. Suite 176 Sarasota, Florida 34236 United States (323) 992-6365


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