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April 26, 2013

Corps, pay “No Taxes “

(Sharing my latest “BERNIE BUZZ” with you.   This man makes being an INDEPENDENT   very attractive.    Jan)

List of corporations paying little or no taxes

President Obama's FY2014 Budget

The Senate is shaping up as the next battleground in a fight to stop proposed cuts in Social Security and veterans’ benefits. A resolution was filed on Wednesday to put the Senate on record against eroding future cost-of-living adjustments. The “dark suits here in Washington” want a stingier consumer price index, Sen. Tom Harkin warned, commenting on the well-paid lobbyists for corporate interests. “Social Security hasn’t contributed a nickel to the deficit,” Bernie added. More than 250 economists, he noted, dispute claims that the so-called chained CPI is a more accurate gauge of retirees’ living expenses. “With so many people hurting we must protect Social Security, veterans and Medicare,” Bernie said.

Watch Bernie and Tom Harkin »
Read their resolution »
Read what economists say about chained CPI »
Read TPM on why Obama’s stealth Social Security cut is worse than it seems »
Sign Bernie’s petition »Bernie Sanders is my kind of guy

Food Labels Food Labels
Legislation that would require the Food and Drug Administration to clearly label genetically engineered foods so that consumers can make informed choices about what they eat and feed their children was introduced on Wednesday.  Bernie cosponsored the bill by Sen. Barbara Boxer.Read more about it »
Corporate Taxes Corporate TaxesBernie in a Senate floor speech on Wednesday listed 15 profitable corporations that pay little or nothing in U.S. income taxes. “The truth is that, by any measure, U.S. corporate income taxes are very low. And as a share of the economy, they are much lower than are corporate income taxes in almost every other developed country,” Citizens for Tax Justice said in a new report.Read the list of corporations »
Watch the speech »
Read the Citizens for Tax Justice report »

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