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April 21, 2013

Restoring Earth’s “fertility”- health

(I am so extremely appreciative of Dr. Joseph Mercola and his ability to provide to our masses his incredible resource base of vital information and the insightful videos which aid our understanding)

Can Large-Scale Environmental Devastation              Really Be Reversed?

Story at-a-glance

  • Our soil and water are becoming increasingly contaminated and infertile on a global scale due to poor farming practices, ignorance and greed.
  • The barren Loess Plateau in North-Central China, where relentless grazing of domestic animals caused widespread erosion, became a model of how whole ecosystems can be restored through sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Similar ecosystem restoration in South America, Africa and the Middle East have illustrated how formerly devastated lands and villages can be transformed into vistas of lush, thriving vegetation.
  • Man-made ecological damage has manifested itself in more ways than on farms and forests. Greed and power have been the basis for such travesties as genetically modified crops, BPA, melamine and plastic contamination, slash-and-burn” farming and monocropping have caused untold damage that won’t be remedied without people being informed and empowered to make a change.
  • You can make a change in your own back yard.

Ecosystem Restoration Three Thieves You Must Stop – for Your Children’s
   Ecosystem Restoration

If someone walked into a bank, held it up, took all the money and depleted them of their resources, they would be thrown in jail. But every day, these 3 enemies are robbing our children of their future. The good news is it can be reversed – if we act fast…


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