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April 7, 2013

Autism -Vaccines, no-link (they say)

Latest study

Autism not linked to early vaccinations

By Luciana Lopez REUTERS

NEW YORK — There is no link between receiving a number of vaccines early in life and autism, researchers said 3-29-13.

In a study slated to appear in The Journal of Pediatrics, researchers said there is no association between receiving “too many vaccines too soon” and autism, despite some fears among parents around the number of vaccines given both on a single day and over the first 2 years of life.

As many as 1 in 50 U.S. school-age children has been diagnosed with autism, up 72 percent since 2007.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Abt Associates analyzed data from children with and without autism spectrum disorder, according to a statement from the journal.

Researchers examined each child’s cumulative exposure to antigens, the substances in vaccines that cause the immune system to produce antibodies to fight disease, and the maximum number of antigens each child received in a single day of vaccination, the journal’s statement said.

The antigen totals were the same for children with and without autism, researchers found.

Autism runs a spectrum from a profound inability to communicate and mental retardation to milder symptoms such as those seen in Asperger’s syndrome.

  • While scientists think genetics account for 80 to 90 percent of the risk for developing autism, a growing number of studies suggest a father’s age might play a role by increasing the risk of genetic mistakes in the sperm that could be inherited.


(My Comment:

The  US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states the latest stats show one in 50 US kids now has autism.  Boys are  four times as likely to be diagnosed with autism as girls, according to the new data.

Consider that  15 years ago, 1 in 10,000 kids had autism. Ten years ago it was 1 in 1,000, then 1 in 150, 1 in 88 in 2007 and now 1 in 50.   Statistics mean that between 3-4 percent of US boys now have autism, and the rate is growing .  .   .  .  deeper implications behind this rising trend are being downplayed by the media and it seems, ignored.

Because the Scientific community does not speak up and defend its honor about the absurdity of the of the great harm being done in the name of science is not as ridiculous as one might think, for it is industry which supports the scientific complex which is in eternal need of funding.   All understand that ‘government’ isn’t able to do much in the way of funding, right? This will undoubtedly remain stagnant until the Republicans are ousted from Congress  and business as Americans expect ‘can’ move forward.  And the Medical and Pharmaceutical complex will only fund what they choose to fund and it is always self-serving with complimentary results of their own design.  Of course!

Of course we can hold government responsible,  for one of the noble positives of government is that it protects the citizens.  We who love and respect the law have much to be concerned about however.   Over this last decade or so, our highest court has repeatedly betrayed  the American way of life and become with out the least qualm, unabashedly for  the corporate structure and the wealthy.  The man in the street who has the vote, unfortunately, has no voice – – or not one which government will heed.    This MUST change and it will.  

Our government has allowed the medical complex to become a law unto itself with no oversight, no protection for the American family and turning into what appears to be a “Police state” usurping our right to choose for ourselves  what and how we care for and decide for our own bodies and that of our families.  No government should ever reach into our homes and demand that we do or don’t exercise rights to self determination with regard to medical care, vaccinations, family planning or contraception  and the right to choose whether or not we want to have children. 

BIG PhRMA should have no guaranteed freedom to injure the populace with harmful and/or lethal medicines,  equipment or procedures  and leave the vulnerable FREE citizens with no recourse against said injury.  It is obscene!

So YES, government is and should be held responsible.  Science should be freer to full expression and held accountable for it’s positions.  But lets not anyone kid ourselves – – it is the Medical Community calling the shots, making decisions  which they should never have been granted.   Their control is almost worse than the Mafia of old.   The Medical – Pharmaceutical domain should NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTROL  OUR LIVES now or ever.  These are the very entities which are destroying our Medical care in this country.   It isn’t a calling helping people – – it is nothing more than BIG BUSINESS  and getting away with murder and maiming and so on.   They want disease to keep on keeping on because that is how they make money.  Every body knows it.  

Early in the 1900’s,  Autism was rare and was never heard of.  Mid century, it was still little known and was not a common thing.   People knew nothing about this as a threat.    The earliest vaccinations had good intention and some merit,  (polio, etc.)    By the 70’s BIG PhRMA saw the coming windfall and vaccinations began to increase both in number and volume.   With each acceleration, the threat grew.  History and the numbers speak for themselves.     Medicine would like to lay it all off on our genes and I rail each time they do it.   Our genes like our magnificent bodies are intricately designed and magically efficient.  Worked great for thousands upon thousands of years

It’s only since modern pharmaceuticals,  chemistry and industrial farming techniques have started befouling everything and destroying what Mother Nature has wrought for us that stuff has started falling apart.   Things are NOT  better with CHEMICALS.  Our lives are being compromised because we live in a toxic world, fed artificial mass-produced packaged crap and they call it food.   Land, air and water is contaminated;  our food is grown in sterile soil (all Monsanto’s chemicals), therefore, unable to deliver the rich lode of minerals present in soil throughout time.  Unless one buys “organic” we are getting around 30% of the minerals which was once routine and normal (and healthy) – and then, they are all laboratory chemicals, not the organic stuff.

So yeah, with all that we aren’t getting anymore because of modernity and progress, we have weaker bodies, fat because we eat too much of worthless food which doesn’t nourish our bodies, so we still need and want more.  Everything is compromised, our health, immune systems, energy levels, emotional balance,  every cell in our body including our genes have to be impacted.  But the fault is not in our genes – they didn’t cause any of it.  It’s a fact.  It’s what we do to our body, including all those vaccinations etc which weaken a new life form before it even has a chance to develop an immune system.  Not too hard to understand (for simpletons like you and me) – – think how much easier it must be for a trained scientist to get the picture.   

I get so wound up over the gene thing, guess I almost lose it. Pretty well talked out now.  You get it don’t you?   I know you do.   Thanks for hangin’ with me,    Jan)



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