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April 2, 2013

Body only tells truth

Who ya gonna believe?   your lying EYES?

The claims BIG PhRMA makes?

Or Stay in the ranks of “Trial and Error?

For several years now, I’ve been telling folks that your body is talking to you, and that we would all be wise to listen!

Sure, we have it on good authority that our bodies pass gas approximately 17 times a day – – almost everyone caught that Dr. OZ show, it’s common knowledge.  What else can one expect when we walk around in some dumb animal body? It farts!  So body is talkin’ and relating that it can’t digest the foods we have supplied it, ergo, as it putrefies, rather than digesting properly – –  that gas has to go somewhere. [Done many posts on P/H balance and the Hay Diet which developed the recognition of the way the body handles food;  now   reflected in so- called “food-combining” which is acknowledging that one can’t eat carbs WITH proteins same meal because it won’t be digested due to the body needing to ‘digest’ each type of food differently; therefore, body’s ability to digest the food shuts down where it can only putrefy in the gut.]

We eat like we are building dams and laying railroad tracks all day, but our bodies are sitting in a chair at a desk, before a computer or on a couch watching television, receiving messages all day about all our physical woes with 1001  TV ads just dying to help us with each and every one of our multiplying diseases. (while we eat and snack ourselves into oblivion).  Can we blame the body as our weight balloons causing all manner of ills from arthritis and joint pain to obesity and heart disease and perhaps diabetes and so on?  Our body handles thousands of things below the level of our consciousness from innate intelligence;  but it doesn’t (apparently) exert dominion over free-will or our desires and urges.

Our human classification is not mineral or plant,  we are animal, but we cannot survive without the other two.  As animal however, we are the epitome of life form on this planet.  We are not some dumb blob – – we are blessed, exquisite creations. And we would be so much better off if we took a bit of time occasionally to remember who we are;  and maybe contemplate some of the things we are capable of doing, and taking time to acknowledge, with gratitude, the blessings we enjoy.

I’m not going to recount the many times I’ve said – listen to your body or your body is talkin’ to you. But in these near 1800 posts,  there has been a big effort to bring clear information on what one can do to achieve optimum health.   There is no “ONE” way – we are all different.  I’ve endorsed eliminating chemicals from your life experience where ever you can with purified water to drink and also for the shower (more chlorine and fluoride gets into us from a 10″ shower than anything you could ingest in a relatively  short time).   To consume wholesome raw food as much as possible;  to always seek natural, organic methods to solve problems rather than chemical whether over-the-counter or pharmaceutical.  Simple things.

Kinesiology  or Muscle Testing

Science has studied the body and it’s ability to know and reveal for many decades.  This is not news.  I’ve known about “muscle-testing” for at least 30 or 40 years.  Many licensed practitioners of one sort or another use this.  Many Energy Healers like Donna Eden use this as a main-stay in her efforts – and also teaches this.   I believe I have seen her demonstrating her muscle-testing on some of the YouTube videos.  But this is often what one person does to another person’ in order to determine problem areas or weakness.  This can show which meridians within the body may be “afflicted” or stressed and if so, which organs then may also be afflicted.  Easy to see how this can afford great insight into what “ails” someone.    Fabulous stuff.

Some time ago I also heard and then got a book from Dr. Bradley Nelson who is very accomplished in the Energy Healing field.  I was very impressed with all that I read.  He goes into not only the muscle testing but also the use of magnets for which he is uniquely regarded as a fore-runner.  His website is  Put his name into your browser and see what comes up.  May be able to access his book “The Emotion Code”  online, [I did] – it is 360+ pages long  I mention this because he shows many techniques one can use to test on self.    This sort of thing is so helpful because it is good to understand what exactly your body really needs.   This product?  That mineral?  Is one enough   is two good?    Or maybe one wants to have a direct yes or no answer.   I would prefer you seek answers from the experts like Dr Nelson as taught in his book and others, but I will attempt a brief recap:   [this is mental exercise]

  • Stand with arms down to your side, relaxed.  Think negative thoughts of WAR, pain, death destruction – tears.     Notice how you feel.  There may be a very slight movement in the body as it shrinks or pulls back from such negativity.  a SLIGHT sway BACK.   This is negative or NO
  • This time, standing the same,  imagine peaceful, beautiful and/or loving thoughts and feelings.  Bright, Light those you love around you.  Can even smile.  How do you feel now?  Feel the SWAY  FORWARD? This is yes and Positive

In using this technique to determine a substance for it’s compatibility  with your body, you need the substance in your hand.   Stand, hold the bottle  or substance next to your solar plexus (kinda between the stomach and waistline) and speak your question to your body.     There should be a gentle SWAY one way or the other.   Same on quantity.  I have used this technique for many a year on my own (when I think of it), but using a pendulum which was made for me [of wood]  by a doctor out in the California desert.  One can use anything for a pendulum.  .  .   a small tear-drop shaped crystal on a small chain or string – – heck, a paper clip on a string would do the job!    But one needs to practice a bit to insure you understand the language you are establishing between your conscious mind and that vast sub part of self.   Simple stuff, my name is Jan. . . .my name is Tommy It only is valid on TRUTH.  This is not the place for games.    With the pendulum, I use the back of my hand for answers.    Or in the case of a pill etc. in the palm of hand and pendle over it.

The book which I love dearly is POWER vs FORCE written by David R Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.  Have never read anything more relevant nor enthralling than this book.  Written in 1995.  His understanding and discussion on Kinesiology leaves everything else in the dust.                              .Okay, talk about a preamble. . .

This may surprise you, but my intention was to run a post on an article in the Dispatch.   But in light of this article, it crossed my mind that I had not really discussed the simple ways in which many of us can help ourselves to truth while seeking answers on troubling conditions.   You need a little bit of detective built in, in other words, need to know the questions to ask to get from here to there.  Takes some figuring,. . . and some practice, but anybody can do it. That’s why all the above.  It seems OSU  has a right to be proud of it’s Dermatitis  center.  Dr Matt Zirwas’ head is screwed on right.



D E R M A L         D E T E C T I V E S

Sleuths do more than scratch the surface to solve the complex allergy-caused rashes that plague patients


Dr. Matt Zirwas directs the OSU dermatitis center

Katie Branic has changed the brand of makeup she uses more than a dozen times. The 23-year-old also recently switched to baby shampoo and even dropped gluten from her diet.

But no matter what Branic does, she can’t stop the red, scaly rash that forms on her eyelids and around her lips.

“I can tell you lots of tears were shed from frustration over this,” said Branic, an information-technology analyst for a Columbus-area financial institution. “Makeup couldn’t cover it up anymore. I had to do something.”

Branic, of Worthington, has contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction caused by direct contact with a substance. The red, itchy rash you get after touching poison ivy is contact dermatitis. So are the bumps caused by latex gloves. Those are easy ones.

The list of substances that can cause the condition is seemingly endless. And to make matters worse, anyone can become allergic to nearly anything at any time.

That’s why contact dermatitis ranks among the top 10 reasons people visit primary-care physicians and is among the most-common reasons for work-related disability.

For doctors and patients alike, the condition can be frustrating. Creams, lotions and even steroids can help control symptoms, but the underlying cause and its effects might linger for years.

Branic had seen three doctors. None could help. Then she was referred to Dr. Matt Zirwas, a dermatologist and director of Ohio State University’s Contact Dermatitis Center.

*                *                *               *

“Contact dermatitis kind of falls between the cracks between allergists and dermatologists, so it goes unnoticed and not treated so many times,” said Zirwas, who has spent the past eight years dedicated to solving mysterious rashes. The work has earned him a reputation among colleagues and his staff. “I call him the Sherlock Holmes of skin allergies,” said Denise Close, Zirwas’ physician assistant. “He will figure out the allergies no one else has been able to.”

ADAM CAIRNS DISPATCH    Denise Close looks for clues in Pam Fugitt’s toiletries during an initial consultation at Ohio State’s Contact Dermatitis Center.

But before we get to how Zirwas cracks the tough cases, it’s important to look at why patients end up in his office.

Susan Nedorost, the president of the American Contact Dermatitis Society, said one reason is that most rashes don’t appear right away. And many are caused by something a patient has used for years.

But what makes it even more difficult is that most people aren’t allergic to one product. Instead, they are allergic to specific chemicals, some that stretch 20 letters long and are nearly impossible to distinguish in most physician offices.

One textbook contains more than 1,000 pages of substances that can cause contact dermatitis.

“It’s very difficult for patients to deduce the cause — much harder to be their own detective,” said Nedorost, a professor of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Few dermatologists do the skin-allergy work that Zirwas does to track down the cause of a patient’s contact dermatitis. Patients travel to Ohio State from Pennsylvania, Kansas and even Alaska to see him.

Over the years, Zirwas has tied allergies to the glue in a patient’s shoes, dyes in clothing and even a chemical found in the black rubber on escalator hand rails.   “It’s the hidden exposure in everyday things,” he said.

Once patients get to Zirwas, they undergo an initial consultation to figure out what to test for. Then they undergo patch-testing, during which discs that contain potential allergens are taped to their backs for two days to see what they react to.

ADAM CAIRNS DISPATCH PHOTOS    Katie Branic, 23, of Worthington, who has struggled with contact dermatitis, undergoes patch testing applied by nurse Aleitha Gates as physician assistant Denise Close explains the procedure at Ohio State University’s Contact Dermatitis Center.

Branic recently was tested for 103 allergens. Zirwas said he is focusing on chemicals in the makeup and fragrances she wears.

She said she is tired of having to take off work because of the rashes.

“It’s so unpredictable, and I always have my fingers and toes crossed that it won’t flare up,” Branic said. “But that’s no way to live life.”

So far, Branic has learned that she is mildly allergic to a few fragrances. But Zirwas isn’t convinced those are the only culprits.

He said he will continue to work with Branic until he cracks the code. Once he does, she will be told how to find products that don’t contain any allergens that trigger her rashes.

“For the people who have this, it’s one of the very, very few things in medicine we essentially have a cure for,” Zirwas said. “There’s nothing else where we can say, ‘Just make these changes, and you will never have to deal with this ever again.’”


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