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March 26, 2013

Carbs? Ketones? – – lets talk

V E G A N ?    C A V E M A N  ?

We can argue and defend positions,  ad nauseum; but at the end of the day, if we have a cancer with limited time,  we just want to get well – not die!   Figuring this  out with-out a  medical degree, ain’t easy!  The  “experts”  don’t know, can’t agree – – what to do?  Nothing?    Not acceptable.

If we cling to rigid thinking, growth is slow or non-existent and we don’t get anywhere we want or need to be.  With an open mind, we are free to check out possibilities.  The open mind can stumble and falter when confronted with our personal history which is entwined with emotions, memories and all those experiences.  Not only that, but change is HARD.

If we have settled into either a vegan or Paleo camp, chances are, we have already exercised that “choice” factor often because of need or philosophical agreement.  We like it, agree with it and it works for us.

When the BIG “C”  hits – – anyone is thrown for a loop.  Lets say one is a plant-based, organic consumer (admittedly, far less likely),  but it happens.   Can one then accept the KETOGENIC DIET  which essentially restricts carbs? Something to think about, right?     While still an adjustment, it would be far less difficult for the Cordain aficionados.    See how close we are to our own ideas of what is correct for us?

*^*                       *^*                    *^*

I bring this up because a recent post dated March 17th (2013) called “Cure Brain Cancer?. . . lets hope” was not overly clear in explaining the relevance of this diet to dramatically save lives or the impact it is having on children – especially those with severe epilepsy (one child was having over 100 seizures daily)   I believe I had asked you to read the text and scroll down the page to the second small video detailing Dr Fred Hatfield,   (a long-time friend and mentor to my son) and his recent ordeal with cancer which had spread throughout his entire skeletal frame and given only about three months to live.   It is now over one year that he is entirely cancer-free.  THAT IS SOMETHING!

The newscaster from the station there at CBN,  Lorrie Johnson,  discusses this further as she is maintaining her own health with a limited form of the Ketogenic Diet and advises any who may wish more information to go to where she says there are many links to further information.

This blog is nothing if not devoted to spreading the word on valid and possible break-throughs to so many of the problems we all face.

SCROLL DOWN TO 2nd VIDEO for the Dr Hatfield story.

Ketogenic Diet Doctor Stops Eating This – Starves Cancer and Escapes Death    Ketogenic Diet
Preparing to die when he heard of this eating plan, he had nothing to lose so he gave it a try, and… it worked. The cancer disappeared completely and he’s been cancer-free for over a year. The secret: don’t just eat superfoods, eliminate the most dangerous culprits first


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