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March 21, 2013

Mike and Charlotte

A Conversational treasure

I love computers, but I’m not a tech  by any means.  If you knew how often I download something and don’t know where it went – – seems to disappear!  Occasionally, I find something by accident (hiding in my computer) and below is one of those happy moments when something lost surfaces (while looking for something else.) It may be from 2010 or so.  The voices are Mike Adams , better known as “Heath Ranger” and our beloved Charlotte Gerson in a warm and intimate chat relative to her father’s historic life and his gifts to us all.  I listened  – again, and loved it.  Hope you do too.

Since Mike is a truth-teller like Dr Mercola and many others, I am assuming that he won’t mind my sharing this with you as he is as devoted to helping people as anyone can be.   Like Dr Mercola, his resources are considerable (informative info and videos, etc).

Charlotte mentions the Hippocrates soup in her discussion as being a nutritious cooked and warm food the patients at the institute enjoy along with their 12 or 13 glasses of juice daily.  It made sense to me, especially during these cold months, so I have been keeping the soup pot working of late.  Its good.  Can use all but the kitchen sink in it and I do.    So, once again,  I’m sharing,  Jan:

Hippocrates Soup (Special Soup) – YouTube

Aug 13, 2009 – Uploaded by gumonthepants

This soup is part of the Gerson Therapy diet. The following vegetables are thoroughly washed, NOT peeled 

(as an aside, the person making the soup used a special instrument to blend up the soup.  Looks fine but much trouble.  I use my stick-blender [mine is made by Braun], which I also use making cosmetics and 100 other things.  It is easy to use,  works well and quick clean up – – what more could one want?  Also, I prefer my soup a bit chunky, not watery.   [my spoon will stand up in it]  Jan)

Health Ranger Report #87: Interview with Charlotte Gerson on reversing cancer

A fascinating interview with a legend of the self-healing anti-cancer industry. Contains many fascinating bits of information about the cancer industry and natural cancer remedies and cures.
Click here to listen now (MP3).



  1. Gerson Therapy?? My sister attended the Mexican therapy site, two times, between 2001 & 2006. Unfortunately, Gerson did not,screen patients for their immune response to gluten. They might still be pushing Flax seed oil. It is now understood that humans are missing a liver emzyne to metabolize flax into omega-3, much like the lab rat can. My sister lost her battle with cancer before nutrigenomic doctors were available to her. Gerson is NOT an answer for every one. Keep looking.

    Comment by Christine M. Nuzum — March 21, 2013 @ 8:43 pm | Reply

    • Christine, there is no therapy anywhere in the universe which can keep us from dying when our time has come. No matter how enamored you are of the WEE protocol and your experience with them, one has nothing to do with the other.

      I am extremely encouraged by this near century old technique used by Dr Max Gerson for fighting off disease of all kinds, gently, non-toxically and highly successfully, especially those who struggle against cancer. It far surpasses the pain and trauma of cutting and burning which allopathic treatment entails. Apparently, your sister was willing to go this route as well – – twice, in her attempt to save herself. It is far easier to endure with a much higher success rate.

      As to the flax oil, Dr Gerson found his success rates climbing once he switched to flax oil for his patients required Omega 3’s and they didn’t do well with fish oils as I remember his explanation that cancer patients don’t do well with oils. I am sorry that your sister didn’t have recovery, that she wasn’t saved.

      Your tone sounds accusatory as if maybe she died because they didn’t have the good sense to test her for gluten sensitivity. That is truly unfair and unreasonable. I or other readers of your comment have no way of knowing the full ramifications of your sisters condition other than that she visited Gerson two different times, five years apart. Your suggestion that people look elsewhere for help other than Gerson appears very unkind and insensitive. There is no question that it is not for everyone. One must follow a prescribed diet which is labor intensive, which is also why one must attend with a helper who can assist them. But for those who can do it and want to, they wind up eternally grateful for all the cutting and caustic burning they didn’t have to go through; regaining health and wholeness. It is a valid option. One would hope that you can see that. Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — March 21, 2013 @ 11:40 pm | Reply

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