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March 15, 2013

Ovarian Cancer . .iffy treatment?

Wow, that’s all we need – – more to worry about!

Hard to believe that the experts who supposedly know about all this stuff are now saying that the treatment which is provided to us is not what it should be.    WHY NOT?    This is causing great confusion and fear while also, making everyone doubt their own doctors in whom they should be allowed to have trust – you know to keep hope alive. 

Latest study

Ovarian-cancer treatments found to be inadequate


  • Most women with ovarian cancer receive inadequate care and miss out on treatments that could add a year or more to their life, a new study has found.

The results highlight what many experts say is a neglected problem: widespread, persistent flaws in the care of women with the disease, which kills 15,000 a year in the United States. About 22,000 cases are diagnosed annually, most of them discovered at an advanced stage and needing aggressive treatment. Worldwide, there are about 200,000 new cases a year.

  • Cancer specialists around the country say the main reason for the poor care is that most women are treated by doctors and hospitals that see few cases of the disease and lack expertise in the complex surgery and chemotherapy that can prolong life.

“If we could just make sure that women get to the people who are trained to take care of them, the impact would be much greater than that of any new chemotherapy drug or biological agent,” said Dr. Robert E. Bristow, the director of gynecologic oncology at the University of California, Irvine, and lead author of the new study, presented yesterday at a meeting of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology in Los Angeles.

Dr. Barbara A. Goff, a professor of gynecologic oncology at the University of Washington, in Seattle, who was not part of Bristow’s study, said the problem with ovarian cancer care is clear: “We’re not making the most use of things that we know work well.”

What work best are meticulous, extensive surgery and aggressive chemotherapy. Ovarian cancer spreads inside the abdomen, and studies have shown that survival improves if women have surgery to remove all visible traces of the disease.

The operations should be done by gynecologic oncologists, said Dr. Deborah Armstrong of Johns Hopkins University, who is not a surgeon. But many women, she said, are operated on by general surgeons and gynecologists.

“If this was breast cancer, and two-thirds of women were not getting guideline care that improves survival, you know what kind of hue and cry there would be,” said Armstrong, who was not involved in the study. But in ovarian cancer, she said: “There’s not as big an advocacy community.”

(My Comment:

One hardly knows what to make of this story.  It sounds like in-fighting, but for what purpose?  Power and/or Money is generally the “Motivator”  in the business world.  My knife is bigger,   better than yours.    Hey, we have a corner on this market (or should have).  What ever is driving all this, it is apparently about who does a better job because those other guys don’t really have all the facts, meaning “they don’t really know what they are doing”.  .  .  and this latest study says.  .  .    .   whatever. How incredible is this?

The argument doesn’t appear to be over who can save her life, instead, all the potential which might come out of this is “maybe” another year of suffering and pain, while still sickened with chemotherapy and so on.   In this new study, it is found that more severe cutting or radical surgery possibly can offer the greater potential for this additional year.  This is in contrast to a recent study reported on just a week or so ago regarding radical Breast Cancer and how it seems contra- indicated to go after all the lymph nodes and underarm surgery, when the survival seems as good or better without it and the patient is left with far fewer disastrous effects, like pain and lack of use of her arms.

Any way one looks at this, the treatment is exorbitantly costly,  and the entire allopathic acceptable methodology is rife with dreadful side effects because all of it is toxic and the odds of success – scant.  Further poisoning a sick body makes no sense and I sincerely don’t understand how it is justified.   22,000 cases diagnosed each year it says and killing 15,000.  Yet there are 200,00 new ovarian cancer cases a year showing up worldwide.   That’s a lot of cases.  How is it that all these surgeons and gynecologists are so unfamiliar with this condition?  How does any part of this story make sense?

Does anyone imagine that any part of this account of the new study offers any hope or ANYTHING at all to the next 22K of the women who are going to be so diagnosed?  I think you should all be ashamed, and perhaps should keep the “glad tidings” to yourselves unless and until you really have something encouraging for the female gender in general.

How much better it would be if you could remove the blinders which keep one  from seeing that many people around the world are curing cancer and other diseases by helping the body to get well and to heal itself by giving it that which it needs.  Its not too complicated, anyone can understand how magical and powerful the body is once all the poisoning stops.  First comes the open mind, and the willingness to see what is.    Jan)


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