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March 6, 2013

Leaky Gut – juvenile arthritis

Getting a Handle on Leaky Gut!

You, my friends don’t know how lucky you are that I am such a “pack-rat.”   It used to be said that my husband and I were a matched set (I, a Virgo with Libra rising and Marty  a Libran with Virgo rising).  We were into everything, had a great life; were seekers,  quite social – loved entertaining, dinners, etc.  Loved the home life and each other. And we were both pack rats (he more than I).  So help me, I have recipes, boxes of treasures and photos – you name it – I’ve saved it.  Guess it’s a disease.  But its neat, kind of and mostly, I know where it is or should be.   

Been blogging now 5 years and perhaps a little less organized.  Keeps piling up and the neatness freak inside of me requires that I try to organize (again). And I found this bunch of notes I took on a terrific lady I saw 2012 on PBS, who made a great deal of sense.  I was impressed with her.  Her name is Brenda Watson.  Since I can’t read my own handwriting when I write too fast – its nothing more than scribbles top to bottom and such a struggle to find any meaning there. So I’ll just google her (that’s what smart people do!)  Way more than I asked for. . .also a blog and here is the link to that:   So much good stuff there.   This lady has a great background and her primary thrust is in enabling people to regain health through diet, balance, nutrition and supplements. She is a Nutritionist which is specialized and what we need and can profit from.  Dietitians are (I am told having  similar training and background as ordinary medical establishment),  and we need a bit more than that, don’t we?

She had given out a formula on that show which showed how we could figure out how to determine  our correct energy needs by totaling grams of fiber  and carbs  we have consumed and dividing that total by 5, which answer will be the total teaspoons we have consumed.  That answer should be around 8 to 10 which should be the amount of energy we need to consume to energize our body for an entire day.  But most of us are way off and that is why we are having this silent inflammation thing going on which leads to heart disease, arthritis and a host of other chronic diseases.  She has much to teach on the subject.    Of course, I have screwed up the reading of my notes so badly, that you can’t go off and try to do what I have just alluded to because there are holes in my understanding of what she said.  That’s why I went looking for her.  Hoping to get that answer.  She has books, so I may have to buy a book – another one!. . .lets see, that should be about 2015 by now.   

I seriously want that answer.  So If this sounds like something you might be interested in also – – AND YOU FIND THE ANSWER,  would you please tell it to me – in simple terms that I can grasp?  Thanks,    Jan

The Gut Connection—Leaky Gut—Supported by Dr. Oz

03/1/13 3 Comments | Posted by bwatson in General

I have to admit, after all these years of spreading the message of the gut connection to total-body health, to hear my message coming from Dr. Oz was certainly gratifying. Just last week his show covered the condition that epitomizes the gut connection to chronic disease—leaky gut syndrome. You can watch the show, in three segments here:

His show highlights the story behind one mother’s search for the truth behind the mysterious joint pain of her son, who was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. That’s a fancy term for children’s arthritis with an unknown cause. As Dr. Smith likes to say, “idiopathic means the idiots don’t know the pathology” (because they fail to look for it).

Mother Susannah Meadows, a prominent investigative journalist, wanted to get to the bottom of her son’s joint pain. The treatment for her son’s condition began with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen or naproxen. When NSAIDs failed to work, he was prescribed methotrexate, which happens to also be a powerful chemotherapy drug. When his health did not improve, she decided to take the advice of her sister to visit an “alternative health practitioner,” despite her previous reluctance.

This alternative practitioner, whose identity is not revealed, suspected leaky gut syndrome as the underlying contributor to the joint pain experienced by Susannah’s son. It was recommended that she remove gluten and dairy, along with foods of the nightshade family, such as potatoes and tomatoes. She was also advised to cut his sugar intake almost completely. A high dose omega-3 supplement, probiotics, Montmorency cherry juice, and a Chinese herbal remedy were also included in his treatment regimen.

Susannah was cautioned that it might take up to six weeks before her son felt any improvements. To her delight, six weeks later, to the day, her son awoke and said, “Mommy, my knees don’t hurt anymore.” Now that is powerful. Her son was able to stop taking the methotrexate, and is no longer in pain. Susannah believes the dietary changes and supplements restored his health.

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition that involves damage to the intestinal lining, which normally lets small, digested nutrients pass through into the bloodstream. During leaky gut syndrome, the lining becomes damaged, increasing the ability to let larger particles—undigested food, bacteria, and toxins—pass through. I like to use the analogy of a screen. Think of your healthy intestinal lining as a screen. A screen lets in air but keeps out bugs like the intestinal lining lets in nutrients but keeps out foreign particles.  Leaky gut is like getting holes in your screen that are big enough to let the bugs get inside your house, or foreign particles into your bloodstream.

When undigested food, bacteria, and toxins pass through a leaky gut, they enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. The immune system responds to these “foreign invaders” in a way that produces silent inflammation (silent because you often cannot feel it or see it—until it gets out of hand). Silent inflammation is an underlying contributor to most, if not all, chronic disease, including the autoimmune disease arthritis experienced by Susannah’s son.

By removing foods that commonly trigger food sensitivity, such as gluten, dairy (and in the case of arthritis, nightshade vegetables), removing sugar that feeds yeast and potentially harmful gut bacteria, and supplementing with probiotics to replenish beneficial gut bacteria and omega-3 oils to reduce inflammation, the gut lining is able to heal.

I hope many people hear this message about the importance of digestive health to the overall health of the body. Whether they learn it from Dr. Oz, or myself, I am delighted to be a part of getting this message out to the world. As I say, heal your gut, heal your body.

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  1. With havin so much content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright infringement?
    My blog has a lot of unique content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it looks like a
    lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my agreement.
    Do you know any methods to help prevent content from being ripped off?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

    Comment by Taunton Business — September 12, 2014 @ 4:53 pm | Reply

    • Taunton Business: Possibly our backgrounds, expectations and intent are different. Have been at this over seven years now and my need was simple — show people a way to quit smoking – FREE. It had been a torment for me for a very long time until I had been fortunate enough to be able to kick my habit which I resented and needed to give up, but was emotionally attached to. This was never a plan to build a business or make a dollar from it. Am a natural sharer who feels what goes around, comes around. So that is the “need” from which I sprang.

      As it happens, the world didn’t even notice all my effort [took me over three months to get organized and up and running], but by then, I found that blogging was kinda fun, so I started speaking of things which greatly interest me.. . health mostly, science, the arts [have always been into the creative process and have derived great pleasure therefrom]; writing was just one of the ways I expressed.

      To your question regarding plagiarism, in fact it did bother me a bit when others would lift whole sections of my smoke cessation plan and insert into their system as their own. Its tacky not to cite one’s source. Looked into it – there are legal maneuvers one can pursue, but it didn’t seem worth it. . . and it can’t be stopped – – its gonna happen. Live and let live.

      As for the beautiful stuff on my site, the magical workings of our universe — I wanted people to see, take, share any and all of it. The health issues, well that has by and large become why I’ve remained at this for so long. So much needs to be shared, discussed, realized. I wanted to be a part of that arousal for people, and I have been – globally in some smallish way. Loved every moment of it. If one isn’t willing for this deep sharing, probably, shouldn’t be blogging. . almost everything is ‘out there’ for the taking on the internet. Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — September 13, 2014 @ 9:11 am | Reply

  2. Out of interest, do you subscribe to any SEO experts?
    I can never seem to get good information in anything which can be actioned
    Leaky Gut – juvenile arthritis – The latest addition to my RSS feed!

    Comment by Felix — June 26, 2016 @ 12:22 am | Reply

    • Hello Felix,. . . guess I don’t really know how to respond to you. . . don’t know what SEO experts are. so, can’t tell you if I use any or not?? As reference material, I’m pretty fussy; since I doctor myself, not using the medical profession personally. But I showcase the physicians who in my opinion think outside the box — in other words, so-called alternative thinking and processes.

      Going up to FIND IT, there are many, many doctors shown, and their positions in the posts. This is no longer being maintained as my blog has grown too large and unwieldy – – haven’t had access to all this in several years so its not being updated with new work outside the chronological listing. I do what I can even tho it isn’t convenient for my readers to find anything. There’s more than 2300 posts here in the 8 plus years. And I keep on keeping on because I love doing it. Closing in on 87 now, so can’t keep the former pace as ‘just living’ takes me more time to do everything i do. Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — June 26, 2016 @ 1:59 am | Reply

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