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February 3, 2013

Gary-Liz via skype – a gem

(It has quite a while since I have run anything from Gary Craig.  It is good to see him working again. I have missed that so much.   Gary has simplified a number of techniques.  His Manual is still available.  I urge any and all to go there for yourself to decide what you might think.  I enjoyed reading through the “Basic Setup” and very much liked watching Gary lead Liz through a session via “Skype.”  It was a joy –  that’s why I share it,  Jan)

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Today’s Humorous Quote: “I don’t want any yes-men around me. I want everyone around me to tell me the truth, even if it costs them their jobs.”  Samuel Goldwyn 

Did you know?: The Official EFT Tutorial on our website has updated and streamlined The Basic Recipe.  Among other things, the concept of Psychological Reversal has been eliminated and the tapping routine has been streamlined.  Some seasoned EFT’ers have overlooked these improvements and are still teaching the older method.

Getting to the Roots – Going deeper with Liz’s Specific Event, Psoriasis example:  Liz’s Psoriasis began decades ago, just after learning that her mother was dying of cancer.  This, of course, points to the probability that aiming EFT at that Specific Event should produce substantial results.  However, prior to our Skype session, no benefits were achieved despite Liz’s diligence in aiming EFT at a foundational Specific Event.  This “no benefit result” was evidence that something was wrong with the approach and so we dug a little deeper and shifted from sadness over the Specific Event to “My whole world is being taken away.”  As you will see, this change in focus made a major difference.

This result could never have been achieved with canned EFT Scripts because such approaches, by their nature, cannot customize the EFT process to properly fit the details of the clients.  See The Pros and Perils of EFT/Tapping Scripts.  This Skype video is loaded with further EFT Insights and contains the following important features:

Watch the Liz/Gary Skype video.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

e-hugs, Gary

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