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February 3, 2013

Dental protection is out there

Few things could please me more than this surprise from Dr Mercola this a.m.  An actual real dentist who has spent his life studying, observing what’s really happening with regard to teeth and acting on that evidence.   From this small video we find that the profession has not been as informed as they need to be if the intention is to save and protect teeth.  

Interestingly, this information is in accord pretty much with what I’ve been trying to speak about in protecting your teeth.  I do intend to download the transcript, tho, as I know nothing about the so-called “oil-pulling,”  . .from what I think I heard, it sounds intriguing and I need to know about it.   As we live and learn. . . . Jan

The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Story at-a-glance

  • Early intervention with minimally invasive dentistry can eliminate 80 percent of future dental interventions on the vast majority of patients
  • By identifying hypocalcific areas and using a miniature air abrasion tip to clean out those pits, fissures and grooves, removes the initial decay. The area is then sealed with glass ionomer. The end result is that those teeth tend to not decay in the future
  • Tooth decay is primarily driven by the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and acidity, which creates a pathogenic bioflora in your mouth. If you’re continually lowering the pH in your mouth, you start losing calcium, which is necessary for strong healthy teeth. Calcium deficiency leads to porosity in the teeth, which allows plaque that has turned pathogenic to attack the tooth more thoroughly
  • The three main components of minimally invasive dentistry comprises dietary prevention (creating a healthy bioflora in your mouth and body), dental prophylaxis (baking soda; oil pulling), and minimally invasive restorations, which will help prevent ever needing more invasive procedures like root canals, crowns, bridges and implants

Bulletproof Your Teeth – Cut Your Risk of Dental Problems by 80%    Minimally Invasive Dentistry
Unlike conventional dentistry, this technique doesn’t create an endless loop of revisits and fixing old dental work – instead it eliminates 80% of future dentistry, saving you thousands. Plus: the best substance to use on your teeth at night…


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