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January 25, 2013

RLS and rebounding

 Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?   get Help NOW !

I learned about the misery of RLS from a commenter on a post  in which a particular medicine was being eliminated due to it’s very real  danger that it was showing with common usage.   Too many people were being injured   as it was being overused and it posed a real threat to internal organs.

I remember that I had genuinely sympathized with this lady and attempted to inform her about EFT and  seriously wanted her to try it. She was impatient with my attempts and was full of worry about what her life was going to be with out the medicine she had come to rely on. I do understand – – both her frustration and my own good intentions which were  probably considered intrusive and unwanted.   We all do what we can and what we must.

I have not forgotten about her though.  At the time, I had only a hint of the problem she lived with.   Such leg disturbance rarely happened with me.  And I would have to get up and do some exercises and moving around in order to return to bed and sleep.  This was not what I wanted to be doing at the early hours when I was exhausted and needing sleep.    But I didn’t know what else to do.  I did discover that EFT solved the problem for me, so I was grateful.   In those days,  I kept my rebounder in the basement along with other exercise equipment.  My basement is large and pleasant with many of my favorite things down there.   However, my new, replacement rebounder that I bought  during the last year or two is something I use more frequently so I have kept it up here and handy and convenient.   I love this thing.

I have not been diagnosed with RLS and maybe what I get is not really that, I donno.  Getting older and less active, sitting too much at desk or computer doing the things I want to do,  the legs can really act up.   Can’t be ignored.   A few minutes of “rebounding” is all it takes and I’m fine again and good to go.    It crossed my mind that this is something which many of those RLS sufferers aught to know about.

It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.   I can’t imagine an easier way of handling a major problem.   I have posted on Rebounding 3 or 4 times, but I have close to 1700 posts here now and I don’t know quite where they are without much time searching through them all.  I bought my first one used at a garage sale and was satisfied, but wanted a really great one (I’m worth it).  Have always enjoyed using the mini trampoline for ordinary health reasons of circulation,  for the lymph, cells, joints and so on – – am a true believer on these things.  You can feel the benefits if you use them with regularity.  And you know your are helping yourself.

So just passing this on,  a simple little hint that maybe can help someone.   .     .     just sayin,    Jan


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