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January 16, 2013

Believe babies need Shots?

Earth Mother is Speaking

With every sense of apprehension or “wrenched gut” – – your  own protective parental mechanism is  urging you to HOLD UP, and re-think what you are doing to this precious child.   Please do not go along to get along.

Vaccinated Children Five Times More Prone To Disease!
New research has revealed that disease, and even autism rates, are higher among vaccinated children when compared to those unvaccinated. Learn more about the study and why the safety and efficacy of vaccines is once again being called into question.

This information came from FOOD MATTERS, and is so vital to the health of our children – the welfare of our future.  We all need to be vigilant, more-so with every passing year as the volume and frequency of inoculation increases.  EVERYONE needs to understand this  because these little ones can not speak up or defend themselves – they rely on us!  Jan


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