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January 14, 2013

Stuff changes

Movin’ On and Grateful for it

Regular readers may have been curious about the marked reduction in my posts  recently.   Frankly, I have been in somewhat of a quandary as well – as to whether or not I should just hang it up.   Evidence suggests stuff is changing [in me], so what do I do?

November 2007

Remember this photo?  Used it as my first head shot when the blog was started as I didn’t have a  recent  one.  This was from a thanksgiving dinner with the family taken the year before.   It worked.

Time flew by as I was really having so much fun.   Both my girls were in middle school at this time so I was seeing less of them all the time.  Smokinchoices became my almost everything as I weaned myself off the  prior decade of raising two little angels.  .   .   .  stuff changes.   .   .

Brianna, my youngest granddaughter,  took the 2nd shot of me and Heidi when I felt the need for something new – different.  And  I was delighted.  I had run a pic of Bri and Heidi that I adored because Heidi had always been so crazy about her – and it showed.  Is this gorgeous or what?


This was run with an expression of gratitude to Brianna for she had really been a help to me when I was trying to understand different things relevant to “how-to” do so many things  on the computer.  It was hard to understand how one so young could be so clever.  In truth, I shouldn’t have been so amazed – – she had depth, powers of focus and a broad spectrum of interests.

Jan and Heidie

Jan  and Heidi

This then is the shot of Heidi and me.  What’s not to like?  Late August 2008,   so it must have been around my 77 birthday.   Actually, not bad for an old lady. . . . .    .  felt good, had plenty of energy, was very active and all was looking up.

Would soon be learning about EFT, and I have never stopped being grateful for that.

New pic of Mom

Here I’m 81 and really showing it now.  Still holding my own pretty well, tho am dealing with some stuff.  Primarily the COPD – dramatic respiratory impairment.  Is limiting ability to move around now.

Still going for walks with Heidi, but not long ones anymore.   Had been in A-Fib for over five years, and it hurt the heart, of course [all while under doctor’s care].  It is said it was all brought on by the extreme hyperactive thyroid condition I had been having for around 10 years.  Still, the doctors wouldn’t prescribe medication which I had asked for, because my lab work confirmed normal limits or ranges. [relevant only to those who have been there and done that!]  Had sought iodine all of adult life, but was refused by each doctor – this was not being done anymore – was passe.   Thyroid was sluggish for 50 years; then turned hyperactive and was deemed diseased and needed to come out.

I fought this with everything I knew to do til I was fading away and knew it.  A doctor I had been seeing for nearly a decade said I was injuring myself and wasn’t going to make it if I didn’t let them remove the gland or use the radium treatment.   Had to acquiesce.    Almost 2 years of I-131 treatments – radioactive radium. first one, 20 millicuries of radium;  8 mos later another 30 mill. then finally 6 mos later another 30.  That’s a lot.  My gland was fighting for all it was worth to stay alive.  And I was pulling for it.  Am I mad or what?

I’m taking iodine drops daily now and have been for over two years.  We live in the age of the internet.  I didn’t know about going around doctors and just doing what you know is the right thing – allowed or not. Almost everybody  in America is deficient in iodine and damaging our bodies because of it.  We all need so much more iodine than we are getting.  Commenters here on my blog told me about the “Stop the Madness” group of people and there are probably more groups out there who share with one another and help spread the word around.  I was so grateful to learn of them.  [They are in the Blogroll].

It is my damaged heart which is impacting me  along with the breathing thing.   This is one of the main reasons for all the juicing and the wheat grass stint which I stopped when I found it too difficult to get it down the throat anymore.  Guess I don’t like it too much.  But it would be worth it if I could see a difference.  Am about to grow it again.  I tried the coffee enemas, but I must have done something wrong as it is so messy – had to do in in the bath tub.  A whole lot of extra work.  Again, if I thought I was profiting from it, I’d still try it again.

Meanwhile, don’t really spend much time before the mirror – hard to recognize what I’m seeing.  Here you go.


My hair has always grown like weeds.   Good hair runs in the family.   Even tho I have lost much volume, the appearance seems to be still plentiful.   Probably because I haven’t cut it for quite a while.

Its hard for me to maintain good style now as I can’t seem to manage it any more.  The arthritis in the hands and loss of sense of touch combine to ineptness.  Hard for one who for at least 60 years cut, colored and permed her own hair.

As they say. . . stuff changes . .  .  .

1104121609-1So here I am now at 83 and definitely, the old grey mare. . dumping on all you guys,  I am probably not going to be a prolific writer any more.

I’ve turned into a rotten housekeeper . . it is a question of doin’ what one can and trying to ignore the rest.  .  . you know,

S T U F F      C H A N G E S  !

But if you guys can accept that,  I’m still having a pretty good time, all things considered.

gonna leave it up to you.

should I hang it up?   or

Keep on keepin’ on ?

. . .just askin’. . .    Jan

FYI,  my number 1 granddaughter Rachel,  has now started her own new family. She and Jarod are a profoundly happy couple and have been blessed with a gorgeous son named Cooper.  Rachel is one radiant mother who, I am delighted to say – is doing everything right.   [hard to tally up all my blessings]

Coop & Mommie


There is an update (Later Post) to this  called  “STUFF CHANGES, two”  dated May 7, 2016.




  1. Jan, I sincerely hope you don’t ‘hang up your blog’. Slow it down further if you must but please don’t stop. I’m sorry you have such health problems mostly because you were mislead in the past by ignorant doctors.

    You have certainly helped the rest of us in so many ways through your blog and I know I have checked health problems the natural way because of your information and help.

    I can’t imagine looking at my emails and not seeing your blog there, in fact I don’t want to imagine it as I would become too upset at the thought.

    Honestly, Jan, I feel as though I know you through your blogs. You have become the trustworthy and loyal friend that I don’t want to lose.

    By the way girl, you look great and I wish I had your magnificent hair. I can see where your granddaughters get their looks from and weren’t they lucky to be reared by such a wonderful grandmother.

    So please ‘don’t hang it up’ just ‘keep on keepin’ on’.


    Comment by Mary — January 14, 2013 @ 5:28 pm | Reply

    • Mary, Mary,. . . . you sure know how to get to a person. You have been a part of this family for rather a long time now, and I have always treasured your input. Thank you dear lady for your encouragement to keep on keepin’ on. It is of course, what I want to do. To hear your words, coming as they are from your heart helps me to realize that this effort which I call my ‘labor of love’ does perhaps do a little good or reach others in a helpful way. For me, there can be no greater return.

      Sometimes it is easy to doubt the personal revelations regarding my own experiences, but I have generally done this as it is an allowable tool for those who do not have the formal trappings of degrees and accepted training Even so, it is actually the way this persona of mine has manifested – – what you see is what you get, acceptable for some, off-putting to others.

      Anyway, my 83rd year has indeed slowed me down, more so recently. I have had to accept it. But wanted to explain that I am not loosing interest. My own interests have always been broad. . family, arts, sciences, philosophy, spirituality, health, ecology and of course, am a political junkie. Have really tried to curb my need to share on all these. . .I really have. Now, I need to try harder and simplify.

      Thank you dear friend, for that is what you are. Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — January 14, 2013 @ 10:09 pm | Reply

  2. Jan the last time we talk you told me that Smoking Choice, was what was keeping you going. So I do not understand, that now you want to stop doing your posting. What will you do with your time? By the way your girls arebeautiful, andcongratulationson been a new Great Grand Mother.

    We will talk soon.

    Love Shirletta


    Comment by Shirletta Gantt — January 14, 2013 @ 7:50 pm | Reply

    • Shirletta, I am so surprised to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I appreciate this.

      It is true, “smokinchoices” is the major interest which occupies my creative interests. Like many other geriatric people, arthritis, cardio and pulmonary concerns have limited my activities – not my interests. For over 5 years I have generally posted daily and usually multiple posts each day. Now, sometimes, days go by and because I realize it is apparent – – thought it would be better to come out with it rather than worry people or have them think I have lost my drive or interest – not true – only my poop! Doesn’t being ‘up-front’ kinda sound like me?

      I was thinking that I might contact Donna Eden’s “Innersource” to see if she has a practitioner here in the Columbus area whom I might go see. I have been reading her book (Eden Energy Medicine) and I love it. Have bought a set of videos but with what I’ve got going on, I need a little help to get it done. I can follow through, but can’t do all the energy testing on myself and am not sure how to trace and “sedate” and so on. I am so impressed with her techniques. Am hoping for the best and see t happen.

      Furthermore, Shirletta, I honestly believe that a sense of happiness and enjoyment is not dependent on the outer thing (like body or circumstances), but on the inner realms of pleasure and gratitude and even acceptance. Sometimes I do fall into those pits, but a few minutes doing EFT will generally lift me right out of it.

      Yeah, girl, the girls have grown into real living beauties. They are so different in tastes, appearance, Both have amazing strengths, again – so different. Brianna is finishing high school and will be off to college soon after. Jeff is going to really experience an unimagined shift. I’m thinking “Cooper” may be some kind of magician – you should see what he can do with that face and infectious grin, My Gawd! Love you, Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — January 14, 2013 @ 10:42 pm | Reply

  3. Small typo but must correct it: I meant misled in the past by doctors not mislead etc

    Comment by Mary — January 14, 2013 @ 9:28 pm | Reply

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