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January 12, 2013

Jobs #1 – Paul Krugman

Clear discussion on most needed action

To “bounce” our economy back

Between Bill Moyers and  Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman on Why Jobs Come First   Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tells Bill that we should put aside our excessive focus on the deficit and spend money to put America back to work. He offers specific solutions to not only end what he calls a “vast, unnecessary catastrophe,” but to do it more quickly than some imagine possible.WATCH NOW

(Couldn’t agree with this discussion more!    Paul lays it out so easily from his clear thinking.  He explains why the investment of stimulus to our infra-structure by means of well-paying jobs  – by the very existence of them returns our economy to a thriving (once again) – – way of life which the world has long admired and tried to emulate.   

It is not the deficit problem which is holding us back, it is simply the laws of supply and demand which is being driven to it’s lowest plateau ever seen because of nothing more than mis-directed thinking by this deluded  GOP congress whose ultimate goal is not the thriving of the “American economy,”  but the establishment of the ulterior motives of the slaying-the-beast- crowd, which can only survive and reach goals if the government shrinks in all it’s capacities (i.e. – public services and  regulatory agencies) in order for their utopian dream to come into full being.  They will then be able to run things the way they want to without interference from government or regulation. 

Of course, it is a given that this dream has no room in it for the common man or family who is just trying to get along . . .   .   no discussion is given over to the multi-millions and what happens to them – why?  It seemed to emerge pretty well during the recent presidential campagn, but apparently – it is forbidden to speak openly about.      

Fact:  The more we struggle to balance the budget by cutting back further and further, the more we sink into hell of desperation with no jobs, or only minimum paying jobs  (the kind Governor Kasich loves to brag about)   With hundreds of thousands of teachers and cops  and libraries and parks and all those agencies which are supposed to keep them all running smoothly – are cut back, the more chaotic all becomes. Pain increases;  debt mounts;  why should students get all those loans and carry a life time of financial hell, if there aren’t any jobs to “get”  so that the loans can be handled fairly?  Yet if they don’t acquire an education – what is their future to be?  So to continue to cut back yields what – – only further ruination and the debt hasn’t got a chance – E V E R !  

But if we choose another different path – the one our President espoused – greater stimulus to the JOBS picture, especially to the newer green energy, opening up whole new levels of employment.   But he was met with more and endless blocks and denials – all as too costly.  Sure it was!  It just happened here in Ohio with the “The TURNING POINT   SOLAR ” plan  which was a go under former Governor Strickland who felt this was the kind of thing Ohioans needed and wanted.  Set it in motion.    That was then, this is the day of John Kasich – — it’s no longer a go.   (have a post coming on this) 

But, overlooking some of these details – – it is  easy enough to get the point,  that, back to the old supply and demand thing;   more people working – especially, if they also happen to be earning fairly good money like just a few years ago (memory serves). . . . .  .  . . money starts a-flowing into the coffers,  the wheels start turning and the next thing you know, people have money to spend ( translated = means  purchase power) and next thing you know the makers of “stuff” start thinking, hey – its time to start producing again   (instead of just sitting on all that money).  If enough “stimulus” could be infused – we’d be back in no time,  but pokin’ along piece-meal, it could take about two years – just doing the jobs thing – no deficit reduction austerities at all.    But hey, who am I. . . . . just listen to Paul.    Sure better than what everyone’s lookin’ at now.   Jan)


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