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December 26, 2012

Alzheimer’s Drug 4 autistic kids

(My comment follows)

OSU will test drug to treat autism

Study involves children ages 6 to 12 affected by spectrum of disorders


  • Columbus-area children with autism can enroll in the largest-ever clinical research program that aims to use medication to treat the disorder’s core symptoms.

Ohio State University’s Nisonger Center is among more than 85 research sites in the United States evaluating the use of the drug memantine on social interaction and communication among autistic children.

  • Memantine is used to treat memory dysfunction associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

“When we think of drug or medication studies, we tend to think about reducing problematic issues,” said Dr. Michael Aman, director of research at the Nisonger Center.

“This is a totally opposite strategy where the emphasis is restoring and improving function.”

Aman noted a preliminary study in Chicago in 2004 found that autistic children who were given memantine were more open and interactive with other people. The study also found that their ability to interact and communicate with their peers improved. The ConnectMe research program will evaluate the drug on a larger scale for children ages 6 to 12 with autism, Asperger’s syndrome and those with mild symptoms on the autism spectrum.

Hanna Rue, executive director of the National Autism Center, calls the study innovative.

“There are behavioral and educational treatments, but this is something certainly worth watching,” she said.

  • There currently are no FDA-approved drugs that treat any of the three core symptoms of autism: impaired social interactions; impaired communication; and restricted interests, repetitive behaviors and stereotyped mannerisms.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, autism-spectrum disorders affect 1 in every 88 children in the United States.

Monica DeBrock, whose 16-year-old son, Jacob, is autistic, said the drug could give families another option to help their kids.

“Most of these kids want to be able to interact with their peers,” she said. “They struggle , and it’s frustrating for them. To give them another tool they can use is wonderful.”

DeBrock said Jacob struggled as a child to pick up social etiquette. He rarely greets his peers, and when they start conversations, he tends to veer the talk toward his interests.

DeBrock said her son has come a long way. He is a junior at Reynoldsburg High School’s Encore Academy, where he takes college-level courses and competes on the school’s bowling team.

“You feel sometimes as an outsider if you have a child whose behavior is sometimes outside of the norm,” she said. “… If they can interact better with their peers, it opens doors they didn’t have before.”

(Jan’s comment:   

The timing of this news taints it with two of our country’s most important issues (at least in my mind). The first being the horror of the recent school shooting which lays like a lump of coal in our hearts and met by the leader of the NRA with admonitions regarding the mentally unstable and the need to take action on “that” rather than curbing certain classes of weapons.  This is a dreadful response to a serious problem.  Reportedly, a great many members of the NRA and the rest of the country (not NRA members), are not buying into this reasoning.  Our nation is demanding restored sanity with ownership of firearms.  The time is now.  

Furthermore, it was pitiful to lump  Asperger’s syndrome into a class of mentally disturbed people.  Talk about adding insult to injury! Mind is excellent in many of these individuals – their injury has taken away from them the ability to socialize and communicate in ways necessary to enjoy a happy life.  They are so often, isolated and therein lies their great problem.  This is a sentence handed out from the medical community with the multitudinous inoculations – – robbing them of any chance of a normal life.  Their burden is enormous.   God knows, they do not also deserve to be maligned.  

Then we have issue #2:   The pharmaceutical complex who never saw a disease it didn’t get excited over, is always willing and able to spring from the gate ready to take on all new patients-for-life it can find. To be sure  and it just keeps getting worse.  There has been no help pharmaceutically for the autistic crowd.  Autism was such a rarity in the 20th century that it was unknown  in first half and then bit, by bit, it crept onto  the scene  and  grew – – with every advancement of the usage of infant inoculation as they increased in frequency and quantity.  Infant humans without developed immune systems being unable to handle such an onslaught are just not in a fair fight.  So we have gone from an unknown condition to rare and now 1 in 88.  How’s that for incredible?  

There has been an effort to blame the genes which literally enrages me.  Genes as part of the body are just as susceptible to damage from this horrible invasion as any other part of the organism.  The answer is not to be found there.   Obviously, it is an external influence.  Our world as we now know it is not the world we evolved to inhabit.  It is full of toxins and chemicals in water, air, soil and food and all of farming which is not organic. But with regard to autism, it is not the farming or GMO’s – – it is the medical establishment itself from the point of ignorance and greed which is shortchanging and damaging our kids.  We expect better from men of science and generally attribute to them the highest motives.   The scientific mind however is open and willing to see what is before them.   That is not what is happening now.     

This article discusses giving these children medicine which is made for Alzheimer’s patients – the geriatric community.  Everybody knows there has been no serious advancement to really help this class of people.  They are still disintegrating before our eyes and it is traumatic for everyone involved.    Why has no mention been made before now about the 2004 study with children taking  MEMANTINE?  If it helps socialization and communication skills – – why not speak of it?  85 centers are now going to study it?   Promising, but iffy?  

You know,  it it reminding me of the stories I’ve read about children’s services where they are drugging little kids in order to control them because no one actually has time or money or means to BE with them or LOVE  them.  This is cheaper – what the hell . . .!  I may be skewed on all this, but you know – what goes around,  comes around!  . . . .     .   just sayin’.   .   .   Jan)


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