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December 20, 2012

Power up your Veggies

Superfoods from ordinary vegggies

This recent post from Dr Joseph Mercola is really very good.  It is long,  an hour and 3/4, but I found  it worth my time and the subject is not new to me as most of you know.  But this beautiful lady with all her credentials and smarts is a delight, and I truly learned some new stuff which is helpful. Also, the growth and flexibility of Dr Mercola who now accepts ‘significant’ but not majority of “RAW” foods to enable maximum health (which, ironically, I have come to as well.  You see, I instinctively MISSED soups and slow simmered foods, and have gradually begun to add back in more animal protein – – because I wanted to.  It seems to be workin’ for me)

I understand how very busy all are at this time of year, so you may want to save this one for later, but when possible, I hope you do listen and learn ad enjoy.    Jan.

Caroline Barringer Interview Turn Ordinary Vegetables into Superfoods With This Simple Trick   Caroline Barringer Interview
And then eat just half a cup a day to help drag toxins and heavy metals out of your body. Follow these 6 steps to create your inexpensive superfoods today – but beware, this amazing process is so powerful that overdoing it could cause a “health crisis”…

Story at-a-glance

  • Your gut is home to countless bacteria, both good and bad. These bacteria outnumber the cells in your body by at least 10 to one, and maintaining the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria forms the foundation for good health—physical, mental and emotional
  • Fermented or cultured foods, such as cultured vegetables are ideal for maintaining optimal gut health. Just one quarter to one half cup of fermented veggies, eaten with one to three meals a day, can have a dramatic, beneficial impact on your health—including potent detoxification from toxins and heavy metals
  • Summary instructions for fermenting your own vegetables are included, along with a dozen special tips and tricks from the expert, Caroline Barringer

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