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December 19, 2012

Cuts to Social Security? (ya sure?)


I was stunned to hear the President speak of “cuts to social security” in his talk regarding gun control.

While I, (like all others  in America) laud his stance on sanity in gun ownership, I cannot accept his apparent change of direction with regard to SS as it is NOT an acceptable solution to reducing the deficit.  We have all contributed to our own social security and it cannot be thought of as just one more expense factor.  For it is not that.

This is not just something “nice to have” – it is how we survive.  And the paltry 1.7% cost-of-living increase doesn’t come anywhere near covering the increases most of us contend with including the near doubling of food and the dramatic increase in utilities since Kasich arrived – – making Ohio now about the highest rates in the nation.  Way to go Johnny!

News is breaking: Social Security benefits were put on the chopping block in the latest round of deficit talks in Congress.

But Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.

Even Ronald Reagan said so.

So why are the Republicans who claim they want to close the deficit today demanding Social Security benefit cuts? And why are reports surfacing that these cuts are likely to be in the final deal?

Right now, our best chance to stop it will be in the Senate. We have to be ready.

Watch this video clip of Ronald Reagan defending Social Security, then sign Progressives United’s petition telling senators to reject cuts to Social Security, or to other crucial benefits:

Ronald Reagan: 'Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.'

Social Security is not the cause of our deficit problem.

Any adjustments to social security must be done as a separate matter, without cutting benefits, not as a snake-oil solution to an unrelated deficit problem — and never in exchange for allowing corporate interests and the wealthiest Americans to avoid contributing their fair share.

Sign our petition today, then share this telling video with your friends and family to make sure progressives spread the word.

With your help, we can be ready to stop a bad deal that cuts Social Security benefits when it reaches the Senate. But if we don’t act now, it will soon be too late.

Thank you for uniting as a progressive,

Russ Feingold,
Progressives United


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