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November 25, 2012

Get into the food thing

Sustainable farming yields the healthiest food and strongest bodies

(On the Food Matters post of 24th, I must admit I was taken with the ‘trailer’ on the upcoming FRESH movie.  There was this farmer by the name of Joe Salatyn living in Shenandoah Valley in VA.  Needed to know more. Going online I found his name to be actually “Joel Salatin”   with all else being the same.   This man is well known and highly active as a writer, a speaker and a committed farmer to the truly ecological, sustainable methodology.   It was love at first sight and sound.   How I wish I could have been part of all this – – it is so exciting.  

I’m sure my delight is stemming from my passion for health and all things natural and to me – sacred.    Quite as sure that it has nothing to do whatever with all those old stories my mother used to tell me of her life growing up on the farm in Canada.  Maybe its in the genes. Where ever it comes from, it is resonating for me.  Perhaps there are some of you out there who just might like to learn more and find out if somehow, there could be more involvement for you too.  Any way at all.  .  .  as a new hobby,  merely for personal information and satisfaction, or even as a pathway to a new direction in life.   

One of the sites  I found seems dedicated to Ron Paul (?) and it has a ton of VIDEOS – hours and hours worth.  I only watched two so far.  One was Dr. Mercola interviewing Joel and the other one was a speech he delivered which he referred to as “Ballet in the Pasture”  either or both of which I would recommend.

Happy watching~

Table of Contents – Main Sections, Farm Tours, & Presentations
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  • Google Maps – Link to satellite view of Polyface Farm
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“Joel F. Salatin (born 1957) is an American farmer, lecturer, and author whose books include You Can Farm and Salad Bar Beef.

Salatin raises livestock using holistic methods of animal husbandry, free of potentially harmful chemicals, on his Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley. Meat from the farm is sold by direct-marketing to consumers and restaurants …

Salatin, a self-described “Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist farmer” produces high-quality “beyond organic” meats, which are raised using environmentally responsible, ecologically beneficial, sustainable agriculture …

Salatin’s 550-acre farm is featured prominently in Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma (2006) and the documentary films, Food, Inc, and Fresh. His unconventional farming practices have drawn attention from the alternative agriculture community especially those interested in sustainable livestock management …

Salatin’s philosophy of farming emphasizes healthy grass on which animals can thrive in a symbiotic cycle of chemical-free feeding. Cows are moved from one pasture to another rather than being centrally corn fed. Then chickens in portable coops are moved in behind them, where they dig through the cow dung to eat protein-rich fly larvae while further fertilizing the field with their droppings.”


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