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November 20, 2012

David of Dr. Clark (letter)

(Breaking my preference here of “not” transmitting an entire letter from another site.  But guess you all know how I deeply appreciated Dr Clark and benefited from her.   Have written to David and found him so ‘real’ and helpful.  And of course, I am grateful that he carries on for her since she she left us.  She was a true treasure.   

I used most of her cleanses, zapped daily (am now on my second zapper – – first being home-made effort per her instructions in the book “Cure for all Disease” and it worked fine,  just eventually wanted one made by her).  It was she who opened my eyes to the possibility of the toxins all around us.   Taught me how to see while I was busy ‘looking’    

Some interesting stuff here, if you are so inclined.    Jan

Zapper Year End Specials / Alkalinity / Overweight and High Protein Diets / GM Corn and Cancer

Dear Guest of!
by David P. Amrein
I get a number of appreciated newsletters from different professionals in the field. It recently dawned on me that the look of my newsletter is not as “sexy” as theirs. I promise to improve! But that said — I just have been preferring to put my time into content. I go through a lot of articles to put together the newsletter and I hope that it is information that you will find useful. Dr. Clark was all about content and if something looked too glitzy, she found it a bit suspicious. I can’t say that I am as careful about good looks, but promise that my newsletter will always be about content first!

In this issue:

  • Year End Specials: Zapper and Accessories, Clean Water!
  • Alkaline Minerals: Why Citrates
  • Zapper Study Published in Peer Reviewed Journal
  • Why Dr. Clark Products?
  • Overweight: A Diet High in Proteins Helps
  • Study Links GM Corn to Cancer
  • Case Study: Indian Boy Vomits 4 Live Fasciolopsis buski Parasites
  • Saliva Testing
  • Bottle Copies and Test Kits Form
  • Program Drivers
  • Wholesale Items

Dr.<br /> Hulda Clark Research Association

1. Year End Specials: Zapper and Accessories, Clean Water!

The specials, valid until December 23, focus on Dr. Clark’s Zapper and its accessories. Use code ZN12 for all offers.

For details go here:

US clients:

EU clients:


Our new Zapper and Frequency Generator have set new standards for Dr. Clark Zappers both in design and functionality. These two devices go by the name VariDevices because of their ability to transform into each other (hence, Variable).

  • VariZapper Apart from its modern and refreshing look, the device is built to be user friendly and simple. The VariZapper comes with all accessories you need to get started! Delivered in a robust suitcase with a 9 Volt block battery, cables, wristbands, and 2 pairs of gel pads which can be stuck on different areas of the body, there is nothing standing in the way of getting started immediately. The VariZapper comes with three standard programs:
    – Duration zapping: 60 minutes non-stop zapping with Dr. Clark‘s frequency
    – Classic program: 7 min. zapping – 20 min. pause (3x)
    – Zappicator program: In connection with Dr. Clark‘s food Zappicator board.
    Features: – Adjustable voltage up to 15V
    – Programmable through Program Driver Cards
    – Large display with background lighting
    – Clear menu guidance through display and sound signals
    – Two year warranty
  • VariGammaThe VariGamma has the same features as the VariZapper, plus it is a full-fledged frequency generator that allows you to program your own frequency programs. You can also store your own frequency programs on empty Program Driver Cards to create your own library of programs. The cards so programmed can be used on both VariGamma and VariZapper – meaning you could create specific frequency programs for someone else who has a VariZapper.

Program Drivers

The Program Driver Cards are programmed with specific frequencies as suggested by Dr. Hulda Clark for specific purposes. Stick it in your VariDevice and let the card do the rest!

Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

To save you money and reduce the burden on the environment, use our high performance 9V block batteries and charger. Power up while saving money!


With this accessory you protect your VariDevice from damages. The belt clip attached at the back of the protective cover allows you to zap hands free. Protection and flexibility all in one!

Gel Electrodes

The Gel electrodes give you more options in zapping closer to the affected area of your body. This was Dr. Clark‘s secret for best results. The closer the better!

Conductive Slippers

Dr. Clark deemed zapping through the feet the most effective way to zap the whole body, since it is less likely for PCBs – which inhibit zapping — to accumulate in the soles or our feet. Effective zapping through your feet!

2. Alkaline Minerals: Why Citrates

When you take supplements, you would like to know that you are taking the most effective supplements. On the one hand, you want to be sure that our supplements are pure and do not contain any harmful substances, and we work every day to make this a reality. On the other hand, the substances you do take should be the most effective – the most workable and also the most cost effective.

With this in mind, we designed the alkaline minerals. Our modern diet tends to make us acid. Foods high in phosphates, for example, can deplete our bodies of alkaline minerals. There has been much discussion about what it means to have acid metabolism, but one simple test I once found is where you swish your mouth with a tablespoon of lemon juice, then measure with pH strips how long your body takes to neutralize the acidity. If the time is short, you have a lot of alkaline minerals in store. If it takes long, you are low in alkaline minerals. This is a simple and meaningful test.

Alkaline minerals help restore alkalinity to the organism. The main alkaline minerals in our bodies are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. With table salt, ubiquitous in foods, we usually consume enough sodium. But we tend to be short in the other minerals. That is why our alkaline minerals contain calcium citrate, magnesium citrate and potassium citrate. A urinary pH test will indicate to you whether you have balanced out the system.

Why citrates? — The chemical form that you take can make a big difference for some nutrients. The alkaline minerals are hard to absorb for the human intestines. A significant portion of the calcium that we consume with food is not absorbed. When you supplement alkaline minerals, it is important to take a form that is easily absorbed. Citrates are known to be among the most readily absorbed mineral compounds for our bowels. They are a bit more expensive than, for example, calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide, but the extra money spent is well worth it when you consider that a much large portion of it can be absorbed.

3. Zapper Study Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

Two German naturopathic physicians have recently published a new study about bio-feedback therapy and Dr. Clark’s zapper. The study can be found here:

It is a retrospective study of patients treated over the period of 10 years. The focus was to find out whether MORE bio feedback therapy was effective, and whether using the Clark zapper added anything to the result. We are not at liberty to share the results here, but you can read up on them yourself.

4. Why Dr. Clark Products?

Two examples to illustrate:

Product: L-Glutamine

Well-known competitor product
L-Glutamine, fillers (Cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), release agent (mono-and diglycerides of edible fatty acids, silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids), coating (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polydextrose, titanium dioxide, talc, vegetable oil)

Dr. Clark Research Association product
L-Glutamine, gelatin (capsule)

Product: Co-Enzyme Q10

Well-known competitor product
Fillers (Lactose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), Co-Enzyme Q10, stabilizer (polyvinylpyrrolidone), release agent (silicon dioxide)

Dr. Clark Research Association product
Co-Enzyme Q10, gelatin (capsule), corn starch

Shocking? Not necessarily. Production with fillers, flow agents, coating agents and tableting materials simplifies the production process and lowers the cost to the manufacturer. Production without additives is expensive and often associated with manual labor.

Our motto is: Whenever possible, there is nothing but the active substance in our products. The fewer components, the better.

We hope you will also appreciate our uncompromising quality standards in this respect.

We are your partner for

  • natural, pure and uncontaminated products
  • orthomolecular products without unnecessary additives
  • pure herbal products
  • unique liquid herbal extract formulae from organically grown herbs

5. Overweight: A Diet High in Proteins Helps

A recent study shed some light on the importance of eating a lot of proteins when trying to lose weight. It has been a moot point whether high carb or high fat diets were better to lose weight. High fat diets are somewhat counter intuitive, but have been promoted by Atkins and a number of other proponents. The Paleo Diet for Athletes also promotes a low carb medium to high fat and high protein diet.

One thing that has become clear in weight elated nutritional studies in the past years is that satiation plays an important role. Weight gain is generally linked to the amount of calories consumed. If in a study the amount of calories is carefully measured and each participant of different diets given the same amount of calories, the differences in weight development may be small to none. The more important question, however, is how people who carry out these diets “in the wild” will feel. Will they feel hungry on a specific diet and tend to eat more?

Exactly that is the point that proponents of low carb diets usually make: That people who eat low carb diets are less hungry and subsequently eat less. The mechanism is that high carb diets cause blood sugar to peak which will cause release of insulin, which in turn pushes the energy into the cells and causes fat to be made up and stored away.

This new study here now shows that high protein diets also help to create a feeling of satiation on less food. This effect was observed in a general high protein diet, but also when a “regular” diet was enriched by a single amino acid. This makes it likely that the effect is due to nitrogen metabolism — proteins and their building blocks, amino acids, contain nitrogen that must be excreted through the kidneys. This causes a person to be thirstier and drink more. The consumption of water will reduce the feeling of hunger. This happens automatically and the person will naturally eat less.

Read up on the full study here:

6. Study Links GM Corn to Cancer

Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, professor of molecular biology at Caen University in France, brought the whole scientific and corporate establishment crashing down on his head. In a peer-reviewed US journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology, he reported the results of a €3.2m study. Fed a diet of Monsanto’s Roundup-tolerant GM maize NK603 for two years, or exposed to Roundup over the same period, rats developed higher levels of cancers and died earlier than controls. Séralini suggested that the results could be explained by the endocrine-disrupting effects of Roundup, and overexpression of the transgene in the GMO.

This was scientific dynamite. It was the first time that maize containing these specific genes had been tested on rats over two years — nearly their full lifespan — as opposed to the 90-day trials demanded by regulators. Around a dozen long-term studies of different GM crops have failed to find similar effects. Séralini’s study also looked at the toxicity of the Roundup herbicide when fed directly to rats.

If the study stood up, then the consistent arguments of the industry that its GM maize is safe might be fatally undermined, with immense political, financial and social consequences.

See the full article here:

7. Case Study: Indian Boy Vomits 4 Live Fasciolopsis buski Parasites

For us who know Dr. Clark’s teachings about the importance of parasitism, this is an interesting and rare case study of a young patient who vomited live human intestinal fluke parasites:;year=2012;volume=5;issue=4;spage=403;epage=405;aulast=Mohanty

8. Saliva Testing

While we at Dr. Clark research Association do not carry out any saliva tests, some individual practitioners do. Here is one place we recommend, because the tester is a long term Syncrometer tester und registered naturopath that has been working with the Clark protocol for many years:

Contact Syncrometer tester Heike Beckers at or register for a saliva test directly through the registration form here: and the questionnaire here:

For an overview of the various saliva tests offered, go here:

9. Bottle Copies and Test Kits Form

Since Dr. Clark’s new Prevention Book came out and new sets of bottles are necessary for testing or Plate Zapping, we have updated the homeographic copies list, especially to include sets of copies. Find the updated list here:

10. Program Drivers

The order form for Program Drivers and Smart Keys, as well as the Smart Key Programming Tool, is here:

11. Wholesale Items

Our wholesale offer has expanded in that all products that we grant 40% discount in dozens now carry 50% discount per 6 dozens.

We do not require a business certificate or any other certification for you to become a wholesaler; it has been our policy to do it based on quantity alone. For that reason we do require a minimum order quantity of $300 per order and most products must be ordered in dozens.

Best Regards
David P. Amrein
President, Dr. Clark Research Association

Disclaimer and Notice: I am not a medical doctor. This is not medical advice, but merely a reference to Dr. Clark’s findings. For medical advice, consult with your physician. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark’s findings does not necessarily imply that these findings have been corroborated by other scientists. Other scientists may disagree. We do not make any promises with regards to the products we sell. Note that in the US the zapper and the MiniFG are not medical devices and we can’t advocate them for medical use. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Remedies are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate disease. Only your body can cure itself and prevent disease ;o)
20 November 2012
(c)2012 by Dr. Clark Research Association and David P. Amrein

The worldwide recognition of Dr. Clark is based not only on her holistic therapy concept, but also on her unparalleled standard of unconditionally natural, pure and uncontaminated products. To produce products of utmost purity for the benefit of the clients –- Dr. Clark‘s requirement is our obligation and motivation. But does not every manufacturer claim to offer the purest products? How can you separate the wheat from the chaff? A look at the ingredients list (which is visible on the product label and in many cases also the company‘s website) may be revealing.

We understand that not everyone has a naturopath or doctor close to them who is experienced at bio feedback testing such as with Dr. Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer. However, Dr. Clark writes: “To have such a test, it is not necessary to be physically present. A saliva sample is sufficient. Not only can your saliva be tested, but you can also test your drinking water, body-care products, house dust, and the saliva of your pet.”

Since many of the microscopy slides that Dr. Clark has been using for Plate Zapping or use with the Syncrometer have become unavailable, we have gone over to providing electronic copies of these substances for testing. This is a technique described by Dr. Hulda Clark in the later books.



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