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November 16, 2012

Diabetes keeps climbing

(my comment to follow)

Diabetes climbing in U.S. since 1995

Survey says cases in 18 states have at least doubled

By Michelle Fay Cortez BLOOMBERG NEWS

MINNEAPOLIS — The number of people living with diabetes is soaring in the United States, as 18 states including Ohio had at least a doubling in those with the illness since 1995, a government survey found.

Diabetics made up 6 percent or more of the population in all 50 states in 2010, an increase from just three states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico in 1995, according to the report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Rates are increasing in tandem with obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions as physical activity levels plunge and daily calorie counts soar, according to the CDC.

The findings have health and economic implications as the number of Americans with diabetes is expected to continue climbing unless effective prevention and treatment efforts are established, said Ann Albright, director of the CDC’s division of diabetes translation.

Diabetes costs topped $174 billion in 2007, the most recent numbers available, with about $1 of every $10 spent on health care going toward the disease, according to the American Diabetes Association.

“It’s potentially a big problem, and it’s a problem that is going to increase,” said Adrian Vella, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., who studies the development of prediabetes. “The longer that people live, the more likely they are to have diabetes. And the longer you have diabetes, the more likely you are to have complications from it.”

The findings in the CDC’s “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report” are based on telephone surveys conducted across the United States. Researchers asked people whether they had been told they had diabetes. The researchers didn’t differentiate between Type 1, which develops in children who stop producing the hormone insulin, and Type 2, which accounts for as many as 95 percent of cases. Type 2 diabetes, where the body doesn’t properly use insulin, generally occurs in older people who are overweight and sedentary.

The news wasn’t all bad.

The increased number of people with diabetes probably stems in part from better survival among people with the disease, the CDC report said. Death rates fell faster among diabetics than those without it from 1997 through 2006 as medical care improved, national data shows.

The states with the largest increases in diabetes rates from 1995 through 2010 were Oklahoma, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama and Washing-ton. In Oklahoma alone, the diabetes rate rose 227 percent, the study found. In Ohio, the rate rose 121 percent.

In six states and Puerto Rico, the number of diabetics was 10 percent or more of the population in 2010. They were Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina. The rate in Ohio was 9.3 percent.

(There is no question whatsoever that this problem can be solved.   But it will take an avalanche of effective information to somehow roll out to all the people who have not yet heard the message that “You are what you eat.”   It is generally easy to adapt to different food regimens when an individual understands the need for doing it.  Kids need the information and the support network in order to overcome this.  

In essence, our ‘families’  need to be educated to the needs of wholesome (the way nature grew it) foods such as fruits and vegetables prepared and presented in as natural a method as possible.  It is primarily the prepared and or pre-packaged anything which is stuffing our bodies with empty calories devoid of the nutrient which is needed to grow and sustain healthy bodies. 

The simplicity of the lame ‘food pyramid’ is all but useless.  The physicians who should be informing our population don’t for many reasons among which, glaringly, is the inability to  do.  Our schools have proved themselves capable and willing when it is budgeted in, but everybody knows, in today’s austerity climate, it doesn’t seem like much is happening or about to.   Collectively, this makes BIG PhRMA delirious with joy as it continues to increase that bottom line     

So I am afraid this must come from “grass roots” movements of some order or another.  It could happen far more quickly with a willing government on the side of reason and the people, for it could radically reduce budgetary concerns and greatly improve the health of our entire nation while simultaneously reducing the list of known maladies.   If our population were healthier, there would be little need for drugs of any kind and fewer visits to doctors and hospitals, of course.    FDA needs to be revamped or redesigned as it does not serve the needs of people presently – it is just a giant expense factor, yet with sufficient clout to impose restrictions on a fairer “free-market place” with regard to supplements and products people want to use. 

And of course, there is the obvious remedy which millions of us have transmitted to our governing authorities about our right to have full disclosure over our choices.  It is time we stop being treated as children or chattel  with no free-choice.  We have demanded labeling on our foods so that WE CAN chose intelligently.  The countries abroad have banned GMO’s, yet our own country is trying to keep it going. WHY?  Do we really have to ask?  It’s money of course.  I don’t care how hard this is or which culpable people have to pay the price or be disgraced by shame – – this has to stop.  We still think we are “free people” – – lets act like it.           

There is however, another component to this.  And it is that of activity.  As far back as our species goes in time, through the ages – – we have always been a super active species.  Took a lot of energy to find and acquire the food they ingested.  We just have to ask for it.  Big difference.  Immobility to the point of incapacity has become our way of life. So, not only do we human animals have to eat better (like our species always has), but we must move our bodies.  If it can’t be in our work, then we must include it in our leisure or play.   So our food is wrong for the diabetic who must restrict all sugars – – most especially high fructose corn syrup HFCS which seriously impacts our body in a far more negative manner.  It is tied directly into Diabetes and the way starches – sugars are  metabolized and insulin is utilized. We’re screwing it up with what we are eating.  Jan)


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